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Medical Corner / Essential Oils
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:53:57 PM »
So, after junkin up another spot, getting ousted but not fired by the boss I figured I'd post up a topic on essential oils.

Who all here uses them? What for? Favorite ones?

We use them for all kinds of things from cuts and scrapes, achey muscles after long runs or hard work outs, head aches and respiratory issues. We have had great success with using them and plan on continuing to do so.

So how about if you use them add your uses which oils for what. If you have questions post em up, we'll be able to get them answered.

CIEMR / The New Target....
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:38:38 PM »
Good read for a reminder of something I would bet most here already know about.


I believe there was another post about this topic a while back as well.

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Has anybody sent any of there tools either back to the manufacturer or to another locale to have their tools refurbed?

A quick search showed me stuff in the U.K. But not here.

I know most places probably want us to go buy new and the cost may be similar but I am curious as to whether or not I could do such a thing.

Particularly my 12" hitachi compound miter saw, and my makita 18v cordless drill set.

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Ammo & Reloading / Available .22 lr
« on: February 20, 2017, 02:06:40 PM »
Felt the need to share, cabelas has bucket o bullets for $89.99, spend another 10 and get $5 shipping.... also, no limit.


Mods, if this doesn't need to be a new topic please delete and move to appropriate place.

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CIEMR / Coffee worth trying?
« on: February 05, 2017, 10:46:09 PM »

Never had their coffee but I feel the need to try it after this response!

If I put this in the wrong spot my apologies mods.

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Build Threads / Nothing New, but continued improvement (02 4Runner)
« on: July 07, 2016, 01:27:28 AM »
Ok Gents, I am building a new rear bumper for our 2002 4Runner. The truck has been around the block and been beat to tar because I drive it like I stole it when we take it offroad. I am finally getting around to building a new rear bumper for it. Sadly, it has been without one for FAR too long. So, why am I posting all this useless info, well I'm hoping you guys can help me with the little things, like where to buy steel components that are already pre-made.

So, short story, I have put way too much time and money into this rig and my wife has been so loving and drives it as her DD, but shouldn't. We sold our Duramax because we thought we were going OCONUS...We are now NOT doing that. I have put this particular project off FAR too long. I figured I'd post it up because hey, we all like seeing melted metal, and who knows maybe soon enough it will get a solid front axle swap.

Oh, were is my Cummins crew cab??? Being neglected, thats where. But still going.

Will post steel pictures tomorrow when I take them, in the mean time, please turn me onto a good source for tire carrier spindles and shackle mount attachments. (Wow, I feel as though I should know all of this as I have used it in the past!)

I looked at trailgear, total chaos (thought they had more than susupension), and ballisticfab.

Sorry to waste your time, but thanks for the help!


Our 4Runner, 2002 3.4l 136k miles, may have a head gasket issue. Why do I think this? The stupid thing keeps emptying itself of antifreeze. I think this is the third time, possibly fourth. Yesterday wife was almost to work when she's hears a loud POP and then steam. Once the steam subsides she opens the hood to find the upper radiator hose has disconnected itself from the radiator.

While the clearest indicator would be good wetness near the block and heads, little to none really. Or possibly the chocolate milk oil, yep not there. There are no visible signs of leaking so the antifreeze has to be going somewhere. My thought is into one or more of the pistons and is getting burnt off. I have not tested for this or examined the exhaust but seems logical. However I want to be sure this is the case before I spend the money to fix it. Because if it was something else and I pulled the heads for no reason, well I?d have to have a stiff drink!

So I bought this neat little camera from amazon, pulled the plugs and shoved her in the hole? Each piston appeared to be the same, but having never experienced this I don't know if the pistons are supposed to look like this or if they are supposed to look like something else. To me they look pitted and a bit rusted (weird). Experts, or whatever you guys are calling yourselves what do you all think?

Piston 1

Piston 3

Piston 5

Piston 2

Piston 4

Piston 6

So thats what the tops of the pistons look like, number 4 has me wondering. If there was a ?wet spot? it would be on the outside of this cylinder. Let me know what you guys think. Possible courses of action are much appreciated! If anybody has a 4bt laying around that would be good to know!


Most Favored Companies / AR500 Armour
« on: February 16, 2016, 01:43:03 AM »
So today my wife and I went up to Phoenix to visit the AR500 showroom. To save you all time the end result was truly fantastic service, understanding of the product, great prices and general pleasure to deal with.

The in depth look starts out with me calling them at 0730 which is well before they open, yet still got to speak to somebody that was working the showroom floor. I inquired about the products I was looking for and to know if they had them available or if they had a wait time as the products online do.  The gentleman spoke with let me know what they did have and didn't have, which was good enough for me to get on the road as fast as possible in hopes of getting what I wanted before it sold from the store shelves.

So three hours later which would have been about 1200-1230 from the time we left, we arrived at this small store front with a huge warehouse that you could see the product being made in. So began our fitment and full explanation of their multiple products they offer. At the time we showed up there was no other customers in the store, but that changed in a hurry. The guy who helped us helped several other customers during our time there simply because he was basically working alone. He made sure all parties involved were ok with it and proceeded to answer questions left and right while running in the back to see if there was the product we wanted available as it was not on the shelf. He went to their production room, where they have product for shipment or waiting to be placed on the showroom floor four or five times, each time returning with the stuff we wanted, and only to have it have been the last available for that time period.

All the while people kept coming in and he and the other guy who showed up and assured people they would be right with them, and they were as many of them were there for orders they needed to pickup or some other small thing.

Once my wife and I had our pile of stuff it came time to pay for said pile.  I think this was the best part of it, our final price was one that anybody would have been happy to pay for what we bought. Meaning it was a great price.  All in all, we are very pleased with the quality of the product and the quality of customer service offered to us and the others in the store.

If you haven't seen their product, check it out, http://www.ar500armor.com

Also go watch some of their product test videos, I personally find it quite impressive, and now I can say comfortable and not overly heavy.

And they do offer a military discount! 

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Powerplant, Driveline, and Braking / Input please on a possible purchase
« on: February 02, 2016, 04:09:41 PM »
Hey folks,

A friend of mine is looking at buying a 95 Chevy Silverado with the 6.5l diesel. Only experience I have with this engine I believe is in the hmmwv while in the service, unless that was the older 6.2.  Any and all info and heads up is greatly appreciated.

Here's the link:


They are currently scheduled to go look at it tomorrow. I will most likely go with them. Thanks for the input in advance.

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Cooking equipment / Meat Grinders?
« on: December 21, 2015, 12:00:32 PM »
The cheap meat grinder my old man gave me last time I was in WY hunting officially gave up the ghost. Now I'm in need of a new one. What's everybody using? Reasons you like it? What do you dislike? Attachments it can use such as mixer, or tomato puree maker, any you use? Seems there are numerous options out there. Anyone using a manual grinder hooked up to an electric motor via a V belt? Pics too if you've got em.

Food Preparation and Cooking Techniques / Pig fat options?
« on: December 13, 2015, 07:32:02 PM »
So I just butchered my pig and now I've got an excess amount of fat. What are my options to use it and not simply throw it away? I have never done anything with fat before so detailed information would be greatly appreciated.

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Classifieds / Rebuilt 440 & NP435, Rolling Club Cab, Divorced 205
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:42:08 AM »
In my pursuit of my Cummins Crew I have much left over.

As it currently stands I have:

1992 Club Cab with a couple bad spots but no rust. It has been primed for paint and the frame has been painted, can't tell you anymore than that because that how I bought it. It does not have a driveline as that is going into my 74 Crew. I will leave the axles underneath at full price or else it can be negotiated to have the axles from the 74. I still need axles for the 74. I would like 3000 for the rolling chassis and body, not sure what its truly worth so if this is ridiculous show me comparable rolling chassis' and body and I will work with you.

The engine in the 74 which needs a new home is a 440 and has been rebuilt, I have the bills for the rebuild that I have yet to scan in but will provide to interested buyers. I would like to have 2500 for the 440 and NP435. The 440 alone 2200 and 500 for the NP435. The engine was running before I pulled it.

I also have the factory radiator for this truck that I will sell at 100.

Divorced 205, I would like 300.

The axles under the 74 could also use a home, but unlikely anyone needs them. The rear is a D70 with 4.10 according to badging, the front is a closed knuckle 70 with 4.10 according to badging. I will confirm if it seems odd, just let me know. 750 for the set.

If you want Everything 5500 for it all, 5000 without the axles underneath the Club Cab.

Again, I have never sold these kinds of parts so I don't honestly know average prices. PM me with questions or comments, include you phone number and request for pictures if you can and want to receive them that way.

I will ship or deliver if your willing to pay for it. I will consider partial trade for a D80, 14bolt, NV4500 and 205, NV5600 and 205, or Getrag 360 and 205, and possibly guns depending on what it is.

Drivers Door.

Passenger Door

Dog not included  ;D

No idea why this hole is here. Just showing you one of the two bad spots.

Build Threads / The Building of Hank!
« on: August 20, 2015, 01:38:02 AM »
Alright Guys and Gals, Boys and Girls, It is officially go time. Although it has arrived it may be slow at first, but hopefully continual progress will be made. The end goal is a crew cab with a 12valve cummins in it. Wife and I have been wanting a simple and rugged/durable truck for a while. Cummins was also the go to power plant for simplicity and durability. The chosen body was something that took a minute to get too. We talked burbs (70s models) or crew cab chevys. Then I found that dodge made some crew cab power wagons and first gens, and I set my mind on having one of these. Took a few years to get one, but finally one was able to be purchased. After a few thousand miles in a few short days we had our crew cab home with us here in AZ. For a little more information on the decision see my original thread http://real-man-truckworks-and-survival.com/index.php?topic=1274.0 (couldn't figure out how to hyperlink the word thread, I tried).

So we bought the Crew Cab out of Montana, and the donor truck out of Phoenix. The CrewCab is a 1974 with a rebuilt 440 and NP435, and I even have the receipts from the work! Has D70s under it with 4.10s according to the numbers I was able to provide Tate. Mileage, well who knows and who cares. It also has the divorced 205 transfer case.

The donor is a 1992 (11/91) club cab 250 that has lived its life in AZ. It has the 12valve, a 4 spd auto and a transfer case I am assuming is an NP205 (haven't looked yet). This truck would a great place to start for a rebuild if you wanted a club cab, as much of the work has already been done. That being said we want a crew cab not a club cab, that was part of this whole undertaking it had to have four doors. I will be taking the axles, and drivetrain from this 92 and placing them ever so neatly into the crew cab. The pump has been rebuilt according to PO, and he bought the truck with a broken transmission so that too has been rebuilt. As far as I know to stock specs. Mileage, also not truly known, but after talking to a cummins man before looking at it, I am going to think its somewhere in the mid 150s. It doesn't blow smoke unless power braked, the oil drip tube on the drivers side of the engine (can't think of proper term) is not wet nor can I get it wet, and it also does not blow any smoke. Therefore I believe it to be a young and healthy heart....just the item we need! I believe it has a 70 in the rear again thanks to Tate and his number magic. Both front and rear tags state it has 3.54s, which is what I want as we will not be running anything bigger than 35s (so I say now).

So the plan.... Get started immediately, pull the unwanted boat anchors under the crew cab. Then pull the 12valve/transmission/transfer case. Do a bit of frame touch up and steering sorting and then install cummins. Drive like the dickens, pull back into the house and have some whiskey.

Just loaded ready to leave MT.

South of Casper at the beginning of my longest day (18hrs).

At home.

Original green...Thought about trying to bring it back...Not happening.

Donor of love just before leaving its PO's home.

More to follow of course, will add pic tours of the donor tomorrow.

If you are interested in any of the following please let me know:

rebuilt 440/np435
closed knuckle dana 70 front with 4.10s
dana70 rear with 4.10s
divorced 205 transfercase
almost complete 1992 dodge club cab body

I will gladly pallet and ship if you are willing to pay the shipping costs.


Build Threads / 1974 W200 Possible Purchase and build
« on: August 11, 2015, 12:56:10 AM »
Hey Everybody,

I have included the links to the truck we are looking at buying, any and all input is greatly appreciated, if this is not allowed I apologize and please delete the thread, I didn't see this as being a no go in the rules (and yes I did read them, unless there is fine print that is not clearly labeled READ ME). The plan is to purchase this truck and a parts donor, and put in a 12valve cummins. There is an 91 donor in Tucson which would be a great option except from what I understand is it has a rotary pump instead of a p-pump that the 94-98.5 have. Now, I am new to the cummins so do forgive me if I am mistaken.

My concerns with the build truck,
-closed knuckle dana 70 up front, difficult or not possible to install disc brakes
-body rust as noted by seller during phone calls that has been repaired via cut out and new floor pans installed
-Entire drivetrain mounts will have to be fabbed, from what I understand (not a real concern just an awareness really)
-I guess thats it.

Links to build truck

Mods If this does not belong here or is not allowed please remove and let me know what I can do to correct it and continue to seek advice, much appreciated.


Site Rules & Introductions / Hello!
« on: August 08, 2015, 12:49:33 AM »
What a site, I am glad to have come here! I recall when flyin6 began SqaureD, followed that beauty for some time, then life took over and I stopped reading about dreams (read owning a truck like squareD). Recently wife and I were turned onto a crewcab 74 powerwagon and it seems as though we will be buying it. Figured I better get over here and start reading again. Oh and we live in Arizona. Anybody want to come over and help install a 12v and 5spd transmission into the truck?
I'm Glad to be here.


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