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D.O.T. / Usa and North Korea
« on: June 12, 2018, 07:28:06 AM »
Ok folks.  How long until this goes sideways?
How long till the left sees this as a good thing or until they turn it into a bad thing?

This is really a big deal for this generation of people living in the world today.  Do people of my Age recognize it as such?


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First off I had the kids to watch while doing this second door

First things first is order what you need from your favorite company.  I use a1auto.com there are many similar. 

I made a mistake and ordered them with out the motor. (Bone head move and saved nothing)
Tools needed,
Mini impacter, 7mm,8mm, 10mm and Philips screw driver and tool attachments
Razor knife, parts cleaner, cool kids to be in the way

Next was to remove things to get to the door insides
First remove the manual lock slide ( it should pop out with a plastic pry tool. Second is the door handle cover, then pop the screw cover off, than pull the plastic barbed screw.

You will need to loosen screws in this location.  But I removed the door already

Next you have to lift up the door panel about a inch to pull it away from the door.
Than you have multiple wired connections to remove which a second set of arms and eyes are helpful for which I did not have.  One plug is the swinging clamp like our main wire harnes on the motor that you open to put almost any EDge product into. Then three others that require a flat blade screw drive or long girly fingernails DONT! Forget the light in the bottom corner of the door!

Then you need to set the panel aside, and begin to remove plastic from the door to access stuff.  Mine has Been on and off for speaker stuff and sound deading so it?s held on by speed tape.

You next need to tape you glass in place as you are removing what holds it in place. I just taped it on the outside because of window tint, to the top of the door so it wouldn?t fall.

Cut holes here
Then loosen these screws these two are the clamps that hold your glass. Be careful

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General Vehicle Related Discussion / New truck options
« on: April 01, 2018, 10:40:52 AM »
Ok folks.  Looking for knowledge.   

Since the creation of this site I have all but abandoned the others.   Good yes learning not so much

I would like to hear what the known issues are in these newer GM diesels. Beside the electrical parts Don hates.

My current truck is the LBZ which at the time was the truck to buy.  What is the next truck?

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Construction and Building / Dave’s house
« on: March 29, 2018, 10:15:50 PM »
I guess this is long overdo. 

Based off some other posts and the faces honey do list. I?ll put house build here

Start with the need of a place to put the house

Found a chunk in an agreeable location that me and momma liked

Next a building plan. 

Add the finished basement and we have what we need plus some simple wants

Next pick out our details of things for the design of the house

Than we need to start some actual work

Today we dug a hole if you can even call it that

We removed maybe 15 inches of soil

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General Vehicle Related Discussion / 2010 Chevrolet Traverse SOS
« on: December 15, 2017, 09:12:48 AM »
130k on the odometer for a new to me vehicle, we have had it al little over two months to replace the previously wrecked 2011 traverse.

It?s been a really sound vehicle thus far

Took it in for an alignment and tire rotation before our Christmas trip to San Francisco area, new struts on the front and sent on our way.

Took my kids to daycare early and hear a rubbing/grinding sound from the rear of the vehicle as I slowed to exit the freeway.  The back left wheel and rotor are very warm while the other three are cool to the touch.

Suggestions before I drop it at a mechanic again? 

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Parenting / Emotions
« on: September 20, 2017, 10:45:12 PM »
The ten year old boy shows his let's call them um    " emotions".    I don't have any emotion except Anger, Happy and don't Bother me.

What now?

Please edit title to emotions please

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General Vehicle Related Discussion / Air filter cleaning and drying
« on: September 04, 2017, 10:11:26 PM »
AFE air filter, mesh wrapped K&N look alike air filter, some are oiled some are oil free.

Generally I clean my filter with every oil change and use nothing to special other than what is on hand. Like foam filter cleaner from my dirtbike stash of cleaner.
Today's cleaner of choice is PJ1 air filter cleaner
I spray a liberal amount around the outside and inside of my filter in a three gallon bucket I have.  This traps the overspray and driped dirty nasty into a bucket for the next step, I let it soak for a little while usually clean out my air box area and return to my filter with a shower spray on my garden hose.   I wash the grim and grit into the same bucket until I have said bucket almost filled with water.

Place filter into water so that the dirty water is still on the outside of the filter. Let soak for ten or twenty min again. Come back and re rinse out my filter till water comes clean.

For fun you can pour off the top water into the neighbors yard and look at all the filth that settled to the bottom of your bucket and be glad it didn't get to your internals.

The next problem I faced was drying time.  I have little time for maintaining stuff with kids, dogs, homework, dinner and so on so I decided to make a tool.

First one gallon metal paint can.
Second shop vacuum hose
Third wire cutters or I used a putty knife.
Sharpe marker.

Trace on the bottom of the can the pattern of the vac hose,
Cut out hole so that hole is tight enough to hold the hose in place when installed.

Nothing pretty to see here fellas. If I had a hole saw I would have used that.

Shove shop vac hose into hole

Place over filter and turn on to blow forced air out to dry filter in minutes.

You may need to add weight to keep the hose from blowing off. I used a couple cans of Pepsi as that's what I had handy

Than spray with oil and install

Good luck

Canning & Food Storage / Canned jalapeño dill pickle green beans
« on: August 06, 2017, 09:42:29 PM »
Dill Beans                                                            for pint bottles

Wash jars and make sure there are no cracks or chips in the glass.

Heat :        2 cups vinegar
                 2 1/2 cups water
                1/4 cup salt

Pack jars with green beans, dried dill, 1/4 teaspoon red pepper, clove of peeled garlic, slice of jalapeno pepper, and or peeled pearl onion.  Use any combination you like.  When jars are filled, cover with vinegar and water solution.  put lid and ring on bottle to seal.  Process pints in a hot water bath for 10 minutes.

I'll be willing to bet the red pepper measurement is off and our batch will be way hot!  But. Give it a try

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Classifieds / GM center console 2000-13 for sure
« on: July 23, 2017, 07:58:04 PM »
I have a jump seat I had in my ccsb Silverado 2007 classic
This jump seat give you two storage compartments and an extra 12v constant plug

Bolted directly into my truck.  Time to put my center console back in

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D.O.T. / Will Hoges new Song, still a southern man
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:36:02 PM »
No I am not from the south, I don't own a confederate flag but I am curious what your thoughts on this song are


This article explains it pretty easy.

What say YE

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Vests & Protection / Safety first
« on: May 21, 2017, 12:40:00 PM »
About three months ago my company had some mishaps with eyes and the correct protection

Long story. 

MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)
Working in my lab early early with only one other person in the lab I had my bottle of MEK tip over and completely cover my face and head area, mouth, eyes, pouring down my face.   Not only does the stuff burn like hell, it's cold and I can't breath through the fumes.   I stood directly up but couldn't see or navigate to the eye wash station so I called for help to Deb.  She walked me to the eye wash station to find the ID10t dock workers had stacked a pallet of completed work, with my first priority my health I shoved the pallet out of the way onto the floor. Found the eye wash and took care of business.   

The manager got involved and now we have safety glass %100 while on the floor. Doesn't bother me none as glasses are a good thing and I should have been wearing mine.

I ordered these this last week

Oakley SI has a good discount for you military folks and the M2 frame fits my head really well so I ordered these for about $140 bucks. Three lens colors, non polarized black, clear, orange. 


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Bikes & Motorcycles / Pedal bikes, what you ride and where you go
« on: April 26, 2017, 08:48:09 AM »
Figure there is a few people who might be interested in biking, it's healthy, easy on the joints, keeps you active, and probably one of the better options for a big out situation. 

I have had a number of bikes over the years. Mostly young punk kid bikes but I dug up some photos, some places and will share.   Please do the same
Moab, the gym trail 2009 specialized comp

Specialized P2 28 inch wheels, single speed down hill blaster

Specialized P3 custom built with my own fav parts 2011 I think
Fixed gear Felt, brakeless city cruiser, bar bike, party bike, most favorite bike to date. 

The fixed gear attraction for me was simple, no maintaining anything but tires, it was super quiet to ride and be unheard, they are light, they build muscle faster than you can imagine.  You can chose an initial gear ratio and that's what you get to work with.  Usually geared mine to maintain about 28 mph on a flat out press. We jumped stair cases, we slid down hand rails, we passed cars going down hills in the dark and knocked on the window as we passed.   "Hood rat stuff"

I'll post a picture of my current bike when I remember

Post your bikes, entertain is with memories and stores

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Anyone up with bumper pull exp for a equalizer hitch?

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Bikes & Motorcycles / 2006 YZ 450F 50th Anniversary
« on: April 02, 2017, 02:49:08 PM »
From the beginning I was a quad rider

There was the quad needing rebuilt at the time so I purchase a bike to try

Loved it more than the big bore 500 and wide front end of the quad so it became the bastard child and started collecting dust

I had the bike to devote my time to. the moto track

Vacation after action this bike has been ol miss reliable.  Never did a thing other than change the oil and pour the coals to her. 

Yesterday she had enough.   I was doing some knarly cookies in the river bed of course throwing a rooster tail at the boy who was watching dad get covered in mud.  The rpm was high and the joy was higher!   Than all of a sudden the fun stopped, the motor stopped and the wallet instantly became empty$$$$ I tried the kickstarter with hopes on to be smashed!

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General Maintenance, How to/DIY projects / Road trip preparations
« on: September 20, 2016, 12:37:45 AM »
From you fellows that are a bit more experienced then me in this area.  What are some vehicle things I should look at before I put 1400 miles on my truck Round trip.     After the transmission line this weekend I am getting a bit worried

One two three go !

Raising boys into RealMen!!

A long time ago I started a journal of things that I would like to put into my home when I have a chance to build my a home. The journal comes from a age old wisdom of "you had better write that down" so I bought a nice leather bound book and started writing.   As experienced before you always get there and forget what that "one idea" was and can't remember it when needed then the follow up of "o yeah that's what it was" way after the fact.

I know most of you have had to come across things like this in your life and my hope is we can all learn from this fountain of knowledge and share?

I will come back and start typing my ideas and the cause for the idea when I have a moment but please feel free to post your opinion and ideas

Please follow this example:

LED Can lights instead of light fixtures for exterior lighting.
One less hole in the exterior of the home for heat and cool air to escape and pests to get inside, one less thing to keep clean and looking nice, light bulbs are harder to shoot out in a can light.

WINDOW Shutters

Shutters have a place in the world for sure, I don't like when the shutter isn't actually useable when if it where to block a window it would only block a small portion. Again you are putting holes in the outside of your home for little to no purpose.  I veto window shutters mostly as A look issues but take it as you will

Mud Room

If you have ever lived in a home where you can sit down after 18 hours of work to take off your boots  you don't understand. But your kids need a place to dump stuff, most of us have lots of coats and things that come in from outside wet.   This is where this should be stored.

Laundry Room

Lots of machines have the pedestal bases, those can be built in and built to handle the vibration of the washer and so on.  Plus drawers that can be custom built to store all types of cleaning things.  If you have and prefer top load washers you can simply build cabinets above.  As far as a place to hang cloths. Dump dirty cloths in a hidden pull out drawer.
Also a good location to store and keep Go-bags or 72 hour kit.

Power outlets

In my current home there never seems to be enough in the right location.
Ladies want shelves to put decorations and stuff, those things sometimes require power.
Think where you want home security things add power.
Where do you want electronics plugged in? Charging stations for gps units or flashlights.  I prefer that stuff to be hidden from people's view.

Closet space.   

Pay close attention to build prints is there a place you can put a half closet. A place to store all the winter coats hanging out of view.

Hot/cold water

In the garage Weather you use a sink in the garage or just add some faucets is up to you. I recommend a large wash basin in the garage so you can clean hands, boots, tools, or even as an eye wash station if need be. Many things can be contained in a plugged sink also.


This goes in many direction very quickly.  I suggest you insulate all exterior walls but also the walls inside the home. For instance your master bedroom can be insulated to aid in sound transfer, bathrooms for well you know why there, and also it provides a layer of fire protection depending on the insulation if I am not mistaken

Picture cubes

Many ladies like to hang photos. I like to not patch holes in the walls.  So if you build in specific locations to place photos you don't have holes to patch later. A other location that is popular to hang a photo is next a entryway by the front door.  It is also a very convenient spot for a stash gun or short shotty behind a large picture. So build a pocket and a hinged picture to cover said hole and you have a very non noticeable place to put a fast reaching protection device that is up away from most kids and if you don't tell them they will never know its there

Built in wall safe

Build a safe into the master bedroom wall. This way you have a safe spot to store the important documents, NOT HAnd GUNS and stuff.

Exterior Windows

There are lots of window options but a less expensive fix is to simply tint your household windows with window film.  You can get mirror for privacy or just simply black.  Either way it provides UV protection and doesn't cost a lot

Microwave oven!!

I hate this device.  It takes up valuable space on my counter.  It ugly no matter what you get and they are prone to damage and break all the time. I suggest you add a plug in a pantry and use it in there. That way you have space on the counter, you can buy the cheapo at the Walmart and hide it from the beautiful kitchen.  It also leaves room for a nice hood over the stove.


Another topic that can be really large I'll stay with simple basics. Two furnaces are better then one, simulate with the cold side.
Place a cold air return in every room.  You can't have to many but you can have to little.  Up high has its benefits as does down low. The more you have the quieter the system will run. 
Insulate all large runs if you have the $
Always run pipe under a cabinet don't just leave it open to heat or cool what's behind the closed cabinet door.
Have sufficient room in the service room to expand as needed.
Talk the hvac guy into building your plenum so you can slide your cooling coil out to clean.  ( yes it needs cleaned)
Pour a concrete pad to place the outside condenser on, foundation attachment it a bonus if possible.
Pre wire for everything

You might want power here or there, low voltage, speaker wire, you never know bet it's better to have it then want to instal it later.
Think multi power source also. Like s back up generator and solar grid or depending on your location wind is a very good source of power also water generators.  ( I have installed a spring water generator before. It pays well)

Floor Drain

Every year at least once I have a garage door that freezes to my floor from ice melting in the garage and the cold blowing outside. It can really damage the door when it's froze to the ground.  If I have a drain and a slope to allow water to run I would never have this issue.  I like the idea of a drain that runs across each door threshold so water in or out of the door has to pass the drain ( may not be so legal in some areas as the garage is a dirty water area)

Suspended slab garage

The cost to have suspended concrete is coming down a lot each year. The storage under a garage is great and you can make a even better movie room that is surrounded by concrete to keep the sound in.

Rough in basement

Even if budget is low run all plumbing before concrete goes in

Attic Storage

Install heavy duty plywood during framing process, it's hard to install after and makes a great storage place

Floor reinforcement

Gun safes can be very heavy plan according for framing in the floor. Think of a manner to bolt to the floor and to a back wall and frame for it

Garage floor:
Reference to the shed idea,
Mount a plate under/in your concrete in the garage to use as an attachment point for tools via the hitch mount plate from or even a foundation wall in the garage could use similar, mount a winch point, hold a trailer in the garage, attach other tools to the wall also
Pic for reference
Raising boys into RealMen!!


Sprinkler/ irrigation system. Wired to the outside of the house, I have ten homes that need these timers replaced but the builder didn't put them inside next to a power supply, they have a cord pushed through a hole on the outside of the home and plugged in on the inside of the garage.  So box is outside and power is inside.   
To wire the new boxes I don't want to get into the home owners garage, I want to just simply cut the outside wire and splice into the new boxes cable and use shrink sleeve to cover the connection

Is this ok on outdoor connections? 

Raising boys into RealMen!!

Raising boys into RealMen!!

Build Threads / NEED HELP
« on: April 23, 2016, 03:14:00 PM »
2007 2500 Silverado rear axle bearings.  Need a phone call.

I am not positive the hub was assembled correctly.

Raising boys into RealMen!!

I have found a need to purchase a multi tool like the leatherman pliers and other useful tools in one package

What I have found it that the price can very from $150 and well below. 

What have your men experienced with these? Favorites brand and model and list the reasoning please

Raising boys into RealMen!!

Firearms / Ccw
« on: March 31, 2016, 07:42:30 PM »
Have you guys seen the cell phone sized hand gun ? Folds into a pistol

Raising boys into RealMen!!

Firearms / New ccw
« on: March 31, 2016, 12:48:52 PM »
What do you fellas think


I like it

Raising boys into RealMen!!

General Maintenance, How to/DIY projects / 2007 lbz
« on: March 18, 2016, 05:11:09 PM »
Any mod can delete after its lost its use

My pup jumped into my truck yesterday and slipped his back leg through the step and fell backwards.  Steps need to go!  Dog vet bill could be way more then I want to pay. 

What is needed to just simply remove the basic chrome tube steps?

Raising boys into RealMen!!

Firearms / 17 HMR
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:45:14 AM »
It's been a little while since I have bothered anyone with an abundance of blubbering questions

What are thoughts from the group on the 17 HMR ?

Raising boys into RealMen!!

Firearms / Building my First AR15
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:42:55 AM »

First off all tips and advise is greatly appreciated.  Today I am looking for parts to purchase, I have a neighbor/good friend who has built one or two and is going to help my with on line purchases today

I think I want list.
A longer barrel 18-20 inch long.
An adjustable stock.
Gas system.
Free flowing hand guard. With multiple attachment points.
Fold down out of the way peep sites.
A decent scope with good ol crosshairs

I will add to ^^^^^ as I see more things I like possibly add photos as I go

Things I think are Cool on the wish list.

Seen a drop down hidden bi pod from the fore grip  that looked sweet,
A forward operated light with a on off switch by the pistol grip.

Raising boys into RealMen!!

 Ok fellas.  I have posted this photo before I will again for example

From left to right.  Being right side of my black tool box to the wall is 7 feet.  2 feet minimum away from the wall for depth. My plan is to box in my compressor with a work bench.   
I have since removed the wheels and blocks ( hockey pucks will be here tomorrow ) to save me some height restrictions.   

1. What height should I make the bench assuming I have any choice of height I want.  Standing.  Not sitting

2. What wood from the local Home Depot should I use for my top.   

3. Should I do vertical supports to the ground or should I do angled to the wall then I have floor space ?

4.What have you all used in the past to mount a vice to the bench?
I have a vice it's kinda small 3 inch jaws. I want a bigger one. Harbor freight cheapos ok?

5. One of my favorite finds was and is my bench grinder it's amazing!   What should I do to mount it to my bench?

6.What good ideas can we come up with for the debris that comes out of the back of the grinder? My previous set up made a terrible mess of my painted garage walls and my bench.

7. I want to use peg board on the back wall and maybe screw a sheet of wood to the bottom of the metal cabinet so I can attach a work light of some kind.  Changes or other thought I should consider?

Keeping the early morning rolling, the afternoon hours snoring, the late night hours feeling the powers.

Faith Discussion / The lords forgiveness
« on: October 04, 2015, 10:55:10 PM »
I will start by saying I am a proud LDS Mormon,

Today I listened to a lesson on the lords forgiveness that took me back to a place of pure wow! 

I have always felt that sin was a sin and you could be forgiven for said sin.  I always have been under the assumption that Christ paid for our sins and so on.   Leaving me knowing the savior was there for me.   But I struggle with letting my self forgive myself.  Me letting go of things that I have not done so perfectly. 

It was taught today ( not saying I haven't heard it before but just today ) and it hit me.   When we sin and ask our savior for forgiveness he doesn't just heal our spiritual wound he doesn't restore it.  Christ says he will remember it no more!    It's as if he gives us a brand new me.   And blemish free fresh start.   Granted we have to try and keep it that way but.   Still.    It gave me a wonderful mood today.  Nothing could take me down from my spiritual high!!!

Keeping the early morning rolling, the afternoon hours snoring, the late night hours feeling the powers.

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Welders, etc / Air compressor help with storage
« on: October 04, 2015, 10:40:45 PM »
I awhile ago got hosed in a air compressor deal. Went from the vertical that I wanted and got stuck with 20 gallons more then I wanted in a horizontal fashion

Garage space is super tight and I want to build a shelf/work bench with a hinge so I can swing it up to move the compressor out.

I ask for ideas with the wheels, I think they are to high but not useful high.   The tank is to low to put stuff under it.   
I don't have access to a welder or I would weld castors on.   

Thoughts? Ideas? Could I strap this big tank to the wall and make it a vertical?

Keeping the early morning rolling, the afternoon hours snoring, the late night hours feeling the powers.

Site Rules & Introductions / Good morning from the Utah Rockies!
« on: September 09, 2015, 11:17:42 AM »
I am Dave, 30 with a enthusiasm for guns, vehicles of all types, been working in manufacturing for five years and taking time off to be a stay at home dad and finishing my engineering degree.

I think like a end of the world preper mostly because I think it's good brain exercise.

I have professional painting experience from automotive to industrial and residential high end and low.   The manufacturing job falls under the I can't tell you department. 

Glad to be here and I know that it's a great bunch of people here

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Parenting / Raising twin boys
« on: September 09, 2015, 10:50:35 AM »

I'll start a sort of build thread on this.  From the top. Me and the wife wanted twins. Figured it would be good to kill two birds with one stone, sure enough we were blessed with twin boys that came eight weeks early. Three weeks in the nicu and they have been home for two weeks now.

I am going to be the stay at home dad for the next few years as can be a full time student also.  While the wife is fortunate enough to be doing really well at work.

Yesterday was my first adventure solo with the kids. I would say it was successful and left me feeling accomplished.

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