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Most Favored Companies / McCoys
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:20:28 AM »
This company is a Texas based lumber company that is family owned. I do as much business with them as i can. They are closed on Sundays. Their posted hours say “closed Sundays to build family values”. They are the largest financial contributors to PAWS animal shelter. They are also the largest privately owned business financial contributor to Texas State University.
A few years ago i was at HomeDepot. The store manager and i were talking. He wanted to bid some projects we had. The lumber drops were about $70,000. I said no. He asked why and i told him i use McCoys. He pushed to get me a quote and continued to praise his store. I said ok on one condition. The condition was to deliver me one 2X4 today and while delivering the stud i would give him the materials lists for the three homes. He could not do it. He tried to get me to take the lumber with me. I reminded him that was not the point. They do not have anything in place to do anything that small that quickly. I informed him that McCoys could and has in the past and that is the kind of service i need. This conversation was following a nightmare situation where they had failed to bring a load of windows and they were a month late. One Friday the load was coming out but their drivers had just hit 40 hours so they turned around mid way and headed back to the store with my load.

Site Rules & Introductions / Hello from Texas
« on: December 04, 2017, 04:47:40 PM »
I was asked to write an introduction so here it goes. I am Jared Herzog. I have followed you guys for a while and came over from Duramax Forum when Don made the move. I am in Dripping Springs, Texas. It is here where we are building our current home. We are living on site while we do the entire thing on our own so i can teach my oldest daughter how everything goes together.
I am a builder who learned all i could from my father and grandfather. My grandfather built custom homes his whole life and worked into his 80’s. From there i hired different trades on our projects and worked with them to learn some more. I have my own small construction company at this time. My Uncle is also a builder so we work on projects together when we have the opportunity. This is adventurous since the two of us are of the same mindset. He teaches prepping/survival in our area and got me involved with his different groups. From there we have done rain water collection, underground bunkers, hidden rooms, strong doors and such in addition to standard construction projects.
I would not ever consider myself an expert at anything because there is always more to learn. I am sort of well rounded in regards to construction so hope to be able to help with questions on building and home maintenance.

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