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Author Topic: Air filter cleaning and drying  (Read 255 times)

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Air filter cleaning and drying
« on: September 04, 2017, 10:11:26 PM »
AFE air filter, mesh wrapped K&N look alike air filter, some are oiled some are oil free.

Generally I clean my filter with every oil change and use nothing to special other than what is on hand. Like foam filter cleaner from my dirtbike stash of cleaner.
Today's cleaner of choice is PJ1 air filter cleaner
I spray a liberal amount around the outside and inside of my filter in a three gallon bucket I have.  This traps the overspray and driped dirty nasty into a bucket for the next step, I let it soak for a little while usually clean out my air box area and return to my filter with a shower spray on my garden hose.   I wash the grim and grit into the same bucket until I have said bucket almost filled with water.

Place filter into water so that the dirty water is still on the outside of the filter. Let soak for ten or twenty min again. Come back and re rinse out my filter till water comes clean.

For fun you can pour off the top water into the neighbors yard and look at all the filth that settled to the bottom of your bucket and be glad it didn't get to your internals.

The next problem I faced was drying time.  I have little time for maintaining stuff with kids, dogs, homework, dinner and so on so I decided to make a tool.

First one gallon metal paint can.
Second shop vacuum hose
Third wire cutters or I used a putty knife.
Sharpe marker.

Trace on the bottom of the can the pattern of the vac hose,
Cut out hole so that hole is tight enough to hold the hose in place when installed.

Nothing pretty to see here fellas. If I had a hole saw I would have used that.

Shove shop vac hose into hole

Place over filter and turn on to blow forced air out to dry filter in minutes.

You may need to add weight to keep the hose from blowing off. I used a couple cans of Pepsi as that's what I had handy

Than spray with oil and install

Good luck