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Other Weapons / New Toy
« on: July 18, 2019, 03:42:01 PM »
I had a very productive transfer case selling period last month and was awarded one of the goodies we were giving away with larger orders. Kershaw DuoJet. Not a drop point like my favorite style, but I'm not going to complain. very smooth and fast.

Construction and Building / Hardwood floor refnishing
« on: December 28, 2018, 02:36:32 PM »
These are the best photos I can muster at the moment of my living room floors. They are at least from the 50's if not from the original structure which is 1923 vintage. not sure what the floor is, but as you can see there's a lot of tongue and groove cedar here. Dave, what do you think I'm working with?

Share Your Recipe / Crab Salad & Endive Appetizers
« on: December 18, 2018, 05:37:58 PM »
Tate's crab salad & endive appetizer:
2lbs picked jumbo lump crab. (Dungees are what I  have and use, not sure on how others would turn out but I would imagine about the same)
6-8 Belgian endive, separated into leaves and held in ice water with a capful of white vinegar
1/4 cup each fine dice:
red bell pepper
green bell pepper
1 seeded finely diced jalepeno
1/2 cup mayo
2Tbs Dijon mustard
two dashes Worcestershire sauce
3-4 dashes tabasco or other vinegar based hot sauce
1Tbs lemon juice
3-4 heavy grinds of med-coarse pepper
2 tsp old bay seasoning

Gently fold all ingredients together and store in the fridge for a couple hours or overnight if you have time. There will be some liquid from the salts pulling moisture out of the veggies, drain that off best you can and spoon salad into endive leaves, and garnish with finely minced chive.

Sauce drizzle on top was homemade Chinese plum sauce with siracha backbone. recipe for that on a separate post


Can't say I'm a fan of the news source, but I couldn't find anything from a more reputable source at this time. Looks like someone's doing their job near you, Mikey, too bad he wasn't in FL a couple months ago.

Give up? I'll give you a hint: This is MY immovable object

General Vehicle Related Discussion / GOV surplus auctions
« on: February 13, 2018, 06:53:39 PM »
I'm thinking this is where Ken got his big ol' truck, but whoo boy is this a dangerous site to have a credit card near. http://www.govplanet.com/jsp/s/auction.ips?msg=26851&kwtag=navbar

Boats & Waterborne Craft / New motor for the seahawk boat...
« on: January 23, 2018, 01:50:02 PM »
Not unlike my Seahawks, my 1st season of boating started off with a flair and flash, and ending in a sputtering disaster. Let me catch you up:
The flapper valve on the bilge failed, allowing water to siphon in through the bilge line. the bilge is not automatic and I thought running it all the time when it was dry would kill the motor. Simple math: I swamped the engine compartment, choked out the carb and had to be towed back. 1 week later the starter failed, and the dual battery selector switch corroded beyond cleaning. both have been replaced, carb tuned up etc. and we were seemingly back on track.

Fast forward to the end of the summer, the labor day weekend to be exact. 15kt headwinds and strong current at the Coupeville wharf, and I'm not at all worried; they have a really great dockhand there, Lawrence, and he can really thread the needle when bringing us in. About 15ft out, I'm having to give it a little throttle to compete with the wind and current, and it suddenly cuts out. Now I'm losing it because I'm heading straight towards a $5mil wooden sailing yacht. I throw it in neutral and give it a little throttle to get it started back up and it kicks into gear, launching me forward. I swing the wheel and kill the ignition, but it is too late. My bimini top catches the bow anchor chain, making a horrendous noise, trashing the top, but slowing us enough to gently tap the side of the yacht and alert around 50 people on the pier that there's an "amateur at the dock". After the humiliation subsides, I only have some cracked trim and the yacht a tiny scuff that wiped off with the crewman's sleeve. The motor on the other hand had more issues yet to show us.

The next weekend, the bilge flat quit and we swamped again, not nearly as bad though. I had a mechanic friend on board, we ethered and started right up, but suddenly much smoother, and with much less power, like we were towing. I had dropped a cylinder without knowing when it died during the sailboat event, and dropped another one at this point, balancing the motor back out. I pulled the boat out of the water and out of frustration let it sit for 3 weeks before digging into the problems.

Bad news... my steering cables have corroded and frozen up. (not terrible, about $100 used or I can take them apart and possibly clean them up). Bad news... my starter is seized up again. (not terrible, about $60 shipped from amazon). BAD BAD BAD news... one cylinder has ZERO compression, and the other has about 2 inches of water in it. manifolds are cracked, and camshaft lobes are starting to round off. My inexperience and eagerness to get a boat and on the water, led me to what I thought was a great deal. I guess sub 300 hrs and over 10 years old probably means no maintenance and a lot of sitting.

So.... anyone with a good running turnkey 4.3L Mercruiser for sale? My work buddy is going to let me use his shop to R&R this thing if I can find a motor for it. boat hull, floor, interior, outdrive are all in tip top shape.  I found one in Tipp City, OH if there is anyone nearby there that might be willing to make a little trip?


So I swamped the bilge a couple weeks ago running in heavy chop, jumping 5 ft rollers and having a good ol time, just forgot to run the bilge and wound up getting a little water in the carb. overall things were fine when I cleaned it out, but a couple weeks later the starter took a dump. flash forward to last night, I'm installing the new starter and hook everything back up and now I have no power to the dash. from the dual battery switch I have power coming off all the lines leaving, but nothing at the starter or leaving the harness on the motor to the front. the switch feels heavily corroded, very hard to turn and I assume the internal ground is bad because even when it's turned to the off position I still have hot lines leaving on all fronts. I've got a new switch coming today, but has anyone run into anything like this? the 50 amp main breaker doesn't appear tripped. Struggling to get it back up and running for this Saturday. Power for the ignition and basically everything at the dash is linked to the starter, so obviously with no power to the starter no power further up. I have power reaching the throttle remote as I can raise and lower the outdrive... frustrating.

General Maintenance, How to/DIY projects / Any plumbers on here?
« on: July 11, 2017, 05:27:00 PM »
I've got an issue here. no pick of the splined attachment, but suffice it to say there is a screw that goes through the center of the externally splined piece and holds it to the broken end you see in the pics. then faucet handle slides over the splines and a small allen head set screw holds it in place. a shampoo bottle fell from on high and took out the hot water faucet, and after 4 separate epoxy missions the mounting base the splined coupler attaches to is finally inop. it looks as though I could remove that outer white piece and replace just the valve itself, replace the tap handles (both cold and warm just to make sure they match) without getting into the wall and doing tile work. (don't want to do tile work). Any thoughts, tips, words of encouragement, time to call the professionals?

CIEMR / Record 2-mile sniper shot kills ISIS militant in Iraq
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:56:58 PM »
You Canucks and Brits are making us look soft. Raise a glass Sam, your boys did fine work!


Boats & Waterborne Craft / Boating Safety Checklist
« on: May 25, 2017, 10:56:26 AM »
I'll be putting together a list of items I'm going through on the new-to-me seachicken. (might even call her that) prior to her first launch Saturday. If anyone has any thoughts to add, please feel free. I've been boating my whole life, owned PWC's and launched, piloted and parked boats, but never owned one, so someone else has always been doing the pre-flight so to speak.

I'm selling my trailer and a prospective buyer came by to look at it Saturday and asked about the tacky drips running from the windows, essentially on all of them. I had no answer for him if it was normal/abnormal, but it's always been like that for the last 5 years I've owned it with no leaks. Can any of you provide any insight as to why it's like that, and should I do something about it?


Share Your Recipe / Cajun Dirty Rice Recipe?
« on: May 09, 2017, 11:15:49 AM »
I'm looking for a "real deal" recipe to work with. I'm doing Turducken and collards for my step mother for mothers day and want to impress. Online recipes for dirty rice just seem to "citified" for what I'm trying to do. Anyone with LA roots on here or got a meemaw somewhere that will part with her wisdom?

Humor, Good Stuff, and Red Neck Practices! / PIGS KILL TERRORISTS!!!
« on: April 25, 2017, 04:35:36 PM »
This is the best thing I've seen all day!!!  :beercheers: :laugh:


Ironic that 3 days after they execute 25 people trying to escape them, a herd of pigs enacts God's righteous vengeance

Powerplant, Driveline, and Braking / Transfercase noise
« on: March 22, 2017, 12:15:23 PM »
So I limped the trans this morning... sounded like it slipped into neutral and gears were grinding then slammed back into gear and that's what limped it. eased it in to work and parked it and waited about 5 min and the trans was back to normal. Sounds more like something is going on in the T/case because it will not have any issues or make noise in 4wd, but put it in 2wd and feather the gas around 45-50 and it will clunk rattle and roll, and occasionally make a buzzing sound, slip out of gear and back into gear. (gently if I keep my foot out of it this time). no leaks, no pump rub issues, haven't gotten it up on the rack yet to check fluid. Any thoughts?

CIEMR / They had trouble calling this a hate crime????
« on: January 06, 2017, 12:58:45 PM »

Quotes from the article:

The cruelty of the attack and the intense social media exposure prompted President Barack Obama to respond, calling it "despicable."
"I take these things very seriously," he told Chicago's WBBM-TV on Thursday. But he said "the incident does not mean that race relations have gotten worse".

hmmm... nope, race relations are all good.

"Chicago police initially said the youth was singled out because he has "special needs," not because he was white. But authorities later said the charges resulted from both the suspects' use of racial slurs and their references to the victim's disability."

Hmmm... yep. definitely targeted him for his lack of style and swagger. nothing to do with race.

I would post the video here, but it violates too many of this sites standards to even provide the link. I have to say after about 30 seconds I was enraged, sickened, and started theorizing how I could get some of our IL REALMEN to pay them a "visit". If you haven't seen it, I would not recommend viewing within earshot of your wives or children.

D.O.T. / Kilo 2 Bravo
« on: November 03, 2016, 06:51:41 PM »
A.K.A. Kajaki, is on Netflix. Started watching at about 10:30pm thinking I'd get about 30 min in and crash out to resume the next day. Nope. up till 12:30am watching this pretty well done flick about a British unit stuck in an old soviet mine field near the Kajaki dam. There were some Chinook scenes, but piloted by brits in the movie. Near Kandahar, thought maybe some of you vets might know the story.

I didn't get to ride or drive, but I did help Josh and the team plan this one out personally. check it out if you get a chance tonight.

Yesterday I was leaving to go watch my Hawks thump the Jets, and while leaving the driveway I got frustrated because the new battery I just put in the clicker must have been junk because the garage door wouldn't close. Jumped out to hit the button on the external keypad and huh, same deal. Maybe the battery fairy visited me this week. Didn't think much of it so I just hit the wall control which closed it then grabbed a 9volt on the way home from the game. It would not open with the clicker or the keypad.

Here's the next steps rundown:

Replaced all batteries
Re-set all codes individually
Master re-set all codes, unplugged motor and started from scratch
Ran out to Lowes and bought a replacement universal keypad
Determined that the old keypad, new keypad and all the clickers worked just fine... when standing directly beneath the motor!

Now I'm faced with a dilemma; 10 years on the craftsman 1/2hp unit, I'm sure warranty is up, so do I take it apart and try to find out what's the source of the problem? I'm not familiar with electronic logic boards, but I can read and learn and use a soldering iron. Has anyone run into situations like these before with simple solutions, or do I go get the new 3/4hp Genie unit for $198, or do I hire someone that knows what they're doing for probably close to a couple hundred to come evaluate it?

Any help, experience, insight and/or advice is welcomed and appreciated.

Construction and Building / Re-tiling my bathroom floor
« on: August 11, 2016, 11:52:50 AM »
Anyone on here with some tile experience game to lend an FNG some insight? 90% of my center two rows are cracked, grout is missing/falling out, and the tiles are loose and barely hanging in there. It looks like I could tackle this one myself, but I don't want to dive in uneducated and make rookie mistakes. 11-23/32 x 11-23/32 square tile on the floor including cut tile. assuming i'll need a full piece for each one currently in place I'm looking at 32 pieces, plus 10 for screw ups sound right? I don't believe any concrete backing was used in the original application and they were laid directly on the subfloor. i'll be remedying that, but any other tips/tricks suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

General Maintenance, How to/DIY projects / Air filter and MAF clean.
« on: August 04, 2016, 12:28:41 PM »
Step one: become disgusted with the amount of overboost codes you have popped when towing in fairly innocuous situations when you're not even half in the throttle.
Step two: become even further disgusted with the subsequent performance when it starts to defuel and you've got to slow down going over the pass.
Step three: $26.95 at o'reilly's for basic filter and CRC MAF cleaner
Step four: 15 min w/ Sophie helping to pull and replace the filter, clean the MAF and reinstall everything.
Step five: Enjoy a victory bourbon as you realize you've killed two birds with one stone as the white hazy smoke you associated with failing injectors is now gone as well as the dirty filter and MAF.

Lesson learned: changing filters regularly and cleaning sensitive electrical components might be more important on the duramax than they were on my old Beretta...

Construction and Building / Happy wife construction projects
« on: March 30, 2016, 05:45:05 PM »
So we're on our 9th anniversary today, and have decided that our gift to each other is to update the house. Built in 2004, the hardiplank siding is holding up just fine, but is looking pretty dated. She wants to add some stained cedar shake to the dormers and some faux rock siding on the face of the house. this stuff is what we're looking at http://www.fauxpanels.com/regency-stone/styles-stacked-stone.php?color=32. by the time we're done, it will look a little more like Kyle's new place, styling wise. I'll be staining the porch and pillars to match the cedar shake. I'm a little early posting, as we haven't even decided on material sources, or colors, but I wanted to throw it out there to see if there are any veterans here that can guide/warn me of what I'm in for. I've done stuff like this before, but never dealt with hardiplank, and removing sections of it has me admittedly nervous. I don't want to re-do something for no reason.

Powerplant, Driveline, and Braking / JEEP JK GEAR RATIO CHART 2007+
« on: March 29, 2016, 11:02:24 AM »
Here are a couple very useful ratio calculators for Jeep JK specific year range and power plants.

Tell the EPA to Withdraw Its Proposal to Prohibit the Conversion of Vehicles Into Racecars:
This will affect all of us. They will essentially make it illegal to modify any vehicle for any reason that sidesteps their emissions controls. If this were to go through, it would have a trickle down effect, killing the entire aftermarket and used parts industry! Please take a moment to sign the petition.


If this needs to be moved to a different forum, please do so.

No pics, so "it didn't happen" but I had to replace the high pressure booster to gear PS line yesterday. It was a slow dripping leak that I could live with for the time being, but I decided the prudent thing to do would be to put some seal conditioner in there and temp fix for now. Bad choice. The seal conditioner did it's job, and pressurized the leak between the steel and soft line, taking it from a drip to a gush. Once I determined the wheel and fender liner had to come out it wasn't so tough, but let me make a couple observations that you may already know:

If you're going to do one line, do both. The passenger side line often will rub against the intercooler pipe and ruin your weekend, so check for wear while you're at it and get a chunk of foam or rubber, (I used an old hose piece) to protect the intercooler pipe from the new line. My line on that side was already new, but the driver's side line, (from booster to steering gear) was the main offender. in order to remove this line, you have got to disconnect the other line at the steering gear or you won't be able to get the pre-bent steel line free. Don't loose your o-rings in the steering gear; this is frustrating and loooong to correct. make sure to put new O-rings on and also to check the steering gear FIRST to see if the o ring that was supposed to be on the end of the old line isn't stuck inside it. 2 O-rings might sound better, but they're not, they just make it impossible to get the fitting to start on the threads.

When hooking the lines back up, connect at the steering gear first; if you hook up to the booster first, it's nearly impossible to get the angle right to start the threads, even after you clear the old O-rings. Once re-connected, raise both wheels up off the ground and fill PS reservoir. Don't fill it too full, because when the air bubbles burp up the first time it will dump fluid all over the garage floor and the dog will most likely try to lick it, then when shoo'd away will slip in it and run inside the house, tracking it all over the upstairs carpet.

SLOWLY turn the steering wheel lock to lock around 20 times. In my case about 40 times because the first 1 or 2 times were too fast, and created a bunch of little bubbles in the fluid. Refill PS reservoir and make sure to overfill it because you think it's going to drop another 1/2", but doesn't, so you can steal your wife's turkey baster and suck out the superfluous fluid. Wash it well and throw it away after she finds out what you used it for.

Start up the motor for just a few seconds to purge up any more bubbles, and wait around pretending to work so you can hang out in the garage with the neighbor for another 20 min to finish your conversation and beer. Check fluid levels again, because hey, why not, button everything up and take it for a nice drive, enjoying the fruits of your labor with smooth steering and no more pump groan. all in all my 4-1/2 hr project with 1.5hr book time wasn't that bad.

On second thought, maybe this should be in the humor and redneck practices rather than DIY...

Parenting / Father Daughter Dance, how their first dates SHOULD be
« on: February 08, 2016, 03:00:00 PM »
The local 4square church in town puts this together every year, and Sophie goes to school with the pastor's daughter, so this year we got the invite and decided to go. I showed up after work, got us both changed into our "date clothes", and did everything a gentleman should do for her first date: brought her flowers, held doors, pulled out chairs, ordered her dinner first, etc. We had a blast and with a solid Christian theme, we even got some of the good news delivered after dinner right before the festivities. The idea behind it was to write your own story, and while the theme drifted a bit, they tied it into a photo montage of dads and daughters going on dates like we were. By the night's end, she was asking if they do this every year, if we can always go. Starting her own traditions, and the foundation that we're laying with what she should expect out of her dates is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. Bit of a pic dump here, s'cuse me.

Some of you may remember my wife drove a 2004 Yukon for some time, then while I was away for work traded it in on my Lb7 and her 05 Passat. All I can say is God works some little miracles sometimes.

The Passat was not vetted by me, and our friend tried talking her out of it but she was insistant. Suspension issues right out of the gate, upper control arm stripped a bolt and had to be replaced. Coolant system issues with multiple inline sensors not communicating with each other along with the thermostat caused it to run rich. Exhaust fumes entered the cabin unless the hvac was on recirculated air. A/C had to be repaired and re-charged, (lower line to the condenser broke off somehow), and the tri-pipe connection behind the throttle body started to leak as the car cooled. After the first oil change, I used factory spec Euro oil to try to protect the turbo and the engine began to leak like a sieve with multiple locations. I replaced the valve cover gasket and slowed down the major flow, but when the turbo bearings started making noise I decided that this "low miles" German junk had to go, so we called my buddy back. Guess what, he hadn't sold the Denali, his partner had been driving it around for 10 months as his personal car.

We dropped off the jalopy and picked up the Denali for SAME amount we had into it initially when we traded it in, and she couldn't be happier. Last Saturday however the DIC let us know GM wasn't done with us either and "battery not charging" light came on. i checked resistance at the harness to the alternator, output from the Alt to the battery, the battery on its own and brought the alt to o'reilly's for a final bench test to confirm it was indeed toast. Not bad for an original Delphi w/ 11 years and 150k on it. Installation was cake. Tensioner to release the belt, two bolts at the bottom of the alt, the plug and power lead and done. 15 min on the install tops.

Now to trouble shoot what will be now the 3rd air ride compressor I've had to install in this truck... anyone have any ideas why these things would keep going out on me? The original just quit working on it about 2 years ago. the replacement fired right up after installation and worked great for about 11 months and failed the same way. Warranty granted by my buddy at the local chevy dealership, but this one only lasted about 9 months before it started acting up again and now is flat dead. I have to get a new fuse and battery for my multimeter, and will check resistance at the relay first. all fuses are good at first blush, and I've never been able to find any leaks in the original shocks. Any ideas??

Faith Discussion / Send prayer's for Oregon Shooting
« on: October 01, 2015, 05:12:32 PM »

Please watch over and care for them lord.

Powerplant, Driveline, and Braking / DIFFERENTIAL TECH TIPS
« on: September 21, 2015, 06:07:22 PM »
Figured I'm making these darn things, might as well post 'em!
20. HOW TO MEASURE AND CUT AN AXLE SHAFT (Toyota application, but any "cut to fit shaft" applies).




















Future videos will be posted here, where you can subscribe, https://www.youtube.com/user/YukonGear/videos every Tuesday until we run out of stuff to talk about.

Parenting / Starting School, starting over, just getting started.
« on: September 09, 2015, 01:06:21 PM »
Some parenting updates and what I think will become more of a bragging corner at some point, but here goes anyway.

Sam headed off for his first day of his senior year at a new high school. Pre-calculus, quantum physics, advanced body sciences, computer programming and another that escapes me, I think it's a fluff senior class like weight training. (Not a bad idea though). As we prepare to guide him through his final year of high school and prepare him for his future college classes we were surprised yesterday by a phone call from his former school district office, but not for him, for our 4 year old Sophie.

Sophie missed the kindergarten cutoff in our district by 14 days, as she turns 5 next Monday. She's super smart, (I know all parents think this, but follow me here), so we paid $100 to have her evaluated for early kindergarten. She landed high 90th percentile in all subjects but failed on fine motor skills. basically she couldn't draw the shapes they wanted the way they wanted, but then an hour later at home she molded an art eraser into fairly anatomically correct cat's face. Come to find out only 1 child in 7 years had been accepted and it dawned on me that with class sizes the way they are and funding the way it is, this "early learning test" is really just a fund raiser, with no intention of passing anyone.

So I'm irritated, but ok with it as I'm not ready for my little girl to grow up yet anyway. My final jab at the district was that if Sophie were 15 days older, would she be considered special ed. due to her "lack of fine motor skills"? "Oh, absolutely not sir, she's very intelligent..." my point exactly. This is last Wed.

Last night the phone rings and it's the school district looking to place Sophie in a peer role model program. She'll attend half days, get the same kindergarten curriculum, and assist more challenged students with learning problems by really just being herself. Her vocabulary and comprehension is highly advanced so mostly she'll be used to help kids w/ speech problems, but she's getting the social exposure, the early learning that she's just not getting at preschool, and a serious leg up when she starts actual kindergarten next year.

Now I have a wife who works from home that will be there when both kids get home from school, but has some time to herself for the first time in 5 years, because before this day, she was with either one of them at some point, and with me working a second job, much more time recently. Sam is getting ready to finish High School and Sophie is just starting out. By the time Sam's done, the compounding effect of paying off debts and rolling those payments into other debts and so on will not only have us paid off by that time, but paid up towards his first year's tuition. With that same model moving forward, we should have Sophie's entire secondary education paid for by the time she graduates.

It's an amazing time and we're starting to see the fruits of our labors. God has truly blessed us.

Faith Discussion / Watched over and protected
« on: August 18, 2015, 02:23:43 PM »
Last weekend I took the family over the mountain pass again camping in the trailer. Everything was status quo, including the typical roaring from the one off brand tire I had yet to change out. (more on this later) Temps were under 200trans and 210water thanks to Nate, and we all had a great time with no injuries excluding Cooper banging his head off a rock down at the river. (he's a lab though, so rock on rock?). About 10 miles from home the "tire noise" mysteriously went away, and was replaced by an odd rumble every time I would hit a bump. Now I'm white knuckled but trying not to concern the family because my gut is down in my shoes. I knew it was a bearing. I talked about it being the bearing and I allowed myself to be convinced by some idiot that the tire was the culprit and traveled 5 times now with the trailer and family on a failing bearing. God followed me home all those trips, and this last Sunday, because we made it without incident to the house, parked the trailer, the noise even went away. I still wasn't listening to his warnings and decided it was good enough to make it into town to buy a new bearing, and drive it 40 miles to work to install it the next day. I was wrong. about 1 mile from the parts store God saw fit to slap me back into reality when the wheel almost fell off the truck. we were able to limp it into a parking lot but the only thing holding that sucker together was the cv boot and the spindle nut, as I could make out shiny new metal as the hub assembly was separating. I was sick to my stomach, didn't eat much the next day either, thinking about all the times I was doing 70mph with the trailer and the family and what could have happened. I know HE was taking care of my stubborn butt, (more likely watching after my family even though I was ignoring his influence) and I have been doing some heavy thankful prayer and asking forgiveness for my pride. Got a new bearing on her last night and good as new, but that shook me up pretty good.

Parenting / caught sneaking back in
« on: August 06, 2015, 12:46:56 PM »
Oh the irony. Woke up this am at 0430 to my lab announcing my son's staggering return up the driveway. Turns out this new "friend" of his was in the neighborhood last night and talked him into sneaking out and meeting him at the park a few blocks away from our house. Hands covered in tell tale red fireball stains from coming back up. He's never done anything like this before, is unusually open and honest for a 17 year old about everything he does normally, so this has me thrown a bit off. I don't want him around this kid ever again, but I also don't want to push too hard and have him continue to sneak around because he feels cornered. He's sleeping it off now, Cyndie works from home so she'll be the first assault when he wakes up. I'm sure he'll be hungover all day, so that's the start of his punishment. Anyone been through this and have any insight? I'm only 35 and the last time I had to deal with something like this it was my younger sister when we were in high school. I wound up being the one scolding her because my parents were in the middle of their divorce and couldn't handle it. She professed to hating me for years afterwards but then later realized I was doing it because I loved her. just would rather skip the years of hating this time and go straight to understanding.


So my mirror has a light at the on off switch, auto dims when it's supposed to, but doesn't display temp/direction anymore. any thoughts?

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / heading out camping
« on: July 16, 2015, 12:12:06 PM »
Taking the wife and kids to the Pacific down by Oregon.

So Cyndie took the kids to the country store in town, (sort of like a co-op) and got some seeds. Came home last night and she tells me, "well honey, we're going to do the garden you wanted finally, but we have to get it done tonight since we're going camping this weekend and you're working the next two nights". So from 5:30 to 7:00 me and Sam, (my oldest) and his buddy Kegan dug through the dry dusty rocks and dead grass out by our fire pit and came up with this little starter garden. Sophie and her little neighbor buddy Landon planted pumpkins, sunflowers, zucchini, carrots and radishes. They had a blast and will be maintaining this patch on their own. didn't get any "before" pics to show how desolate it was before but just look around the sides there and you'll get a good idea.

Firearms / Sadly parting with a Beretta BL-4 Over/Under.
« on: May 28, 2015, 02:09:02 PM »
If anyone is interested here, I'm offering first takers at my lowest price of $600. It is in amazing shape and I have a whole zip folder full of photos. Here are some of the highlights:

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / 7 pin wiring issues
« on: May 18, 2015, 12:03:44 PM »
On my '03 LB7 I have a wiring problem. running lights, check. Left and right turn signals, check. RR brake light check. LR brake light?  I have power from the yellow wire when the blinker is flashing, but not when the brakes are applied. what gives? Any ideas or experiences with this?

Build Threads / EL TATE'S 2003 LB7
« on: May 12, 2015, 01:49:27 PM »
I have been off the diesel train for a few years now, but am getting back on here PDQ. I have very little free time so this will be slooooow going, but I'm excited to dive back in. The wife surprised me a while back by trading in the 04 Yukon Denali and my 01 Pontiac Sunfire commuter POS while I was away training some of my distributors. She of course got herself a little something, (05 Passat 1.8L turbo). I took delivery this last Friday before mother's day after they finished doing the work she requested on it: new tailgate, color matched the fender flares, new rear bumper, (old one had been hit lightly, but ugly), media blasting and rust treatment and new undercoating sprayed on. It was missing the center console cup holder so I picked up that little guy off ebay for $40.00. I'm going to be doing new tires pretty soon as they are mis-matched and fairly worn out. I have a little white/blue smoke after longer freeway runs. Nothing visible when underway but after running warm for a while and then coming to an intersection so I'm expecting an injector job in my near future, but other than that it runs and sounds great, has plenty of power and looks like 1st tank is going to net me an avg of 18mpg, hand calculated of course.

So, who here has/had similar vehicles, what can I expect to deal with down the road, some positive stories as well as the nightmares are welcome. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty ;D

Just came across these guys this morning. Might be worth a look for anyone that has a need.


Been doing quality work in Seattle since '89.

Tires, Wheels, and Suspension / H1 WHEEL COMPONENTS
« on: March 20, 2015, 09:18:43 AM »
Scott, the owner is a longtime customer of mine and has absolutely everything you could imagine for the original H1 platform and many H2 components as well. Thought I would share the link http://www.sax-express.com/Category/H1%20Wheels.aspx

CIEMR / Shooting at Marysville High School
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None of my family or friends have been injured but please pray for the students and their families.  No numbers have been given yet but the shooter has been confirmed dead. Possibly 7 injuries no other fatalities than the shooter have been confirmed. 

Powerplant, Driveline, and Braking / Dana Spicer Manuals
« on: September 18, 2014, 06:44:17 PM »
This will be the start of a series of technical posts. Hopefully the links work, I'm no computer guy.

Dana 60

Dana 70

Dana 80

Dana Powerlock Svc. Manual for 60/70

Dana 44

Dana Transfercase

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