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Hide Site / new site near Shelton Wa.
« on: June 13, 2020, 05:11:14 PM »
Put some money down on a new place, away from the hustle and bustle of urban lifestyle. Has 800 ft of driveway beyond  gated area to home, and about a mile of unmaintained county road up to the gate. On an Island, but does have a bridge so don't have to wait on ferry. About 1/2 drive drive to anywhere. Just got so tired of all the stuff going on in the Seattle area. Can put up a couple trail cams and feel a lot safer than where we are at now.  Has view of water, area to build a nice shop, and the neighbor is my kind of guy. Never thought I would have a Shelton address but times are a changing .

Firearms / Winter home protection
« on: March 18, 2020, 09:08:43 PM »

My neighbor had a very nice 1964 Browning Superposed Lightning 12 ga. that her husband had owned .  I brought it home as she was looking for a good home for it and the price was right. Once I get back home I might take it to the  range just to see if I can still shoot trap. Don't have any experience with an O/U shotgun but this one feels right so I will give it a try. Full choke
 upper, improved modified lower fixed chokes with 32 inch barrels.

Firearms / Kel Tec KSG bullpup shotgun
« on: February 20, 2020, 08:27:43 PM »
Hey guys, any input on this thing? I am looking for something for home use. I started looking at the Mossberg and Remington tactical and came upon one of these local. 14 plus one in the chamber isn't a bad thing and in a short package without the removable mag in the way. Add the front hand grip and I think it would be a nice addition. You all have much more experience than me what do you think?

D.O.T. / 2019 hunting trip
« on: October 25, 2019, 06:05:36 PM »
Well another hunting trip but with different results this year. Had some early snow that got the deer moving and I got lucky. Hunting in the Entiat drainage near lake Chelan WA. The auto transmission in the jeep worked great, glad I went with it instead of standard.

Boats & Waterborne Craft / Car port for the boat
« on: September 04, 2019, 11:28:28 PM »
Needed to get some weather protection storage for the boat. Not a lot of room left but made it work. Prep for the carport was by hand as too small a job to rent a machine. Instead of building another one, I bought one including delivery and installation. A bit higher than needed but should work fine. Not much room to get into the garage and a bit tight backing into from the road.

Every since I bought this new truck I have had trouble with my wd set up. Ordered new 2 1/2 “ shank and new hd head set up. Use 1500 lb spring bars as the tongue weight of the pull trailer rv is about 1300 lbs plus the stuff behind the rear axle of the pick up.
Set it up to bring the weight on the front axle of the truck back to the weight before the trailer was hooked up. Drops the rear of the truck about 1.5 inches and tows great. The 2.5 inch shank has a much higher weight rating than the 2 inch which is good when towing the dump trailer. I don’t like the adapter that came with the truck so most all the hitch ball mounts I have are 2.5 inch.

Site Help / Problems with using cell phone
« on: June 21, 2019, 12:35:41 AM »
So is it this site or do I just have problems using my cell phone to post anything? I am not the worlds best at grammar and spelling but when I try to post anything with the cell phone it posts whatever it wants, not what I tried to post.

Boats & Waterborne Craft / salt water boat
« on: August 30, 2018, 11:15:15 PM »
Well things haven't been a cake walk getting a boat bought and set up. I found one a ferry boat ride and long drive away, but wanted it set up with a few additional items. Things keep popping up and delivery keeps getting pushed back. Latest problem was the main outboard showed up as an electronic control set up instead of old school cable controls. No big deal except it is a 2,000 dollar upgrade. Enough I said, send me back my deposit and I will find something else. Got a call next day that the electric "fly by wire" motor is being installed and the boat should be ready 1st of next week and no additional charge. I know nothing about this dealer, a bit nervous about the whole thing, but just maybe they will be ok. The dealership doesn't have many good reviews but is under new ownership so time will tell. :undecided: :undecided:

Share Your Recipe / Grilled sockeye
« on: July 05, 2018, 09:12:59 PM »
So, I fired off the grill to around 300* and let the corn and salmon do it's thing. Hot this afternoon so didn't get too carried away.

D.O.T. / be safe OK
« on: July 03, 2018, 09:13:37 PM »
Hope you all have a good day tomorrow. Be safe, whether you are traveling and/or just enjoying the day with family and friends.

D.O.T. / Pro football
« on: May 23, 2018, 07:30:08 PM »
Well it looks like the NFL is coming around. Too bad it is soo late, don't know that I will be watching again this year.

CIEMR / Just when I thought I had won
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:53:33 PM »
It was for sure my lucky day. Phone rang, I answered it and the guy introduced himself as an attorney and that I had won the sweepstakes. Man, I was so happy, then he said it was a drawing from my credit card and a purchase from Walmart on Dec. 22 2018. Won 175,000 and a new BMW. Problem I had was I wasn't close to my local Walmart on the date he said, I was on a ship coming into Florida. All was good right up to the point I needed to wire 350.00 to New York for registration fees. Well 4 calls later I told him it was being tapped and the Attorney General was getting set up. No more calls, so I guess I didn't win after all.

Ok, well I have always just used my 2500 GMC to get to where I want to hunt BUT...Between the brush and trees narrowing up the roads, wash outs and such I am looking into a 2 door jeep wrangler. That and the fact I just went through colon cancer surgery, so not sure I can run the ridges like I used to. Need some help from the group. Since I used to drive the one tracks with my truck which is an auto, and since most of the newer jeeps around here for sale are auto what if any problems would be with an auto tranny hunting jeep? Back in the day, I had a manual jeep, but back then that's what they were. Is the auto tranny that mopar is using in the jeep wrangler strong enough, I won't be rock climbing or mud running, just using it for a hunting rig in 4 high and maybe running to the store between hunting seasons. It will either be new or at least under 50,000 miles if used.


Cooking equipment / Where to store the tools on a Traeger grill
« on: March 28, 2017, 07:54:47 PM »
I really like the way the new Traeger looks and cooks but no where to hang the tools. I got the fold down front shelf with the grill, added a couple 20lb magnetic hooks and now have a place to hang the tools. Bad part is when the front shelf is in the down position for long term storage, I will need to move the tools. Being magnetic, I can move the hooks around to see if a better spot can be found.

Firearms / .223 or .308 AR
« on: November 18, 2016, 08:11:11 PM »
OK, well I don't have the experience to build one, so off I go to buy off the shelf. Would you start with the .223 and upgrade later to the .308 or just buy the .308 now and upgrade it as money allows.

Parenting / A new Great Grandson
« on: October 08, 2016, 10:49:03 PM »
Even with the storm pounding the Virginia Coast all news from there is not bad. Our oldest Granddaughter  blessed us with a Great Grandson this day. Forrest Tucker Neyberg and his mother are doing just fine. The power is out all over the area but they are safe and warm at the hospital in Newport News Virginia. My wife is flying back Wednesday to provide a helping hand for a week or so. The Navy is letting the new dad stay home for a bit to help out and enjoy the new baby. Our daughter flew back there last week. Lots of help, with family doing what family does. Me, well hunting is near so I must go to the woods instead, the baby is in good hands.

Our new travel trailer just finished an 11,000 mile trip, and during the last part of the trip when I did use the brakes they were not working as they should. It was time to adjust the brakes and inspect and repack the wheel bearings. Since the trailer didn't come with self adjusting brakes, and since the bearing grease didn't stay just on the bearings, it is a good time to upgrade the brakes to self adjusting type. I won't need to jack the wheels off the ground to adjust the brakes any more hopefully. E-trailer carries everything I needed to do the change. Loaded backing plates, new bearings, grease seals, and included free shipping. No need to clean up all the parts, magnets, and replace the shoes. Just take off the 5 nuts and replace the whole set up. Thought about changing to disk brakes but am not up for that right now.

Not sure why the bearing grease was every where. Could be the grease Lippert uses is very thin, or the seals didn't hold up, or because everything has China stamped on it, or because they (or the factory delivery driver) used the e-z lube zerk and filled the hubs way past full. The grease even squeezed out between the front dust cap and the drum so I am thinking it was from getting warm and pushing the thin grease past the dust cap and the seals as there was no room left for expansion in the hub. At any rate it is a real mess. Lots of people having the same problem, if you have a newer trailer you might want to check the brakes and bearings before the grease takes over.

Powerplant, Driveline, and Braking / Allison transmission overfilled
« on: April 25, 2016, 10:55:22 PM »
2011 GMC Allison transmission serviced before trip from the West coast to the East coast and back. Temps seamed to be higher than past trips while pulling the trailer, but now have a larger trailer. The fluid level was checked and was 3.5 quarts overfilled. The temp was only above 200* a few times
(long uphill pulls) and not for long even then, and does not smell burnt. Average temps were about 175-190 with outside temps in the low 80's past few days. I had the level checked and adjusted in Tennessee today, so about 2400 miles on the over filled condition. Didn't really start showing up until the outside temps changed from the 30-40 range to the 70-80 range. I know, should not have trusted a dealer and checked it earlier but didn't. All seams well but what do I need to watch for now or do you think any damage has been done?

CIEMR / chiropractor and Medicare
« on: November 13, 2015, 06:35:47 PM »
Well, went into my Chiropractor this afternoon to get an adjustment after jamming my head into the garage overhang while climbing the ladder washing my RV. Since I am of the Medicare age, the receptionist hands me a 3 page Federal form to fill out and lets me know the charge will be $45.00 for the adjustment and $45 dollars for the Medicare exam. But if I pay cash it will only be 40 bucks since no insurance or Medicare paperwork needs to be filled out, and no my deductible has not been met. The Medicare exam is nothing more than going over the 3 page questioner I would have had to fill out. $40.00 later I am out of there and feeling better.

So while you younger guys sit around complaining about the costs of government programs, remember us old guys have already paid what you are paying, plus we get to keep right on paying extra if we are using the programs. Don't know how it will play out in the end but  something has to be done.

CIEMR / Liked this, thought I would share
« on: October 12, 2015, 07:29:02 PM »

CIEMR / Maxine at work once more
« on: August 13, 2015, 12:25:10 PM »
  Leave it to Maxine to come up with one of the major contributors of the mess that
      America/Canada/UK/Germany/Australia/NZ are now in economically.

      I bought a bird feeder.  I hung it
      on my back porch and filled it
      with seed. What a beauty of
      a bird feeder it was, as I filled it
      lovingly with seed.
      Within a week we had hundreds of birds
      taking advantage of the
      continuous flow of free and
      easily accessible food.

      But then the birds started
      building nests in the boards
      of the patio, above the table,
      and next to the barbecue.

      Then came the crap. It was
      everywhere: on the patio tile,
      the chairs, the table ...

      Then some of the birds
      turned mean. They would
      dive bomb me and try to
      peck me even though I had
      fed them out of my own

      And others birds were
      boisterous and loud. They
      sat on the feeder and
      squawked and screamed at
      all hours of the day and night
      and demanded that I fill it
      when it got low on food.

      After a while, I couldn't even
      sit on my own back porch
      anymore. So I took down the
      bird feeder and in three days
      the birds were gone. I cleaned
      up their mess and took down
      the many nests they had built
      all over the patio.

      Soon, the back yard was like
      it used to be ..... quiet, serene....
      and no one demanding their
      rights to a free meal.

      Now let's see......
      Our government gives out
      free food, subsidized housing,
      free medical care and free
      education, and allows anyone
      born here to be an automatic

      Then the illegals came by the
      tens of thousands. Suddenly
      our taxes went up to pay for
      free services; small apartments
      are housing 5 families; you
      have to wait 6 hours to be seen
      by an emergency room doctor;
      Your child's second grade class is
      behind other schools because
      over half the class doesn't speak

      Corn Flakes now come in a
      bilingual box; I have to
      'press one ' to hear my bank
      talk to me in English, and
      people waving flags other
      than ”ours” are
      squawking and screaming
      in the streets, demanding
      more rights and free liberties.

      Just my opinion, but maybe
      it's time for the government
      to take down the bird feeder.


Ammo & Reloading / Nosler cuts costs to vets and first responders
« on: November 08, 2014, 02:35:12 PM »
Nosler is giving active duty, vets and first responders 10% off orders from their website. Both at the Nosler web site and their shooters pro shop site.

About 5 years ago I purchased a portable macerating waste pump. I was tired of dealing with sewer pipes in camping areas either too far away or higher than my waste gate. Dump stations don't always work for me either but with the pump system I can park on a level spot within 150ft. and pump out the tanks. Camping in a no hookup area is no problem. If there isn't a sewer dump site on the way home I can clean out at home. When I get home I park the trailer attach the pump and pump into the sewer clean out next to the house. There are a few brands of macerating systems to choose from and most use the same pump with varying attachments and hoses etc. I chose the Sani Con Portable as it works best for my use. It has its own storage box with places to store tools and spare parts.

My trailer came with a small compartment up front for storing the sewer hose. The problem is the sewer hose always holds smelly water and leaks the water onto everything around it. I also had other plans for the storage area.

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / NHTSA Towing guide
« on: September 22, 2014, 06:50:33 PM »
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Towing Guide


Boats & Waterborne Craft / Any boat in a storm
« on: September 22, 2014, 01:37:06 PM »
If you have a boat parked in the yard chances are you don't live too far from the water. Too many times the water takes back the area it once used for storage during a heavy multi day rain event, but, we decided the area would make a good building site(s). If you are lucky or unlucky enough to own a boat keep it full of fuel and the tires aired up on the trailer because it could be a life saving tool for you or someone that needs your help.

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / hooking up a pull trailer
« on: September 22, 2014, 12:24:14 AM »
I know most of us have hooked up trailers for many years, but some people may not have ever pulled. I mostly tow pull trailers as I have a canopy on the pickup. I try to follow the same steps each time I hook up. If someone is there to help or talk about the weather I try to find something else for them to do as I want to be sure I do it right.
1. Make sure the tow rig and hitch will handle the trailers loaded weight and length and if it is a high load know how high before trying to go under a low bridge or gas station roof.
2. Be sure the ball on the hitch and the trailer coupler are the same size, and that the hitch and hitch pin are in good shape and installed properly
3. If needed either adjust the ball height or trailer coupler (if equipped) or use a drop hitch bar so the trailer sits level or slightly nose down when hooked up to the tow rig and ready to roll.
4. Check to see that the safety chains are hooked up and crossed, so if the coupler jumps off the ball the chains will catch it before it digs into the asphalt.
5. Plug in the lights, check them to be sure they all work
6. If equipped with trailer brakes make sure they are working and the controller is set up right. Hook up the emergency brake cable and check the length so it will pull out before the safety chains get tight and not be so tight it pulls out in a turn.
7. Check the tires for proper air pressure and for cuts, cracks, or bulges in the tread or sidewalls.
8. Make sure the load is secure and nothing will drop off of or blow out of the trailer . Oh and the load rating of the trailer is important so don't overload it.
9. Get in the tow rig, adjust the mirrors, and have a safe trip. If the tires are "ST  trailer use only" the speed rating is 65MPH and safe life span is only around 6 years at best. There is a date code to let you know when the tire was born.
10. If the trailer wants to sway pull over and find out why. Most often there is not enough tongue weight so the load needs to be shifted forward or heavy items placed in front of the axle instead of behind it.
11. At each stop walk around and check the tires, heat build up at the spindles (other than just normal brake use), load still tied down and hasn't shifted, hitch in good shape.

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / My Bug Out Trailer
« on: September 21, 2014, 10:01:22 PM »
Well it is actually a  dump trailer. It is 6ft. wide X 12 ft. long inside with 2 ft. sides. I have two sets of sideboards for it, one set adds 18 inches high and the other 4 ft. That way I can have different side heights depending on my needs.
 If needed I can throw stuff inside and be hooked up and gone in very little time.  With a roll out tarp for the top and a couple blue/tan tarps for the sides it can be used to stay dry and out of the wind. The important part is not to use a trailer for a garbage collection site. I guess if it dumps not so bad but if you need to unload it before you can use it to carry what you need to survive you are wasting a lot of precious time.

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