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CIEMR / Heads Up
« on: September 12, 2019, 11:56:45 AM »
Duane came across something recently, so i checked out my phone and sure enough I was similarly affected.

It seems that some apps, when installed, take certain liberties with your privacy. Case in point, USAA, a once trusted company, and perhaps they still are like many other companies has its own phone app. When you check the permissions box, you are giving them permission to access your photos, your microphone, and your camera.

Begs the question as to why they would need to listen in on you, view your family pics, and be able to look at you and your surroundings whenever they like...

Go into the settings page on your phone, then to every app you downloaded and click on each one. I found that about a quarter of them were listening and viewing on my phone's camera. I disabled all those permissions.

Everyone is different, but for me, I only want the company or person on the other end of my phone to get what I feel comfortable in releasing, and nothing more.


Construction and Building / Plywood discussion
« on: September 09, 2019, 02:25:59 PM »
So I have been studying plywood grades and uses lately

There is a lot of good information out there

My particular interest at the moment is how to keep it weatherproof for an outdoor project

I thought I'd start with an exterior grade, dismissing Marine grade because of its cost. I estimate i will need 12-14 sheets in total.

The glue used in exterior grade is the same as used in Marine plywood, however the Marine stuff gets some African hardwood laminates on the inside, and more of them as well

Exterior gets 7 laminates in 3/4" size whereas Marine gets up to 11 layers

Cabinet grade is a good alternative having more layers and therefore strength than the grade C-D stuff we'd use as flooring, but to keep it moisture proof

I plan to coat it with polyester resin, then follow with a second layer of fiberglass mat then top with two coats of gelcoat. According to what I have read this is sufficient to create a water tank from any grade plywood

So what is everyone's experience with the stuff? And recommendations. My sizes will be 3/4" and 3/8"

The wit of Gandhi : "He who stops to ponder and think will generally come out ahead."



When Gandhi was studying law at  University College, London, a Caucasian professor, whose last name was Peters, disliked  him intensely and always displayed  prejudice and animosity towards him.  Also, because Gandhi never lowered his head when addressing him, as he expected, there were always arguments and confrontations.



One day, Mr. Peters was having lunch at the dining room of the University, and Gandhi came along with his tray and sat  next to the professor. The professor said,  "Mr. Gandhi, you do not understand. A pig and a bird do not sit together to eat."



Gandhi looked at him as a parent would a rude child and calmly replied, "You do not worry professor. I'll fly away,"  and he went and sat at another table.



Mr. Peters,  reddened  with rage, decided to take revenge on the next test paper, but Gandhi responded brilliantly to all questions.



Mr. Peters, unhappy and  frustrated, asked him the following question. "Mr. Gandhi, if you were walking down the street  and found a package, and within was a bag  of wisdom and another bag with a lot of money, which one would you take?"



Without hesitating, Gandhi responded, "The one with the money, of course."



Mr. Peters, smiling sarcastically, said, "I, in your place, would have taken wisdom, don't you think?



Gandhi shrugged indifferently and responded, "Each one takes what he doesn't have."



Mr. Peters, by this time was beside himself and so great was his anger that he wrote on Gandhi's exam sheet the word  "idiot" and gave it to Gandhi.  Gandhi took the  exam sheet and sat down at his desk trying very hard to remain calm while he contemplated his next move.



A few minutes later, Gandhi got up, went to the professor and said to him in a dignified but sarcastically polite tone,  "Mr. Peters, you signed the sheet, but you  did not give me the grade."



Wit always wins over anger.

Other Weapons / Wasp Spray
« on: September 06, 2019, 10:22:22 AM »
I also use brake cleaner. Have a case in the garage and a can in most rooms! :-)

I know some of you own GUNS but this is something to think about.

If you don't have a gun, here's a more humane way to wreck someone's evil plans for you. Did you know this? I didn't. I never really thought of it before. I guess I can get rid of the baseball bat.

A friend who is a receptionist in a church in a high risk area was concerned about someone coming into the office on Monday to rob them when they were counting the collection. She asked the local police department about using pepper spray and they recommended to her that she get a can of wasp spray instead. The wasp spray, they told her, can shoot up to twenty feet away and is a lot more accurate, while with the pepper spray, they have to get too close to you and could overpower you. The wasp spray temporarily blinds an attacker until they get to the hospital for an antidote. She keeps a can on her desk in the office and it doesn't attract attention from people like a can of pepper spray would. She also keeps one nearby at home for home protection. Thought this was interesting and might be of use.
On the heels of a break in and beating that left an elderly woman in Toledo dead, self defense experts have a tip that could save your life.
Val Glinka teaches self-defense to students at Sylvania Southview High School. For decades, he's suggested putting a can of wasp and hornet spray near your door or bed.
Glinka says, "This is better than anything I can teach them."
Glinka considers it inexpensive, easy to find, and more effective than mace or pepper spray. The cans typically shoot 20 to 30 feet; so if someone tries to break into your home, Glinka says, "Spray the culprit in the eyes." It's a tip he's given to students for decades. It's also one he wants everyone to hear. If you're looking for protection, Glinka says look to the spray. "That's going to give you a chance to call the police, maybe get out." Maybe even save a life.

Did you also know that wasp spray will kill a snake? And a mouse! It will! Good to know, huh? It will also kill a wasp.

CIEMR / Another inconvenient truth...
« on: September 06, 2019, 10:03:32 AM »
First, I had no idea there were this many shootings of 4+ people in one incident

But, look at the photo

Do you see any similarities? Could you draw any conclusions?

Gun control...I have to wonder how many pictured would have been affected and not able to obtain a gun.

We have a problem in America

Not gun control

Our problem is facing the facts and the truth!

Humor, Good Stuff, and Red Neck Practices! / Do we have a "Joke" thread?
« on: August 31, 2019, 02:39:56 PM »
I don't think so

and this isn't very funny, but I thought I'd share before going on.

Near us there is a "Bad part of town" in Cincinnati, called Over-the-Rhine.

I'll get to the funny part later, but the national news, like usual is not forthcoming on what is really happening, go figure

So the local (suppressed) news is all about the recent murders in that area.

Seems there is some demented person who is kidnapping young women. He takes them to some apartment where he drowns them in a tub full of milk


They say he could be a serial killer...

General Vehicle Related Discussion / OPPLAN TruckBuy
« on: August 30, 2019, 12:01:40 PM »
OPPLAN "TruckBuy"

State: "The briefing will begin in 1 minute" (then count down...)
Time hack:

Please hold all questions until the end of the briefing

Classification: FOUO

Overview: So, yesterday my wife and I went looking for ideas about a vehicle which we planned to purchase for our Pre-Rangers.

Commanders Intent: Secure transportation for two Tier 1 operators at a minimum cost. Relieve pressure on command element for providing transportation of assigned soldiers, and creating an environment to cause minimally invasive atmosphere of training and cooperation between individual warrior elements.

Further, suitable vehicle is defined as: Reliable, Inexpensive, Capable of transporting two personnel and no others. Be of a spartan nature affording very few comforts. Full doors/windows as well as a heater is approved.


Weather: 80F, clear skies unlimited vis, altimeter setting 29.92, and rising. Winds light and variable.

Enemy Situation: Owners of transportation vehicles known to be subservisive, oftentimes concealing the truth while maintaining a friendly outward appearance. Psyops in full use IVO their supply points.

Sunrise: 0523
Sunset: 1945
EENT: 2033
% Illumination: 35%

Concept of the Operation: Parental units move out and secure high ground vicinity phase line "Teenage Boyz"
Once established recon immediate vicinity to secure adequate transportation sufficient to maintain operations for two fully equipped combat soldiers for a period of approximately five years. Vehicle should be cost effective, robust, provide occupant safety, provide peace of mind for command element not co-located.




Events: Move out along planned routing to messing facility. While there perform final rehearsal for engagement of indigenous people at vehicle supply points

Route: Ingress route Alpha beginning on Interstate 71 and terminating from unknown road vcty objective code named "GMC" or GMC for short.

Operations at targeted facility: Stay focused and move quickly toward acquisition of suitable vehicle. Keep all communications short and contrite

Other: Smiling is not allowed. Handshakes need to be firm to painful signalling danger to indigenous personnel.


Should Command vehicle fail at any point, mission is recalled. Evade as necessary to safe location and call for exfil

Should strife, tension, disagreement, or open fighting breakout between members of command element, entire mission is a No-Go, I repeat, Mission is aborted and will not be re executed in current format.

While at vehicle supply point and deceiving (Which cannot be rectified) be encountered. Discontinue acquisition at that point, and depart the location immediately.

Psy ops: In effect, expect counter operations at any point


Transportation: Rental N155AN
Fuel: 22 gal Mo-gas
Messing: Local establishment, known as Bob Evans
     Time 45 min
     Cost of messing $25

Uniform: Standard civilian attire, seasonal/cultural appropriate

Weapons: Concealed only. G-19, Knife, tactical pen, bio formed nauseous gas for disruption if required.

Signal: Cell phones, primary channel along with texting

Utilize minimum communications at unsecured areas.

Execution matrix: See attachment in Appendix Alpha

Code words: in use

Safety: Local population do not follow rules of the road, are given to erratic behavior, and will be at all points along ingress/egress route. Evasive driving practices are authorized up to but not including requiring medevac.

Medical: Numerous civilian facilities located along the route. Medevac available on primary emer frequency 91.10

Commanders Comments: ___________________

This includes the briefing of OPPLAN Truckbuy

CIEMR / It starts with a cookie
« on: August 30, 2019, 11:17:28 AM »
 Pretty good insights.  Reported by a family who had a job assignment in Saudi Arabia.



Let's not be fooled like the Europeans. We lived for two years in Saudi Arabia and learned a lot about Islam. They lie.

If you give a Muslim a cookie, he'll complain that it isn't Halal and demand that you provide one that is.

If you give a Muslim a Halal cookie, he'll demand that you give him a job so he can buy his own cookies.

If you give a Muslim a job, he'll demand you give him time out to pray.

If you give a Muslim time out to pray, he'll demand that you respect his prophet.

If you show respect for his prophet, a Muslim will demand that you stop singing your National anthem.

If you stop singing your National Anthem, a Muslim will demand that you elect him to Congress.

If you elect a Muslim to Congress, he'll demand that we change our Constitution, so we are no longer allowed to speak freely or have guns or worship the God of our choice (or not any God at all)

If we change the Constitution to what a Muslim demands, he will demand that Sharia Law be followed by everyone in the land.

If Sharia is followed by everyone in the land, then Muslims will be permitted by law to execute anyone who disagrees with them or does not dress like them or does not worship?? Allah.


Congress, you gave a Muslim a cookie.

So did you, London, France, Greece.


Already the newly elected congressional woman from Michigan is criticizing Vice President Pence for his Christian values and beliefs.

It's just starting.

Pass on if you agree. If not delete A Cookie... It's Just The Beginning,

Our Heros, The "Hooah" or "Ooh-Rah" Place / Tower Air
« on: August 29, 2019, 08:52:55 PM »
 In 1991, at the end of Desert Storm, a 19-year-old U.S. Army Cavalry Scout Private who had just spent eight months at war sat out on a street at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.

 He sat there on his duffel bag along with his Battalion around him for four days waiting for the buses to come and take him to the King Fahad Airport so he could go home.

Unfortunately, the politicians of the day never planned for how to bring so many soldiers home after the war ended, so there was a shortage of planes.  Politicians are great at talking, but terrible at doing.

 Finally, the buses came, and took the young man along with his fellow soldiers to the airport.  The planes waiting were from Tower Air.  The owner of Tower Air had volunteered his planes and staff to bring soldiers home for the cost of fuel only.

 Happily, the young veteran got home just in time for Easter weekend in 1991, and spent that time emotionally healing with

friends and family surrounding him.

That Private was me, Ron Knouse.

The owner of Tower Air was - Donald J. Trump

Intel / Antifa attempted stabbing
« on: August 28, 2019, 07:39:28 AM »

These crowds are getting violent and dangerous


Humor, Good Stuff, and Red Neck Practices! / Ever been like...
« on: August 25, 2019, 06:26:48 PM »
Ya, guilty for sure

Faith Discussion / Message I just got
« on: August 21, 2019, 06:10:27 PM »
This showed up in my messages

I thought it was neat.

I am definitely not ashamed to tell the world about Jesus

So I am!

CIEMR / He got it so right!
« on: August 14, 2019, 04:28:21 PM »
So are we there, now?

Do we turn left too far or go straight?


D.O.T. / More reasons to vote Democrat!
« on: August 13, 2019, 11:33:50 AM »

Faith Discussion / Signs of the Times: #emptythepews
« on: August 11, 2019, 10:39:52 AM »
When Religious Bigotry is Repackaged as #ChristianPrivilege
The latest Twitter campaign seeks to silence those who practice the faith—and it won't stop there.
By MICHELE BLOOD • August 8, 2019


If we lose the family, we lose the faith, and the civilization: it’s a package deal (Rawpixel/Shutterstock)

The religious persecution that led America’s colonists to flee England for Holland more than 400 years ago remains alive and well, linguistically repackaged in blithely ironic claims of “Christian privilege.”

The tactic isn’t new, but with the advent of social media, casting oneself as a victim, alleging unfair “privilege” on the part of an ideological foe, is disturbingly effective.

Persecutory efforts begin with words, but rarely end there. And leveraging the largest social platform in the world to suggest Christians are loathsome creatures bent on abusing others isn’t exactly subtle.

As Greek Orthodox Christian Elizabeth Economou astutely noted, those who “push #ChristianPrivilege conveniently and arrogantly ignore #Christian persecution throughout the ages.”

Christians are the most harassed religious group in the world—Muslims are second—as Pew’s research clearly demonstrates. And while the worst persecution takes place outside of America, if Playboy writer Chrissy Stroop has her way, social and governmental harassment of Christians could come here too.

Last month, Stroop launched a heated discussion on Twitter with a post urging readers to “#emptythepews” by sharing their personal experiences of “Christian privilege.”

Widespread use of the hashtag #ChristianPrivilege could help bring more attention to the issue. Where have you observed Christian privilege in your life? Tweet your responses with the hashtag so we can get this trending.#SaturdayThoughts #EmptyThePews https://t.co/jRmKh7HerI

— Chrissy Stroop (@C_Stroop) July 27, 2019

·         Africa and the Blood of Christians

·         Thank Christianity, Not Secularism, For Religious Liberty

The post links to an article in which Stroop lays out an argument that boils down to this: Christians who support President Trump and his policies are evil hypocrites complicit in, for starters, fascism, white supremacist atrocities, and the systematic sexual abuse of children.

The ensuing “conversation,” from which detractors—including at least two Christian conservative writers—were barred, devolved exactly as intended. It was rife with bigoted, hateful remarks excoriating the faithful.

Since then, the hashtag has popped up in a variety of tweets denigrating Christians. It’s even been suggested that Christians got off easy in the aftermath of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, which were perpetrated by “white males.” 

This raises a question: if #emptythepews was instead #emptythemosques, would there have resulted an equivalent heinous attack on Muslims? Or would the story have been the original poster’s gall at littering the public square with rancid religious bigotry?

Stroop has written extensively about her anti-Christian views in multiple publications over the years, including a collection of essays under the title Empty the Pews: Stories of Leaving the Church. On her website, the former academic details her decision to reject the tenets of Christianity as espoused by her family. She describes herself as an “ex-evangelical” who is “slightly famous for yelling at Christians on the internet.”

Stroop, who has over 47,000 Twitter followers, is dead serious with her #EmptyThePews hashtag. For her, stripping America of the faith tradition of its forebears represents a universal good for which the country should strive. She claims the “vast majority of white American evangelical Protestants” are fundamentalists who present a “threat to democracy and human rights.”

Institutions that threaten democracy and human rights clearly deserve our scorn. Christianity, however, is not among them. Nor is conservatism, as Stroop suggests, nor classical liberalism, for that matter. Alleging such says far more about the individuals making the allegations than the institutions they attack.

Stroop’s viral tweet and those that followed referenced articles she had recently penned castigating “fake Christians” in “Billy Graham’s America” who, empowered by the “theocratic norms” supposedly imposed by President Trump and Vice President Pence, are “directly responsible for the mistreatment of asylum-seekers, including children, in our U.S. concentration camps.”

Taking this tack, Stroop wrongly binds Christianity with conservatism—a clever though deeply flawed brief. The tactic is meant to back Christians into a corner by falsely claiming they cannot with integrity simultaneously live out their faith and support conservative policies in general or the current administration in particular.

In 2016, writing as Christopher Stroop (Chrissy Stroop is a transgender woman), the author was sharply critical of Christian education. To her, it’s a well-oiled indoctrination machine cranking out brainwashed dolts who robotically undergird conservative social and political policy. In Christian higher education, she says, “Dissenting professors are being purged, non-conforming students are being intimidated, speech is chilled, and academic freedom is on life support.”

Sound familiar? It should.

These are the same concerns conservatives level over the marked liberal bias rampant in American higher education. Examples abound of conservative students’ and professors’ speech being stifled on campuses. But of deeper concern than speech restrictions—and this is a point on which Stroop would likely agree—is the active circumscription of ideas that compete with those espoused by the majority.

People of all faiths must start boldly calling this out. What begins as a creeping social acceptance of denigrating Christians inevitably expands to other religious groups and ultimately to religion in general.

Pilgrims who fled religious persecution had few other viable options. Fortunately, today’s American Christians have an array of political and social options at our disposal, and it’s time we used them. We should begin by recognizing persecutory efforts, however seemingly mild, and calling them out.

There is far too much at stake to quietly bow our heads and turn the other cheek.

Since I (and many of you) don't quite understand the liberal thing, I thought I'd start up a thread where we can come and learn about the proper way to fit into this new liberal model for America

First let's learn about safe places:


Faith Discussion / Take your kids to church
« on: August 10, 2019, 09:54:45 AM »
I wish I could take credit for writing this...Author unknown.

Take your kids to church.
Make the effort. Wake them up early. Fool with the belts and the buckles and the fancy hair bows. Endure the sleepy, grumpy faces and the misplaced shoes. Run around like a mad woman gathering everybody’s everything and trying to get out the door on time. Hop to the car with a shoe in one hand and your make-up bag in the other. Give those babies a pop-tart and some milk and let ‘em eat it in the car. If its raining, get wet. If its cold, get a jacket. If you’re tired, go tired. But take those babies to church. You know why?

Because Jesus is there.

He’s there. And He’ll meet them there. And you too, Mama.
He’ll be there in the sweet smile of their Sunday School teacher as she greets them into their room. He’ll be there in the goldfish and the apple juice and the filling of their little bellies and hearts. He’ll be there in the hug from a sweet friend and the encouraging smile that assures you that they “just barely made it” too. He’ll be there in the sacred words read from the Bible speaking truth to their little impressionable hearts. He’ll be there in the worship and the raised hands and the watery eyes and whispers of praise.

So take them. Carry all of their Bibles and drawings and toilet paper tube creations. Sit by them in worship. Open your Bible and open theirs. Show them how to find the scripture the pastor is preaching from. Show them how to worship. Explain to them why He’s worthy of worship. Let them see you laugh and cry and praise and study. Forgive their wiggles and paper rustles and know that they’re listening even when it seems like they aren’t. Ask them questions and answer the ones they ask you. Introduce them to Jesus. Tell them of His greatness - his power - his faithfulness. Tell them with your words and show them with your life. Tell them what he’s done for you and how you’ve been changed by His grace and forgiveness and goodness and love. Tell them how they can be too. Point them to Jesus. Over and over and over again.

Take your kids to church. They’ll love it there. It’s the only place where they can go and just be themselves. They don’t have to “be” good enough or smart enough or athletic enough. They don’t have to perform for approval or achievement. They just get to go and hear how much God loves them. Just because they’re them. Just because He created them, they’re valued. Wanted. Their worth isn’t based on the grades they make or their ability to throw a curveball. Its not dependent on their performance or skill level. And they need a little more of that, don’t you think? A little more grace and a little less pressure. A little more love and a few less demands.

Take them to church. Before you take them to the ballfield or the dance studio or the gym. Before you take them on vacation or to grandma’s or to the backyard to play. Take them to church. Let them know its a priority. Show them it has eternal value. Let them see you set aside schedules and extra curricular activities and work and busy-ness to be present with the Lord in His house. I promise you won’t regret it. I promise you it won’t return back void.
Take them to church.

D.O.T. / Man, time is flyin' by!
« on: August 10, 2019, 09:32:23 AM »
So it's only the 10th of August and both my boys are back in school already!

We played our first football game of the season, Little pre-ranger is playing first string JV (He's only a 9th grader) and he got most of the tackles against the other team. He's a back, plays both defense, his fav, and now carries the ball once in awhile.

The daughters girls are already cheerleaders and are cheering a game in the next county over...

Man where has all the time gone?

Anyone notice how fast time flys by?

Build Threads / Topic: 2002 Suburban 2500 build thread, Part 4
« on: August 09, 2019, 04:34:42 PM »
OK, starting up Part 4 of this build

After some time over at a local garage it is back in my possession.

Due to a calamity of events the truck was gone for quite some time. I drove it over because of an aggressive leak between the transmission and the transfer case, and to get the AC working

The leak was repaired on day one with a new seal. I guess I must have buggered up the fresh one I installed when I installed the rub kit in the transfer case.

The AC would not blow any cold air so it made sense to get that looked at. The AC system was recharged bringing it up to spec, but then they noticed the cooling fan for the engine, and the AC cooling fan was not working properly. That began an almost two month long journey that had us calling BlackBear Performance, the guy who sold the electric fan conversion, and other automotive electrical engineering types. At the end of that journey, I have an AC system which can easily double as a refrigeration unit, the main engine cooling fan and a malfunctioning AC fan.

After everything I think the fix is as simple as getting Justin at BlackBear Performance to simply turn on the fan control in the next flash of this trucks ECM.

That being said, I am now at the point where I need to drive it to record some engine data so that I can send that off to justin to complete this, the second step of engine tuning. Following the installation of that tune, I should have a full up vehicle ready to use as a daily or an adventure vehicle.

So without further adieu, I'm off to record some data.

Real Man Knowledge base / Pioneering Skills: Land Navigation
« on: August 09, 2019, 09:45:22 AM »
This will be part of a series of mini classes to better prepare one for hiking or other activities in wilderness  or more rural areas. This mini class will deal with Land Navigation using the HHM (Hand held map), Mark-1 eyeballs, ;-) and a good lensatic compass like those issued to our warriors in the military.

Terrain association is THE key element to getting oneself oriented aside from electronic aids. But once you get oriented, you need to stay that way. I used to teach that portion of our green platoon for new hopefuls entering the regiment. Map prep and map study is very important

Some tips: first use the right scale map

The 1:50,000 topo with the mgrs system is the standard, followed by the 1:24,000 being very useful, especially with slower or no speeds. Of course with the higher speeds of flying low level, we used the 1:250,000 scale JOG (Joint Operation Graphic) map, but that has no application to this discussion

Study the legend. You can learn alot and the map will really start to "Talk" to you. You'll find out that that little circle with a dot at the center is the symbol for a tower! What we would do is to prep our maps by taking a highlighter and actually drawing a small tower (Like an inverted "V") over the location. Then every time you get to a cleared area or high ground find the towers then compare the terrain with what you are sitting on.

Learn to do "resection" (Goggle that) from two known points with a good compass. The intersection of those two lines is your location.

Do not plan to move large distances in forested terrain. 5-6 kilometers is a good night's walk, like all night long.

Fold your map and maybe even cut it into panels so that it can be flipped through like a book. If you do that give each row a similar marking in the same corner so when you flip a page, you won't be one map sheet off. For surface navigation, this may not be necessary unless you are going to be operating over a larger area for quite some time.

Take note of the magnetic declination as it can be great in some areas of the world. Then note the date of the map and the annual rate of change. Do the math and come up with the actual variance than plot a angle showing the variance and put it in a corner somewhere. You may be surprised to find out your 270 degrees is actually 258 degrees. It can get that big, and the world wide annual rate of change is really picking up. Most old maps, circa 1970's will be up to 20 degrees off!

Take the map and study it in the bathroom with the lights off and the window shades pulled. Note that the detail is far less. You may want to highlight or trace other every indes grid line, like every 5th one to give you an idea of slope and help in low light situations.

Bobby can teach this better than I, but you need to learn your pace count.

Mark out 100 meters. Not 100 yards, but 100 meters. Mark it out on level ground hard surface like a road. Now walk it both directions  twice. Take the pace count from each trip, add together and divide by 4. This is your level ground pace count,
Ok we have a theoretical 78 steps on average to go one hundred meters for our imaginary navigator. Now set the course up on a grassy and clumpy field and walk it again, 4 times, both directions. Do the math. You notice it took a couple more steps? Your average increased to 80-81?? OK, whatever it is, it "IS."

Next set up another course on a slope. Do it in several spots. Walk it upslope and record that number, then down slope and record that number of steps in another column. Do it on a shallow and on a steeper slope. Do a lot of walking. Do the math again and record your results

Notice that the number of steps increases again. Down hill could take more steps than going uphill? Surprised?

Record this data.

Now make up a couple lengths of 550 cord and tie a knot on either end. Then tie ten knots tightly with another piece of 550 cord onto the length. Create it so that with some resistance, you can pull the knot from one end to the other.

You can do this with only one if you want or create several. I use one for flat and level, one for upslope and one for downslope.

Since the number of steps required to go 100 meters varies slightly you can be very accurate by using the several length method.

So as you start off from a known point and move out, say, toward that distant peak or tower, which we know is due west, we start to count steps. Every time you hit your pace count number for the given terrain, pull one knot to the bottom. After going for awhile, look and notice that you have, lets say, five knots pulled down. That means you have traveled 500 meters, or 1/2 kilometer, equal to one half the distance of one grid square. Look due west from where you started, in this example at the point that is 500 meters west and that is your location.

One thing I would do is also carry a length of white chord. I would mark a black dot at every kilometer and a red dot in between the black dots for my 1/2 click distances. Simply lay the string on the map along your path and you can plot your location. I use a string because you almost never travel in a straight line, and a string can be laid down in any shape needed.

Again, let me say I am no expert on surface navigation, but I have done it some. I am an expert on low level aerial navigation, so for whatever of that translates, I'd be happy to help. Your standard issue Infantryman will easily make the fool of any pilot in the back country!

Medical Corner / Health tips: Getting up at night
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:52:24 PM »
One-and-a-half-minute law-

  A friend sent this to me & thought I’d pass it on.  Very interesting & informative:

  My name is Alexander, I am a cardiologist and a paramedic. A very important warning for those who wake up at night to go to the bathroom...


You must be careful and use the "One-and-a-Half-minute law" which is scientifically proven. By waking up suddenly for one's physiological needs normally, we often hear that someone "was well in good health and died suddenly during the night without reason. “


The most likely reason is that when that person woke up to go to the bathroom, he/she got up from bed in a hurry, but the brain needs greater blood flow, for having rested, causing a state of fainting and that is when the stroke happens.  It is recommended to learn the "One-and-a-Half-minute law" that can save your life


When you wake up to go to the bathroom, you must first:  Lay for 30 seconds after waking up and then sit up in bed for 30 more seconds lowering your legs quietly and sit like that for another 30 seconds " and only then get up to go to the bathroom


With these steps the chances are gigantic to survive a sudden stroke, regardless of age...


Share with all your family and friends Remember that you can save yours and the lives of many people sharing this information...

Prevention is better than healing:

Pressure Arterial

▶   120/80 normal

▶   130/85 normal (requires control)

▶   140/90 high

▶   150/95 very high


Heartbeat per minute

72 BPM (Default)

60 to 80 BPM (normal)

40 to 180 BPM (abnormal)


Compatibility of blood groups

What's your blood type and how common is it?

O+ (1 IN 3)

A+ (1 IN 3)

B+ (1 in 12)

Ab+ (1 in 29)

O-(1 in 15)

A-(1 in 16)

B-(1 in 67)

AB-(1 in 167)


Water effect

About the body We know that water is important but you never knew the right time to drink!

Did you know?  Drinking water in the correct time maximizes the effectiveness of the human body;


1 Glass of water after waking up, helps activate internal organs...

1 Glass of water 30 minutes before meal helps digestion.

1 Glass of water before showering helps lower blood pressure.

1 Glass of water Before sleeping avoids stroke or heart attack.

Humor, Good Stuff, and Red Neck Practices! / Work
« on: August 01, 2019, 08:46:30 AM »
In the beginning there was nothing. Then God decided to change that and he began a work that has never ceased to this very day. Along with the physics of nature, in tune with the harmony of everything we can make some scientific observations of the nature of startin' somethin'

And due in part to the wisdom that comes with age, in the words of Farmers Insurance, "I have seen a few things, so I know a few things."

The Axioms of work:

1. Before starting to work, one must first work
example: Before cutting the lawn one must air up the lawn mower tire, pick up debris in the lawn, grease a spindle, or brush off cat hair from the seat.

2. Work begat work (Work creates work)
Think Newton's third law of relative motion...
example: Bobs gate redo required movement of the sprinkler line, adjustment of the plant bed and movement of timbers

3. Work never ceases, not even by death.
example: You paint the house. In time it needs touching up, then larger repairs, then finally a massive scraping off redo which is many times the work of the initial job. One dies during the latter process and the next unfortunate home owner needs to complete the job and therefore restarts the entire process.

4. There was always work and forever will be
Example: Genesis until today

5. Work will force one to work, and even create more work if one does not heed the call.
No matter whether or not you wish to clean out the drain, it will remain in a state of needing work. If you do nothing, then it will cause the septic to clog and back up flooding your bathroom with petrid waste. Should you not heed the need to work at that point, next it will infect you with a fatal disease from the sewer mess and kill you.

So, I was driving my truck into town a little while ago and I thought that the engine was revving a bit higher than usual, showing 2100 RPM when 1900 would be more like normal

Sort of like the converter was unlocked

Then when I pull off the highway, into town and take off from the first traffic light, the truck acts like the converter or clutches are slipping. It revs and sort of gradually picks up speed. Nothing like before. It did that several more times before I stopped to pick up something.

Coming back out, I started the truck and placed it in Reverse. It didn't do anything. And oddly, the little line that appears beneath the gear you have selected was missing. Then I got some message telling me I needed to shift into neutral to reset shifter...???

I did that a couple times and then it shifted into a sloppy reverse. Revving to get moving and all that.

Then the engine started a high idle of about 900 RPM and would "Tumble" or skip every once in awhile

I shut it down and started it back up a couple times and that condition abated.

I had to drive 15 miles back to home on the highway and I could only maintain 60MPH and the transmission would not upshift past whatever gear it stayed in (4th??) at 60MPH I was pulling 2500-2600 RPM.

Watching the transmission temp, it started out at a cool 170 and along the drive home rose to reach 203. It does not normally get that high, more routinely 187-194

So what's up?

Neutral solenoid acting up? Wiring harness?? Tune? Trans going out??

Yesterday I pulled a 4,000 lb trailer and a 1,500 lb mower home at 55mph, but that went well, and showed nothing abnormal at all.

CIEMR / Facebook and goggle influencing the American vote?
« on: July 25, 2019, 04:53:26 PM »
Can a select few billionaires control and manipulate the results of an American Election?

Decide for yourself


Our Heros, The "Hooah" or "Ooh-Rah" Place / Uber
« on: July 21, 2019, 05:01:59 PM »
NSDQ Uber...

You call, we haul

CIEMR / President Trump's speech...They can leave
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:38:41 AM »
I concur with the President


Humor, Good Stuff, and Red Neck Practices! / Scottish hospitality
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:10:47 AM »
Right this way...

D.O.T. / "Donna" Trump...???
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:06:12 AM »
Donna Trump

When one tries to “reason” with a lefty Democrat, remember you are dealing with a person who believes that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man and that such a delusion should be encouraged, not discouraged. Discouragement of the delusion is considered immoral and bigoted. Thus, our society has unnecessary dilemmas concerning bathrooms, athletic competition at all levels, and “pronoun” controversies subjecting ourselves to all manner of laws, rules, regulation and more needless government control.

Here is a suggestion to break the left’s ridiculous gender ideology and denial of biological reality. 
President Trump should make a declaration that he is identifying as a woman. The left will have to admit the absurdity of their gender ideology or accept and celebrate “Donna Trump” as the first woman President, thus beating Hillary, Liz Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand to the glorious goal of one of their “female firsts”.

Furthermore, if he remains married to Melania he will also be the first gay president and the first lesbian president. He will also be the first lesbian president married to an immigrant! What a most glorious event for the democrats to celebrate.

God, I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!!

CIEMR / How do Civil Wars begin?
« on: July 21, 2019, 10:56:11 AM »
Civil War:   How do civil wars happen?

Dr. Jack Devere Minzey

Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can't settle the question through elections because they don't even agree that elections are how you decide who's in charge.  That's the basic issue here. Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election. We all know that. But it's not the first time they've done this. The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn't really win The Supreme Court gave him the election. There's a pattern here.

What do sure odds of the Democrats rejecting the next Republican president really mean? It means they don't accept the results of any election that they don't win. It means they don't believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections. That's a civil war.

There's no shooting. At least not unless you count the attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans at a charity baseball game practice. But the Democrats have rejected our system of government.

This isn't dissent. It's not disagreement. You can hate the other party. You can think they're the worst thing that ever happened to the country. But then you work harder to win the next election. When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don't win, what you want is a dictatorship.

 Your very own dictatorship.

The only legitimate exercise of power in this country, according to Democrats, is its own. Whenever Republicans exercise power, it's inherently illegitimate. The Democrats lost Congress. They lost the White House. So what did they do? They began trying to run the country through Federal judges and bureaucrats. Every time that a Federal judge issues an order saying that the President of the United States can't scratch his own back without his say so, that's the civil war

Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that's not the system that runs this country. The Democrat's system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country.

If the Democrats are in the White House, then the president can do anything. And I mean anything. He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens. He can fine you for not having health insurance. He can use the IRS as his own police force and imprison citizens who speak against him. He can provide guns and money (Fast and Furious) (Iran nuclear deal) to other countries to support his own agenda, and watch while one of America's Ambassador's is dragged through the streets and murdered doing nothing to aid our citizens. His power is unlimited. He's a dictator.

But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can't do anything. He isn't even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented. A Democrat in the White House has 'discretion' to completely decide every aspect of immigration policy. A Republican doesn't even have the 'discretion' to reverse him. That's how the game is played That's how our country is run. Sad but true, although the left hasn't yet won that particular fight.

When a Democrat is in the White House, states aren't even allowed to enforce immigration law. But when a Republican is in the White House, states can create their own immigration laws. Under Obama, a state wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission. But under Trump, Jerry Brown can go around saying that California is an independent republic and sign treaties with other countries. The Constitution has something to say about that.

Whether it's Federal or State, Executive, Legislative or Judiciary, the left moves power around to run the country. If it controls an institution, then that institution is suddenly the supreme power in the land. This is what I call a moving dictatorship.

Donald Trump has caused the Shadow Government to come out of hiding: Professional government is a guild. Like medieval guilds. You can't serve in if you're not a member. If you haven't been indoctrinated into its arcane rituals. If you aren't in the club. And Trump isn't in the club. He brought in a bunch of people who aren't in the club with him.

Now we're seeing what the pros do when amateurs try to walk in on them. They spy on them, they investigate them and they send them to jail. They use the tools of power to bring them down.

That's not a free country.

It's not a free country when FBI agents who support Hillary take out an 'insurance policy' against Trump winning the election. It's not a free country when Obama officials engage in massive unmasking of the opposition. It's not a free country when the media responds to the other guy winning by trying to ban the conservative media that supported him from social media. It's not a free country when all of the above collude together to overturn an election because the guy who wasn't supposed to win did.

Have no doubt, we're in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and a leftist Democrat professional government.


Powerplant, Driveline, and Braking / Duramax discussion: LB7
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:27:02 PM »
So to start this off, we have discussed the possibility of replacing the 6.0 gas engine in my Suburban with a Duramax

TexasRedNeck suggests I start with a LLY cylinder head and injectors grafted onto a vintage LB7 block.

The LB7 places its injectors inside the valve cover, while the LLY places them outside in a configuration much more familiar to most D-Max owners

Given that my truck is a 2002, it would be easiest to just swap in an entire 2002 LB7 and Allison 5 speed drivetrain.

So, let me start this off by asking, why is it necessary to swap heads? Why not just work with the LB7 with upgraded and proven parts to achieve a high output LB7?

Our Heros, The "Hooah" or "Ooh-Rah" Place / No we don't!
« on: July 16, 2019, 09:55:04 AM »
We stand tall and proud of who we are!

CIEMR / Open door policy...
« on: July 16, 2019, 07:38:33 AM »
Two takeaways here
1. It is smart to control one's borders
2. Can one Integration the Muslim third world citizen into a western culture?




Just in case you don't think President Trump is doing the right thing! Read this!

"Yesterday, at the hospital, we had a meeting about how the situation
here and at the other Munich hospitals are unsustainable. Clinics
cannot handle the number of migrant medical emergencies, so they
are starting to send everything to the main hospitals.

Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff, and we women are
now refusing to go among those migrants!

Relations between the staff and migrants are going from bad to worse.
Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be
accompanied by police with K-9 units.

Many migrants have AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases
that we in Europe do not know how to treat.

If they receive a prescription to the pharmacy, they suddenly learn
they have to pay cash. This leads to  unbelievable outbursts,
especially when it is about drugs for the children. They abandon the
children with pharmacy staff with the  words: So, cure them here

So the police are not just guarding the clinics and hospitals, but
also the large pharmacies.

We ask openly where are all those who  welcomed the migrants in front
of TV cameras with signs at train  stations? Yes, for now, the border
has been closed, but a million of   them are already here and we will
definitely not be able to get rid of them.

Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. Now
it will be at least 3.5 million. Most of these people are completely
Only a small minimum of them have any education. What is more, their
women usually do not work at all. I estimate that one in ten is
pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of them have brought along infants
and little kids under six, many emaciated and very needy. If this
continues and Germany re-opens its borders, I am going home to the
Czech Republic. Nobody can keep me here in this situation, not even
for double the salary back home. I came to Germany to work, not to
Africa or the Middle East!

Even the professor who heads our department told us how sad it makes
him to see the cleaning woman, who has cleaned every day for years for
800 euros and then meets crowds of young men in the hallways who
just wait with their hands outstretched,  wanting everything for free,
and when they don't get it they throw a fit.

I really don't need this! But I am afraid that if I return home, at
some point it will be the same in the Czech Republic. If the Germans,
with their systems, cannot handle this, then, guaranteed, back
home will be total chaos.....

You - who have not come in contact with these people have absolutely
no idea what kind of badly behaved desperados these people are, and
how Muslims act superior to our staff, regarding their religious accommodation.

For now, the local hospital staff have not come down with the diseases
these people brought here, but with so many hundreds of patients every
day of this is just a question of time.

In a hospital near the Rhine, migrants attacked the staff with knives
after they had handed over an 8-month-old on the brink of death, who
they'd dragged across half of Europe for three months. The child died
two days later, despite having received top care at one of the best
pediatric clinics in Germany. The pediatric physician had to undergo
surgery and the two nurses are recovering in the ICU. Nobody has been

 The local press is forbidden to write about it, so we can only inform
you through email. What would have happened to a German if he had
stabbed the doctor and nurses with a knife? Or if he had flung his own
syphilis-infected urine into a nurses face and so threatened her with
infection? At a minimum he would have gone straight to jail and later
to court. With these people so far, nothing has happened.

And so I ask: Where are all those greeters and receivers from the
train stations? Sitting pretty at home, enjoying their uncomplicated,
safe lives. If it were up to me, I would round up all those greeters
and bring them here first to our hospitals emergency ward as
attendants! Then in to one of the buildings housing the migrants, so
they can really look after them there themselves, without armed police
and police dogs, who, sadly today, are in every hospital here in

CIEMR / Fakes!
« on: July 15, 2019, 10:38:36 AM »
Democratic Candidates Are Running a Race of Inauthenticity


An epidemic of false identities, massaged resumes and warped ancestries has broken out among the current Democratic presidential primary candidates.


Victor Davis Hanson

July 11, 2019


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for years claimed Native American ancestry. An embattled Warren ironically took a DNA test that only proved her critics’ contention that she was no more of Native American heritage than the vast majority of Americans.


Another Democratic candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke, is a rich white male who grew up in affluence. O’Rourke some time ago adopted the name “Beto,” an abbreviation for the Spanish “Roberto.”

The Spanish-speaking, Irish-American O’Rourke, with a wink and nod, has assumed a useful near-Latino identity.


That ruse became a caricature in O’Rourke’s 2018 race for the U.S. Senate in Texas. The second-generation Cuban-American incumbent, Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, was portrayed by the media as the non-Spanish-speaking “white guy” pitted against the more authentic Irish-American Latino “Beto.”


Few would know that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was actually born with the alliterative European name Warren Wilhelm Jr. With today’s politically correct calibrations of avoiding Northern European nomenclature, the Latinate “de Blasio” apparently ranks higher than the overtly German “Wilhelm.”


It has long been a populist tradition that presidential candidates downplay their financial success or even fabricate a “born in a log cabin” myth of early poverty and adversity. But recently, Democratic candidates have taken that trope to identity-politics extremes.


Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro emphasizes his common-man Latino roots. But Castro never spoke fluent Spanish. Castro’s parents were solidly middle-class, and he took Latin and Japanese in school.


Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) often poses as a spokesman for the African American inner-city and is hoping to gain the nomination on the strength of his minority bona fides. But Booker grew up in the affluent and nearly all-white suburbs of New Jersey, the child of two IBM executives who sent him to Stanford, after which he became a Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law School graduate.


Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) attacked former Vice President Joe Biden in a recent debate by claiming that his opposition some 40 years ago to court-mandated busing had endangered her own chance at a good primary-school education. Perhaps. But the city of Berkeley, where Harris briefly lived in as a child before migrating to Canada, was well-integrated. A local school district, not a federal court, instituted the busing program she joined. Both of her parents have Ph.D.s, one a former Stanford professor, the other a scientist who often flew the young Harris to India to visit relatives.


Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) is running again as an unapologetic socialist, waging rhetorical class warfare against the haves on behalf of the have-nots. But while Sanders was often underemployed in his earlier years, after a lifetime of public office he is now a millionaire. He reportedly owns three homes and earned nearly $1 million from book royalties in both 2016 and 2017.


All of these candidates are running hard against President Donald Trump, the assumed wealthier, whiter, and more toxic male in the White House.


Trump may be many things, and he may exaggerate data and fudge facts. But he at least seems authentically Trump. He does not claim to be a poor victim, but instead brags about, or even exaggerates, his billions.


Trump does not downplay his politically incorrect Scottish and German background. Instead, he often emphasizes both to the point of overstatement.


He always appears with his customary comb-over hair, orange tan, long tie and suit, and he speaks in the same Queens accent whether he is talking to Alabama farmers, West Virginia miners or Michigan auto workers.


In contrast, Trump’s Democratic rivals do not seem especially forthcoming about who they are. When convenient, they play down their advanced degrees, the success of their parents, their own advantaged upbringings, successful assimilation and stereotypically bourgeois lives. And based on their attacks on front-runner Biden, they seem to want to distance themselves from anyone upper-middle-class, white, male, heterosexual, Christian or old.


Yet at this late date in the American Republic, it is hard to find middle-aged presidential candidates without successful business or political backgrounds, much less any who were or are poor—or who are victimized women or ostracized minorities.


No matter. The mantra of the new progressive movement is that racism, misogyny and class oppression are everywhere—and that no one is better acquainted with such endemic hatred than upscale Democratic candidates, who have supposedly lived through such ordeals.


No wonder such fantasies so often result in farce.

CIEMR / General Pershing
« on: July 05, 2019, 07:59:50 AM »
Lesson here?

Shops Garages and Barns / Wood shop evolution
« on: July 04, 2019, 02:34:09 PM »
I think that somewhere in this site, a long time ago and perhaps in a galaxy far, far away I photoed the transformation of this 25 X 25 foot space into a wood shop.

Over the years I have made improvements and I ma doing some more while I wait for MY FREAKIN' SUBURBAN TO GET FINISHED!

OK, better now...

Anyway I'll start out with the addition of the latest toy in that shop, a dust collector. I have been working down there in the dust filled air for years and the other day I noticed I sprouted a a bit of bark forming on my arm. I guess I have inhaled enough of that sawdust to start to become "Part Tree!"

Anyway after a failed attempt to purchase a used one from a guy I know, I just picked up one from Harbor Freight. And on that note, I have to say, in just the past couple years they are really stepping up the quality. I have now purchased a couple dozen things and almost all of them are still working or have proven to be reliable.

So, the dust collector:

I couldn't keep this on just one thread. This hatred of our warriors by the democratic party, or a growing number in it who are hijacking the party and remaking it into the American Communist party...I am just not good with any of this.

CIEMR / CIEMR Demon-Crats
« on: June 28, 2019, 09:22:10 AM »
CIEMR:   Demon-Crats

While the Press has been attacking the Trump kids every time they get a chance , not a word on the Biden kids:

In 2017, Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden, stole $100,000 through a credit card scam, aka, GRAND LARCENY, was able to cut a deal with NY prosecutors and got off Scott free without jail time or probation. This was her second arrest. She was able to deal her way out of that one too. She has also been to rehab numerous times.  https://nypost.com/2017/06/09/joe-bidens-niece-dodges-jail-after-100k-credit-card-scam/
> >
> >
> >
> > Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was kicked out of the Navy for failing a cocaine drug test.  https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/joe-bidens-son-hunter-kicked-out-navy-cocaine-n227811
> > Then he divorced his wife, mother of his three daughters, after a year long affair, to marry his brother’s widow. WHO DOES THAT?
> >
> > Over the course of the divorce, Hunter drained hundreds of thousands of dollars from the couple's assets by "spending” extravagantly on his own interests (including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations), while leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills. It actually was worse than that, all outlined here:
> >
> >  https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/2017/03/02/kathleen-biden-files-divorce-hunter/98638454/
> >
> > And this is all on top of the BILLIONS his father dubiously arranged for him from communist China and Ukraine. https://nypost.com/2018/03/15/inside-the-shady-private-equity-firm-run-by-kerry-and-bidens-kids/
> >
> > Biden ’s  daughter with Jill Ashley Biden Krein, has been arrested several times for drug charges. While he was Veep, she was videoed snorting cocaine but the news media decided to not to publish the video. She hid out in the Veep Delaware home for a week or so until things calmed down.  https://nypost.com/2009/03/30/parties-pot-in-ashley-bidens-past/
> >
> > 
> >
> > Okay…..all God’s children got problems…but damnation, what if these things had happened to the Trump children????
> > The Trump kids are truly beyond reproach.
> > Biden has a passel of miscreants.
> > But the Republicans are not interested in subpoenaing all of the Biden children’s bank and credit card accounts, are they? Why haven't we heard any of this from the networks, or read it in the "great" national newspapers? You know damn well why, the liberal media neither see’s, nor hears, nor speaks any evil of liberals, ever!!
> >
> > 
> >
> > Nothing to see here folks; just move along……..

Actually, there is a lot to see here. It is the wholesale lack of character of a family, and how does that happen exactly? Ever hear the phrase, “The apple does not fall far from the tree?” Can we possibly see a pattern here? The Biden’s suffer from a lack of character that goes back to the father and to a lesser extent to the mother. If Dad doesn’t have it, then neither will the siblings. For my reference, please chose any book of human psychology that deal with the subject.

Biden (Lyin’ Joe) was Obamas pick for VP. He served another corrupt and morally corrupt administration that saw what they needed in this Biden clan. They were both liars and thieves so they identified with each other just like two animals of the same species does when meeting in the wild. People of low character, who are walking and practicing felons can be easily manipulated through the threat that their crimes and misdeeds and perversions would be made public. OK, I think we can agree that these two families were like peas in a pod,

And look what they ushered forth: 1. National weakness and apology on a global scale. 2. Shoving the Islamic takeover of America agenda into high gear. 3. Tearing at our Christian roots through the demonization of the spirit and concept of a strong male and father shepherding a family. 3. Hatred for law enforcement. 4. Dismissal of law in general and a softening of the constitution to prepare for its removal under a Hillary presidency. 5. Emboldening our enemies and weaponizing them. Enemies like Iran given billions of dollars in cash to build a nuke. Normalizing relations with communist Cuba who supported Socialist Venezuela. Selling out uranium to the friggin’ Russians! Not allowing battlefield commanders to operate tactically. Allowing ISIS to literally take over a country and then another. Flooding Europe with toxic Islamic males who have amassed a record of rape which has possibly never been seen before.

And yet here we stand on the brink of shooting ourselves in the foot once again. Is not Biden a front runner? And who is hot on his heels. Warren, a liar who thinks she is some Indian warrior. Sanders who is morally bankrupt, stupid, a womanizer, bum, and like most of the rest of the democrats, a person who has done really nothing? We have Corey booker standing for women’s rights, although we conveniently dismiss the fact that he molests women. We have this homo Beto, whose most notable accomplishment is having lost a senate race to Mr. Cruz.

And who is in the background of this Democratic Party, excuse me, the demon-cratic party. People like George Soros whose father was a Nazi strongman who took his son along while he did his evil to innocents under them. We have the Clintons, the “I did not have sex with that woman,” married to the “What does it really matter,” witch. (And there is evidence pointing to the fact that she does practice witchcraft). We have Blumberg money who the police chief of New Your City stated that they were happy to have him gone. We have the useful idiots, really mindless people who the demon party has managed to weaponize into Antifa, into thugs working for unions to mind the flock, and on and on.

And then we have Trump. What has he done? Well he is crude and a bit about himself. He loves beautiful women (But ya know, so do I…I married one and I will turn to look at one, although I fear being shot so it’s only a glance). He is crude and lacks tact sometimes, and a few other things I can see. Personally, I think I am in the same boat and would be called out on a lot of the same charges. But what has he done? Why is he so bad

Well he isn’t so bad. He isn’t all that bad at all. HE is just a man, and one guided by a moral compass, held in check by a host of very strong and good people and a loving wife. She posed nude, but many women have in the past. But look at her now. She is clear of mind, protective over her family, and she is genuine. I am proud to point to her as our first lady, I really am. I like people who rise up out of their demise to later use those earlier lessons as their witness. I love it when you examine them afterward, you find a pattern of honesty that points to a changed person.

Speaking of Mr. Trump, he has put Cuba back in their place. He has and is crushing Iran’s ability to export terror, or just about anything else. He killed off ISIS. He liberated Syria. He brought most of our forces back from Afghanistan. He rebuilt our Navy, Army, and Air Force, although Obama did so much damage that we are looking at another eight years or more to get back to strength and quality of when we were fighting in Iraq. He has beat up on illegal drugs, he brought respect back to Law Enforcement People who justly deserve it. He prays to God and takes counsel from Reverend Graham and other leaders of faith. He removed cancer from our CIA, FBI, NSA, Executive branch, and tackles Obama cops whenever he can. He fixed Mexico, pulled Canada’s Trudeau back into line with his “Real” people and is now working toward the common good. And on and on and on.

So what do the demon-crats hate? Well just Mr. Trump. Yea, only him. He is so doggoned awful that it would be worth chucking everything he did, and in spite of them, and go back to the place where we were juxta positioning to shred the constitution. If they are really Americans, how can they hate more employment? Money coming back to America? Factories coming back here? Less oil dependency? Leveling the Chinese playing field? Getting a socialist Mexico more US-Centric, stopping sanctuary cities and calling out their communist leaders. Well, actually the communists would not like that, but I sure do! And if I didn’t say it, to hell with them. I am a practicing Christian…One who came from the ranks of our warriors, one who favors a blending of the two cultures. Oh and did you know that Jesus liked the blend as well?

I don’t think the anesthetized general population knows that in the waning Obummer years, we started to flirt with a revolution, and for my money, I think the demon-crats were planning it. They were bringing on anti-American and anti-Christian and anti-American value based change at a rate that we could not possibly digest it. A good friend of mine, a former Colonel and commander of an entire Special Forces Group is an expert at changing a culture and a nation. He tells me, it takes roughly five generations to effect a change from where you are to this new reality, point B. So if you want to change Nigeria from being the world geo-center for swindlers, liars, crooks and so forth to say, being, dare I say it, honest and industrious (In a positive way). Then start exercising, eating healthy, and move to Okinawa or Greece or some other hotspot for long life, because you’re gone need an extraordinary lifespan to see the difference.

Taking our culture from one who quietly knew of homosexuality but tried to just keep it all quiet, to one that today tries to crush your marginalize you, if you so much as to show distaste for the evil practice. That is like way too far in like way too little time. (Use of the “Like” word in honor of our latest generation…I was like here, and she was like there, and we were like going to meet, and whoa, the whole thing, like, exploded…ya)

Evil continues to grow, and even exists because good men do nothing to stop it. Any good men (and women) out there willing to do your part?

CIEMR / CIEMR: How cancer grows
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CIEMR: How Cancer grows (By not cutting it out)

OK, so here we can see how acceptance of some abnormal concept like that of the LBGTAEIOU acceptance can have a certain “creep” effect. One day it pops up on the radar, then the next day it takes the next step, then the next and so forth. If you were to plot out a line on some cultural graph, well just use your imagination as to where that line may extend to. At some point the line crosses the legal threshold where one may suffer consequences from breaking a law protecting this new “Norm.” Then later on it might get a bit worse, and if allowed to continue its evolution, would this line someday enter a zone where people who don’t/can’t support this concept are punishable by death?

Can’t happen, right? Silly old Don (Only two of those three words are accurate ;-). But wait grasshopper, I can point you to post WW1 Germany and the rise of the Nazis. When they first started calling out Jews, it would have been a good time to stomp a mud hole in the middle of their movement, but cowards of that day just went along with things, not wanting to draw attention to themselves, and just look how that turned out.

So what of this utter bull crap that some front line supervisor (Sergeant?? Lieutenant/Captain??) Pulled by disallowing this Christian scout group, (Royal Rangers I’m guessing??), to visit this National Guard camp. That junior leader was operating under still present DOD rules that provide for the (More than) equal treatment of LBGTWHATSNEXT identified soldiers. Well, a small point in this is that all citizens are equal, none are more equal than others. And in this age of the Pennsylvania 102nd snowflake comrade regiment, I am personally offended. I think I should be more equal, but that’s just me…

Note: I am so thankful that God gave me life when he did so that I could serve a long career in the Army before all this nonsense ever started!

I’m an old white guy who wore combat boots for like 1/3rd of my life. Oddly, however, I see no special recognition for old white guys who walked around in combat boots for like WAY TOO MANY years. So I think we need an old white man caucus in congress. Biden can be our leader should the election rigging by the demon-crats prove successful this time. I think we need special rules that constantly poke into everyone’s awareness that old white guys are something special and somehow should be valued more than others, like, say very young green women. We should have an old white guy pride movement.

We should celebrate these old white guys with a month long time where speed limits are reduced nationwide by 25%! Anyone who does not agree with me is obviously, gizzer-ah-phobic, and I would suggest we dismiss these bigoted haters as a bunch of no-gooders! Since a lot of us have money, we’ll hire those LBGTFREAKSHOW people to carry our banners and push our wheelchairs for us during our many mandatory attendance, public celebrations. We could use an old white T-shirt with some paint stains and holes in it for a flag representing our movement.

I’m on a roll here ;-). Yea and since we are being constantly shoved into the public conscious, if young green folks do something to offend us, then congress should get together (Did you just hear that…Congress get together!!!!!!!) and enact laws which would curtail and punish anything that might remotely suggest that we old white men are anything but good. Yep, mess with us and we’re gonna get our lap dogs in the congress (I mentioned we were rich, right?) to get their cronies to act to always promote us and consider our needs above all others.

For example: Should we walk into a supermarket, having forgotten to put our pants on and some young children become traumatized by some wrinkled biology or something, then, well, to heck with them. Old White Men of the newly founded, old white people movement, the OWPM, or Oh-Wappums have special rights which in our view are more important than those of you intolerant LBGTWHAT”SUPers and the NPNP’s (Normal peoples Normalcy Party) or “Nips” for short.

(Yea, I know, I’m close on that last one…running the razors edge, I am!)

Well that all seems quite silly, right? Because of the unnatural tendency for some things to be shoved into the public consciousness, then then crafted into law we ought to be careful with taking those first steps. We should to be applying something we learned from history to the modern context to see how this latest deviation from normal may end up. I didn’t fall asleep in history class, and I also care a bit about our constitution. I care about the rule of law over anarchy or any other archy. That exists out there. I am concerned when scouts who simply believe in God are denied to visit Fort Indian Town Gap.

That camp (Read: Fort or Base), is an American warrior base and to whoever over there who thinks it’s yours I have news, it isn’t. It is mine, and I am the citizens of the United States. I fought for your dammed right to still have that camp, Leaders, I would suggest you start putting oath ahead of career and ambition and set things right again. Fix this stupid LBGTFELLOFFTHE RAILROADTRACKS favoring policy and come to your senses. You don’t believe in this LBGT nonsense any more than I do. Hell, almost all of America is against this crap, but they are mostly cowards, you should not be.

At some point you are going to have to stand up and say, look, I am a believer in God and this new policy is inconsistent with my beliefs and I simply cannot support them. Do that by the thousands and someone is gonna hear you. We will hear you! While you’re at it do it in a big public way. Heck, you’re warriors, and don’t all of us knowing that it is over, know what to do next? We fix bayonets and charge and thank God for the days he gave to us. We show courage in the face of evil, to the end!

For those in any place of the government, you should be mindful that there is a second amendment. Do not forget that you have trained millions of us in the art of war. It would be wise to assume we will hold to our oath should this nation ever become threatened from external or internal foes. This is a country founded by men who loved God and should you study your history books, read about one of the first acts of the Congress of the United States in the late 1780’s.

The first continental Congress, at the swearing in of President George Washington in a little church in Manhattan, New York, listened to his first words as president. President Washington asked the congress to follow him outside. There at a corner in the shadow of a tree, he knelt and prayed unto God. He asked God that this country would be protected allowed to grow to be a mighty nation where truth and law and liberty and equality would reign. He then concentrated this nation unto God.

A concentration is way more than a simple promise. He spoke the words, that this nation will always serve God and that he would in turn always protect it. But, should this nation ever stop doing the will of God, that the Lord would remove his protection from it. President Washington knew a United States living under the rule of law would be a very powerful thing, In that day with the constitution hot off of the press,  law was derived from biblical principles, And he knew that if something as powerful as his vision of the United States were move away from serving our divine creator it could then only serve the devil. Therefore when he asked God to remove his protection, he was asking God to kill this nation if we strayed and stayed.

Don’t be that person who supports anything outside the original concept and construct that is the United States. We are walking a fine line at the moment, while millions of us pray for the nation, for its safety and for a revival of faith to sweep us back to our biblical roots, we have killed millions and millions of unborn. We celebrate this LBGT thing. We turn away from truth and we have become cowards. Yep, you. About face, Parade Rest, and stare into the mirror. If you feel you don’t want to rock the boat for the safety of you and your family, then promote yourself to yellow leader second class, and add a half yellow stripe on your sleeve to match the stripe on your back. I and men like me want to see those bright yellow half stripes so that we will know you are of no use in the moral crisis and fight we see coming. Things like what you are about to read below can only happen in the face of cowardice:

National Guard
Banned Christian Scouts Over LGBT Policy
Todd Starnes · Jun. 24, 2019
A National Guard facility in Pennsylvania refused to allow a Trail Life USA scouting troop to tour its facility, and the reason why is going to blow your mind.

The Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard facility regularly hosts tours for Boy Scout troops and other organizations, but Trail Life boys were told they could not participate because they belonged to a Christian scouting organization.

The National Guard tells me it had concerns about whether the Christian group was supportive of the LGBT community.

“After researching the organization online, it was quickly discovered that the organization restricted membership to certain persons,” the National Guard told me. “Army values and policy prevent discrimination against gender or sexual orientation within our ranks, which in turn led to the first-level reviewer denying the request.”

So the National Guard launched an investigation to determine whether a bunch of Christian teenagers were gay friendly? I wasn’t aware that was a prerequisite for taking a tour of a military facility paid for by the tax dollars of Christian citizens (among others).

John Stemberger, the chair of the board at Trail Life USA, blasted the National Guard’s explanation.

“Requiring a Christian code of conduct does not equal improper discrimination,” he told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show.” “Christian churches and organizations have never allowed their own members to promote views that are opposed to the clear teachings and values of the Bible.”

The National Guard lifted the ban on Christian scouts after First Liberty Institute and the Independence Law Center got involved. The law firms, which handle religious-liberty cases, said the National Guard’s decision to ban the Christian scouting group is “discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

“It was not until after receiving the letter from the group’s attorneys that the issue was raised to the appropriate level for a legal and full staff review,” the National Guard said. “There, it was determined that granting a tour to the organization would not violate policy and should be permitted. The decision has been reversed and the tour is being granted.”

The idea that Christian boys would be banned strictly because of their religious beliefs is not only ludicrous, it’s also illegal.

“The bottom line is that the original decision was still discrimination against these boys and their families because of their religion,” Stemberger told me. “That is simply un-American, un-Constitutional, and just morally wrong.”

Let’s hope the National Guard has learned its lesson and will never again discriminate against Christian citizens.

CIEMR / CIEMR All Inclusive
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All Inclusive

So after seeing this commercial about an all-inclusive Sandals resort in Turks and Cacaos, initially I was taken back some years, well many years. Kat and I went there with the girls in the early 21st century. (Now that’s adding some depth and perspective to all of this wouldn’t you say?) We had scored a visit at this nice condo right on Crystal Beach and right beside a Sandals resort. We were literally, like 100 feet away from the place and would go over and mingle at times during that relaxing vacation week.
The commercial talked about “X” number of world class restaurants, nightly parties, exploring, endless hours of heavenly bliss and all of that. The impression, of course is all you needed was to be hefted off the rather noisy and cramped Delta flight out of Atlanta onto the ball of cotton anxiously awaiting your arrival, and the rest would just so effortlessly unravel to your utter joy. You would be pampered and want for nothing, fall in love all over again, and be rejuvenated to the core of your soul!
Wow, sign me up. Oh wait, God already did. The place is called heaven and for your first clue, it aint located at any latitude/longitude you will find on this big ball of dirt we’re living on! All-inclusive is but a concept, an imaginary thing that cannot be created because we peeps are all so different that the specific combination of events, meals, activities and so forth needed to satisfy one single person are about as numerous as the stars in the vastness of a clear desert night.

Then as I thought a bit more about this all-inclusive concept with my eyes fixed on an expensive model of a B-17G bomber resting on my bookcase shelf, the one my dad flew, I really started to think about the concept itself. I began thinking that now, all around us we have the result of a society, and American culture that has tried oh so hard to make life all-inclusive for our most recent generation. As a parent of a whole bunch of kids, I have likely spent something more than a year but short of a lifetime sitting on hard chairs or bleachers while coaches and administrators hand out a hundreds of trophies to maybe 75 kids. Been there? Have the scoliosis to prove it?

We have, of course for the first place, the runner up, and third place. But then we go on to the: most improved, the president’s choice, the people’s choice, the best pigtails and longest text posting during a history lecture awards, the teachers choice and the most likely to succeed. It goes on ad nauseam while everyone still awake is wearing this face that feebly attempts to project interest, joy, and admiration. All the while of course we conceal what we really feel, “Would you please just finish so I can get up off this posture wrecking seating and get out of here!” We all do it, we all hate it, yet we continue. Hmmm…

Place your hand on the stove top on a recently turned off burner. Did it hurt? OK, then, let’s do it again, and better yet, make plans to do it annually. I’m sure you get my point without continuing this counterproductive behavior. Let’s return to the all-inclusive concept. We have applied the all-inclusive concept to sports, or camp, or class, or whichever activity that may touch our kids. We did it because we as parents and as a society want our kids to win. OK, nothing wrong with that, but in a spelling-bee does everyone win? In college basketball, are all who played national winners? On the battlefield does everyone win and get to come home to a plate of spaghetti?
Why, of course there were losers. There always have been lasers and winners and there always will be. The losers help establish and define the winners and set a visual goal for all to see. Losers testify to the accomplishments of the winner. They, through their failings point to one who got it just a little more right and who pushed beyond all the rest to arrive at a place where no one else was better. You know, that’s great and it’s the natural order of things, so why do we lie to our kids and tell them any different. In the broader sense, straying from the truth of things is a dangerous and sorted game that we would be well advised to never play. Go tell the antelope who was just caught by the cheetah that he is a winner. In his dying breath he/she is very likely to call you a liar. Not everyone can win, and that is just fine.
Has the spirit of Americans, like the ones who flew that B-17, G-model into a hellish aerial war, all but vanished? Have they been replaced by generations of Americans who have become weaker and more tolerant of evil, and have less courage than the generation who gave rise to them? Here’s a clue: In the day of the greatest generation, a snowflake was a thing of beauty that fell in the dead of winter and a rainbow was a beautiful display of light played out on a summer sky.
Today, in contrast, we have these “pretty” man who are brow beaten into believing anything and the women who accept them. What can they bounce back from? Anything? I remember hearing the story of a doctor actually removing my dad’s appendix which had ruptured along with an infected rib on the kitchen table (True story!). He was sick for months and never went to the hospital. The doctor told my grandfather that his son had little chances of surviving, so grand-dad said, “Then my son will die at home in his own bed.” That sick boy grew up to later graduate from college and fly sophisticated bombers over a hostile European sky on missions that almost always resulted in the deaths of one or more of his friends.
But in today’s context that doesn’t make any sense. I mean dad’s life must have been very shallow. His life was, dare I say the word, Hard! He had to work fields during his off time, hunt animals to augment their diets, and also go to school in a day when most kids were made to work to provide income for their families. And all the while, he received no recognition other than that smile from his dad or that hug or wink from his mom. But what about the squirrel hunting participation, runner up trophy? I mean how could he have turned out to be anything at all without having received that trophy? There were no counselors present when he failed to win a baseball game! Heck, he never had the time to play baseball in the first place. No one made mention of the feelings he brought home from world war two, no PTSD awareness, nothing. Nope, somehow all those men and women just had to deal with it.
We Americans were different then. I’d suggest that we were stronger, and by my reckoning, we were better. Working for something, then failing at reaching the goal is just fine. There I said it, crucify me if you need to, but I speak the truth. Not everyone succeeds the first time or the second and for some, ever. Succeeding may not be what is most important after all, you know, but perhaps just admitting that you fell short. Follow that up with picking yourself up afterward, then from the wreckage and in phoenix like fashion, rebuilding and taking another stab at it just may be the right thing to do.
These people who count themselves millennials have been dealt a bad hand. We told them they are winners, although statistics would suggest otherwise. We told them that they can succeed at anything, although in the workplace they are amassing quite a record pointing to the exact opposite. Did we build in courage? Resilience? Or any other trait necessary to stand up against an entire world that really does not like us, or did we build a generation of wimps? You decide, I already have.
My world was much different. In the Army, a sergeant once punched me (before my warrant officer days) while I stood at attention. He did it because through my inattentiveness as a sergeant I had allowed a M-60 main battle tank to be damaged. I stood there and took it. Today we would have placed the man on charges, we have placed men on charges for just trying to make men out of boys. Another called me a (please excuse the use of the term), a _____ for not trying something I should have. From that low point, I later came back and won the distinguished tank crew in the annual gunnery. Today that man would no doubt face charges of sexual harassment.
Ya know what I say to the modern day madness? To the culture that produces these incredibly well-groomed female like males, you disgust me. And since we are talking about it, aren’t the women these days becoming tougher than the girly, purse carrying boys they date? I think so. I run a security team at a church. We train hard, I had a rib broken while practicing some disarming techniques with another team member. We are always short of folks, and so I solicit help amongst so called men to join up. But almost none of them will. I point out that I am mid-sixties, one is seventy something with fast approaching expiration dates, and others are women, but the so-called males seem comfortable to allow another to stand up for them. Shame on you!
Where did that attitude come from? Did the men of Valley Forge feel that way? Of Concorde Mass, or hamburger hill? Or Iwo, or Utah beach or a thousand other places where American men stood and proved they were willing to take it all the way to the win or die trying. Millennials are a dismal failure in my view. Soon there will be few real men and women left to protect your girly arses, so you had better wake up and start doing your part. Wake up and change or learn how to speak Mexican, Chinese, Russian, or whatever. You had better also learn to pray to the east and on holy nights in that twisted culture, say “Be gentle!” Or you can square up and punch that sucker right between the eyes, pause to smile just a bit, then do it again.
The generation at fault is not the millennials, but the generations who set the table for them. We made life oh so very safe, removed fear, and hunger and want, and made life all-inclusive for everyone and everything including a host of social cancers. We told this hamster generation that you are all winners, you can always have your way, and life is yours, freely given with not so much as a bit of tarry on your part. It is your right after all (The greatest lie???)
Friends, we have lied through our teeth. Life aint easy. Almost none of what you have been told is true! You should not be tolerant of some abomination, you should abhor it. You will not get a reward if you lose, you will just lose. The idea of a safe zone where you can escape to in the event you are scared is called prayer. It is better to take the swing and land a good one on that bully’s nose than to report him to the teacher, but by all means do that afterward. Removing guns does not make you safer, it makes you vulnerable. Creating a legal structure where people are held liable for an honest mistake is wrong, change it or burn it down. We shouldn’t celebrate gay pride month, we should never have had such a thing in the first place. Look, if God didn’t create it, it isn’t good or right. Weakness is the toolbox of the devil, and this generation needs to wake up and realize that you have been so protected, so manipulated, so lied to and shielded from reality that you are honestly, really, living in a for real “Matrix” movie.
For God’s sake, for our nation’s sake, for your sake wake up. Our only real option is for you to suck it up, return to what God made you to be, and take the red pill!
(Did I get that right?? Was the red pill the one that lead to reality???)

CIEMR / Our National Anthem
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Just in case anyone doesn't know the National Anthem here are the words:

Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more!
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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