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Financial Prep / Re: The Coming Death of the Dollar
« on: March 01, 2015, 08:01:48 AM »
In what form on the copper- what I've seen (JM Bullion) are stamped rounds at roughly twice the current melt price on copper, so haven't even considered it.  What about copper water line instead- at least serves multiple purpose?

Glad you discovered all this before buying another camper based upon those erroneous parameters.  Will you be looking towards the Dodge 1/2 ton diesel p/u to replace the Turdreg?

Possibly corrosion sealed a tiny leak between rim parts?

Vendor Area / Re: boyce equipment
« on: March 01, 2015, 07:02:38 AM »
Wow- really nice looking stuff!  :)

Financial Prep / Re: The Coming Death of the Dollar
« on: February 28, 2015, 12:24:06 PM »
Gold and Silver are STILL on sale!  Of course I'm sure there will be a price drop again, as soon as my Personal IRA is funded and I actually make a sizable purchase.......seems to play that way when I buy!   >:(  (audible laughter)

Ooooohhhh, progress !  If that Raptor Liner is anything like what they sprayed in my P/U bed, I feel sorry for you being enclosed in the garage with it.  Mine made me light headed standing in the bed, outside in the summer 2 days after they'd sprayed it!

From the looks of your battery shut-off, you're gunning for skunks now? :o

CIEMR / Re: spock is gone
« on: February 28, 2015, 08:35:19 AM »
At least he "live(ed) long and prosper(ed)" :)

The Ladies Corner / Re: If 20 Million illegals left?
« on: February 27, 2015, 08:10:23 PM »
I wish they'd follow your suggestion- had to drive through Illegalville tihs evening: guess those "rules of the road" in Spanish and picture form are too difficult to comprehend  >:(

Site Help / Re: site improvement
« on: February 27, 2015, 05:19:45 PM »
My reaction is to put together a series of "how to" links to sites that already cover said topics and have resident experts spice it up with "do' n don't" type tips? 👌

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / Re: Do not buy a Volkswagon!
« on: February 27, 2015, 02:29:29 PM »
Obviously the VW crowd was addressing the obesity problem in the US and just designed it to tow 5 obese adults and their picnic basket........😕👎👎💩

CIEMR / Re: American Sniper
« on: February 26, 2015, 10:28:11 PM »
Great movie- saw it as well for the first time 2 weeks ago.  Did a good job conveying a few of the many internal conflicts that the job must come with.  Anytime you'd have to shoot a child or a woman must be gut wrenching, but the first action one sees combining both - beyond comprehension; especially for someone that's never had to even fill the sights with a human target.

Thanks again to all of you who've put yourselves in harms way-

CIEMR / Re: Retired Admiral speaks the truth
« on: February 26, 2015, 09:43:48 PM »
Remember the cover of "The New Yorker" magazine that portrayed the Obumers in muslim terrorist clothes?  Amazing the accuracy of that cartoon- it didn't even take a year for me to realize he was a muszloid by his actions and words. 

CIEMR / Re: what is it gonna take for us to get a spine like this again?!
« on: February 26, 2015, 06:09:35 PM »
Like the Libs would ever allow the Internet to go down!  Gotta keep the constant drip of electronic sedatives flowing!  Besides being able to spoon feed the masses the OFFICIAL news stories! ;D

Faith Discussion / Re: Word(s) of the day
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:16:16 AM »
^^^^^^Aint that the truth!

Ammo & Reloading / 5.56 Ban by BATF?
« on: February 24, 2015, 10:54:37 PM »
So what do we all make of the clandestine attempt to ban the "green tips" by BATF ?

Glad I've almost run through all of mine, but will make practice rounds more costly and/or light grain bullets the go to-

Firearms / Re: Range/Hunting/Camping ruck
« on: February 24, 2015, 03:52:42 PM »
Looks like a good set-up, but question the need of the scabbard- wouldn't you have weapon at the ready while on the move in a SHTF scenario?

Build Threads / Re: tracey's 78 Chevy 4x4 3/4 ton long bed
« on: February 23, 2015, 06:56:07 AM »
Very nice truck for the age and price!

Around here, there are several of those along the roadside, you just have to pick up all the microscopic pieces and put them in the correct molecular locations and you have one!

Build Threads / Re: 1975 Dodge Crew Cab Power Wagon Build
« on: February 22, 2015, 06:01:35 PM »
Very nice find!

Firearms / Re: Favorite weapon...You can only pick one!
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:20:37 PM »
Remington 11-87 12g
Hastings rifled barrel w/ Leupold 1.5x5

Can put any North American game species in the pot including bear.  With rifled barrel and a sabot slug I can get other guns; out to 120yrds. it's lights out applied to ones "pumpkin" even helmeted ones.  Close quarters with buckshot or similar is pretty devistating!

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / Re: RV Generator
« on: February 22, 2015, 06:42:19 AM »
Which of the ones you mentioned would be the most effective in a static remote location?

Which would have a longer service life, with less repairs necessary to facilitate frequent usage?

Which will have less strain on your resources?

Which will ensure you have constant, dependable power when you need it, in any weather?

Once you nail those requirements, then you'll have your answer. When in doubt, mission statement it out.

Which one can you paint Kentucky Blue if you don't like Ohio State Red?

Faith Discussion / Re: Word(s) of the day
« on: February 21, 2015, 06:24:45 AM »
A psalm of David.
1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.  :)

I think so; eventually, we were all Ash-shamed of ourselves and stopped....... ;)

It was 71 here today ...........in my HOUSE!  78 degrees colder outside!  :(

Bug-Out Bag and Camping gear / Re: Please don't hate on me
« on: February 20, 2015, 08:47:24 PM »
You could try-out my "fire in a bag" vacuum seal thing- it should go with a simple strike/fire set-up, especially with the para cord thread added into the mix.

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / Re: Lance 1575
« on: February 20, 2015, 08:42:21 PM »
Nicely written Don- what else can one say, other than, "NUTS" !

Everything Trailer, Camper, or RV related / Re: Lance 1575
« on: February 19, 2015, 07:10:12 PM »
You playing the numbers game from The Price is Right?  Seems like the green ones need to swap places! :o


Donks, like the jackasses who drive them?!  ;)

Build Threads / Re: 1975 Dodge Crew Cab Power Wagon Build
« on: February 19, 2015, 10:51:13 AM »
Air conditioning is a mandatory item, so I need to ensure a locale for the condenser.

^^^^^^^^^^YOU AREN'T KIDDIN'^^^^^^^^^^^ ::)

Faith Discussion / Re: Word(s) of the day
« on: February 19, 2015, 09:12:51 AM »
Titus 3:5. "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;"

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Welders, etc / Re: hardware
« on: February 17, 2015, 09:30:29 PM »
Nice resource Nate!

Build Threads / Re: 2012 GMC 2500 Rear Bumper Build
« on: February 17, 2015, 06:47:52 AM »

Really nice job- I now know why custom bumpers cost so much!

You should put U.S.S just to the left of your license plate............truck's grey........ ::)

Cooking equipment / Re: smoker needed
« on: February 16, 2015, 07:20:00 PM »
Congrats Nate!

Brother has a similar charcoal unit with an extended / indirect Fire box for smoking- he loves it!

Nice to see more morsels from "Cookie" - save me a seat, even if there's not enough for all of us- I just want a sniff and some warm weather!

Great progress Don!  Skunk stuff works really much better than your virgin bloody mary mix- why:  Dawn cut oils in spray, Baking Soda neutralizes stink and Hydrogen Peroxide floats and oxidizes stink further and more easily rinses it all away.

Hope you never need it!

Build Threads / Re: 1991 Suburban 2500 build and 6BT
« on: February 11, 2015, 02:53:41 PM »
You're luck that California doesn't limit vehicles like they do guns! Lol- ;)

Build Threads / Re: Yet another old Dodge crew cab project (1985 W350 USAF)
« on: February 11, 2015, 02:51:25 PM »
Maybe a 4bt in there??

JR... I think her plans are along the lines of nutz LoL Last she talked she intends to swap a 2x4 front/rear suspension it in, drop it on the ground with a rear 9" Ford. Then 18" rubber, some fat sway bars, and a built LS Chevy/4L60 Combo. She has some time to think about it. The crew cab and the M37  are going to get built first.

Can you say, "she wants to do an episode of "Pinks All Out""  8)

A guy with build threads about firearms used everything BUT a gun to end the threat.....Brake Cleaner with a match and I'd have given you a pass for at least being creative!  >:(

Recipe for Skunk Stink to remove it:

Bottle Hydrogen Peroxide
Couple tablespoons of "DAWN" dish liquid
1/2 Cup or so Baking Soda

Mix this in a glass dish outside near hose and ONE of said, Skunky, tied up Dogs.
Take mixture and heap and scrub on dogs from top down of affected area- KEEP OUT OF DOGS EYES
Rinse off with hose, warm water if you want it to work a bit better, cold if you really hate your dogs and like cold hands.  If enough "mix" left, repeat right away.

You'll need another batch for Dog #2 and you should be good to go.  If you find the fragrant "goo" on the house, you could try it, but not certain what Peroxide will do to siding/brick.

You might have discovered that when you're right at the point of attack, the smell is SO strong that it almost stops smelling......almost!  ;D

Hopefully your dogs are up on their Rabies Vaccinations, as skunks are one of the most prevalent carriers of Rabies!

Build Threads / Re: Front shackle mount
« on: February 11, 2015, 02:27:52 PM »
Very nice all the way through! :)

Financial Prep / Re: LLC Questions
« on: February 11, 2015, 06:31:40 AM »
So your self-directed IRA is through a Trust?

Might it be because of the state I live in and associated costs savings?

Financial Prep / LLC Questions
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:53:44 PM »
Hey there all-

Setting up my "Self-Directed IRA" via Jay Goldblatt at Broad Financial, and thought I'd pose some questions for Don to answer since he's one of the catalysts that have me heading down this road through his own discussion of his experiences with the program.

Did you list others as members if the LLC ?  If so, why, whom, etc.?

Any lessons or advice you'd share having already lived the process?

Given that I'm not full retirement age for an IRA yet, and I can still make contributions from income, any insight into that process?

Obviously, if Jay is on here, answer away publicly or anyone else for that matter, as I'm posing these questions for myself and others who might be considering doing likewise. ???

Intel / Re: Learn your enemy's agenda
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:42:06 PM »
As a parent, citizen, teacher and patriot, there is one word I feel too many people fail to use often enough...........No

I believe that Big D has found the rhythm again!  MMMmmmust add Diesel Fuel and other fluids soon.................... :D

Share Your Recipe / Re: What's your favorite coffee/coffee story?
« on: February 06, 2015, 10:34:27 PM »
Ohh, now there's a concept- Real Man goes Northwoods!  If you can't carry it in two trips (portages) it doesn't go!  20 years ago we were drinking directly out of the lakes- 10 day trips, freeze dried stuff, fresh fish, Steaks and potatoes the first night, hotdogs the second, and fish the rest of the time.  Kool-aid to drink with "mix" while it lasted.  Brought Everclear one year and have photo of me at dusk blowing flame across a post sunset western sky-

One of best cocktails ever was Jack and Lemonade, second night, using last of the ice from the meat cooler on a toasty evening after a muggy day paddling........ice in a drink in the Boundry Waters is rare, but most delightful luxury!  :)

Firearms / Re: Strange gun...part M4, part AK-47
« on: February 06, 2015, 10:23:16 PM »
Saw that the other day in a Cabela's flyer and was intrigued by it and was curious what you'all might think about it.  Seemed like the solid billet upper - lower would be much improved over stampings; but then again, too tight and sand makes it not go bang maybe?  Seems like accuracy might be better too?  ::)

Share Your Recipe / Re: What's your favorite coffee/coffee story?
« on: February 06, 2015, 05:30:54 PM »
Either "Kirkland's" Columbian Dark Roast, or "Peet's" Sumatran.  Love my stovetop Cabelas Stainless percolator in the Travel Trailer though you gotta be careful when used to a Mr. Coffee style brewer as the temp. is a REAL wake up!

Daughter runs the "Peet's" store on Michigan Ave. downtown Chicago across from the giant stainless bean sculpture (Cloud Gate sculpture's official name) but not biased because of it.  Stop in and look for the petite 20 something blonde manager, tell her "your dad sent me"  :o

Two favorite coffee stories:  sitting around my Grandparents kitchen table, drinking coffee black (not particularly wonderful coffee, but what they drank daily) with Grandma's homemade Gingersnaps!  Ozarks of Missouri in a retirement home they both built together.  Kinda a Don style oil change- was supposed to be Grandpa's wood shop/metal shop with office and washroom.  They would build it and live in it while they built the house.  Ended up building another shop and addition to the first shop for living room, garage, woodshed, and carport.

The other is the cup of coffee after shooting the deer on my wall.  Early morning cool, rainy, with the time from o'dark thirty to 7am seeming like it was after 10am with the urge to go make breakfast and warm up over-ridden by," can't go in yet, the whole camp will give me crap for being a wussy".  Sat back down and 15 mins. later a nice 10 pointer slides stealth mode through the woods offering a snap 80yrd shot.  Gutting and the dragging it up and downhill a half mile to camp warmed (sweated) me some, but that cup outta the floating cowboy coffee concoction I wrote about previously (no filter basket, grounds and an egg) was the most wonderful cup I've had in deer camp!

Just remembered coffee in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota wasn't bad either!  ::)

Sure you're already leaning this way Don, but just in case:  I'd fire it up without the fenders etc. on- much easier to fix any potential wire issues where you can easily access those neat little wire bundles without having to hang by your ankles over the fenders.  Remember the roof rack fiasco where you cracked the concrete and forgot your zip code for an undisclosed period of time...... ::)

CIEMR / Re: Your taxes go up??
« on: February 05, 2015, 03:43:09 PM »
As long as Obumer is around, they're all gonna be bad!

it's getting so close it's electric.  ::)
It's just endless problem solving right now.
I need a fitting for the transmission line, so I solve that puzzle.
I need to wire it up so I solve that puzzle
and on and on until one day I can declare that the majority of the problems are solved!

Then you'll start it and drive over a mulch bed and get it dirty!  More problems- then a KIA will get stuck and some Bunny Hugger will complain about all the Sparks and not recognize the glory of it all......problems!

CIEMR / Re: selling the truck...
« on: February 05, 2015, 03:36:53 PM »
Looked good to me!

CIEMR / Re: Snowfall
« on: February 02, 2015, 08:50:34 PM »
Spent the last 36 ish hours playing with 14" of snow and some real blowing!  Very thankful for a two stage snow blower.  Plows did an iffy job on some local streets- one stretch had plowed grass along shoulder which was interesting when snow covering it turned into soft shoulder on one side and the 14"+ unplowed on the right!  Discoverd this on my short drive to Cabela's to "get out" and stock some essentials- new .50 cal ammo can.  Filled it with .22 ammo and still have 4500 rounds un-canned- came to realization today that I don't need any more unless good deal on it!  :o

Build Threads / Re: 1998 Jeep XJ
« on: January 31, 2015, 03:30:38 PM »
They almost look painted  :o

I had to zoom in- thought so too!  :o

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