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Author Topic: Nathan Morris, Shake the Nations  (Read 284 times)

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Nathan Morris, Shake the Nations
« on: July 26, 2015, 09:37:10 PM »
Our church hosted Nathan Morris this weekend. Friday night service, 10AM Saturday, 1800 Saturday, 1030 Sunday and 1500 Sunday (Today)

I was at most of them. Some lasted over 6 hours. Basically all weekend at church with some exits for food and showers.

I don't even know where to begin. I learned so much from this man, a thirty something who has a holy anointing on his so powerful there are few humans who are his equal. He talked about all the salvations, not thousands, not even hundreds of thousands, but millions! Even a princess from the royal family of a certain Islamic nation.

I learned one very important fact, and I will have to write a sermon to try to explain it, but we have authority over everything. Every situation, every infirmity, every problem, everything. And know how to get it done?? Ask God for it over and over? Nope Perhaps fast and then hope God will move? Wrong again

The key is in 2 Chronicles. A Jewish king who was a worshiped God had an Army. He was hated by his neighboring kings. They raised up two armies who joined forces and marched on his kingdom. The good king's Army was outnumbered 8:1. Not very good odds.

This King sent his praise and worship team into battle ahead of his army. A madness fell upon the opposing armies and they killed each other to the last man. The plunder (Gold, money, precious gems, and the like took the good king three days to fully remove

The lesson from that? Praise and worship your God and he will fight your battles for you and you won't have to lift a finger.

This is just the readers digest. I need to do a complete write-up of this which spans Genesis, Numbers, 2 Kings, and 2 Chronicles

Then today we had a healing service. Nathan Morris has prayed sight back into blind men's eyes. A church Bishop who had a wife crippled for 22 years started walking after Nathan prayed over her. Blind people, people on Dialysis who's kidneys completely healed and on and on. I worked on the team of guys who carried off the people who were just prayed over. You wouldn't believe it

He would place his hand on the forehead then maybe move to a spot and ask do you have a tumor here? The person would always answer, yes to whatever his question was. He would say some words and in some cases just blow on them and I'd have to catch them. most just fell into a deep trance like sleep, while others looked stunned...I don't even know how to describe this mighty moving of the spirit of God.

Pull down a vid from his web site, "Shake the Nations," and have a look.

I am considering setting up a place to donate to his ministry through Real Man...
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