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Author Topic: Some thoughts to get you started  (Read 2169 times)

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Some thoughts to get you started
« on: September 28, 2014, 06:04:13 PM »
You have set up a bug out bag, trained some, weaponed up, lost some weight, changed your attitude, changed the way you save money and a host of other things.

So where are you going?

Let me guess...The mountains or  a national forest...right along with half a zillion other folks who think they will arrive to a hippie commune serving deer chili and weaving baskets to carry the excess millet seed bread!

OK anyone who realistically thinks that any of that will work probably need not be reading material on this web site, but just plan for that trip to Disney and enjoy yourself.

A hide site may be your home. If you are rural and well established and more that a few days walk from a urban center, don't move. Dig in right there. Your plan would have Plan A as a "Bug-In" scenario where you stay in place, get security up, go dark and bring some supporting like minded people

Not about the people. Test them! Anyone can talk a good line and these days from Don's perspective, most do. I remember the guy in the Preppers show who was a bit larger in circumference that he was tall, and was wearing a kit (Vest) and sporting a M1A was hopping around like some bunny. from defensive position to defensive position. They were all within 50 feet of each other and on level ground...nuff said. Well, not enough just yet. I remember chuckling, actually rolling laughter because I realized this guy just might survive. You see a maraudering band of now killers who had been observing him for hours through the scope of a 300 Win Mag decided this guy was so funny, they weren't going to shoot him, but keep him around for amusement.

People. Test them. invite them out to help you dig some defensive firing or observation positions. Ask them to bring say 100 jars of canned protein. Ask them to show up with a shotgun. pistol, then give them some range time to see if they actually know where the safety is. A 12 gage and 25 rounds of #8 is not a well thought out evasion weapon.

Vett, vett, and vett your people again. I served with mine, down range, I know what to expect of them...

If you are in the burbs of a town, well you'll need a plan to get rural, to your place. You could buy that place. You could purchase land with several other like minded families, or maybe lease it. Survival is serious...I cashed out a chunk of my retirement to buy a place. Heck if Jesus comes back I can always sell it to get my money back, right?

If you are near a population center, for me that is Cincinnati and Northern KY, it will not work. Likely you will fall victim to crime long before you end up in some DHS camp, which will also fall apart in time. No sir, you have to get out. We talk extensively about vehicle modifications such as big fuel and lots of essentials (Read truck, not Prius)

Look for something with water, forest (Cover) more that several days walking distance from the city. After a few weeks, folks won't be walking the roads anymore because the highwaymen who will emerge once more will be robbing or worse, every hapless soul they come across. Choke points like bridges over rivers will be favorite kill zones. They are in war, so I suspect they will be here as well and except for major avenues of transportation, with no police.

What, no police you say? Well I have a metric tonne (Used the queens spelling there, eh?) of LEO friends. I know them as loving fathers and husbands. What happens to their families while they are fighting off some crime gang making a run on Walmart? Well they fall victim of course, and that's why they will not be present for duty. I pray for their safety, those brave warriors. In fact in my survival plan I plan to stand shoulder to shoulder with them for a time, but there are so many bad people out there, that shear numbers will prevail. The cops will stop serving the public and protect their families. They will later emerge as that sheep Dog I live to reference. We soldiers will as well, but when the thing kicks off and is burning furiously for a month or two, we are going to just dig in and wait for when it is safer, say when the population has been reduced by half, or there abouts.

I know how this all sounds, like reality...

You need a place or two you can walk to in the initial phases, just in case your transportation is compromised. But allow me to make a suggestion, In Army Special operations training that I attended some years ago, we were taught how, to, how do I say it, hmmm, well, procure cars. I'd say those guys are pretty good at survival in bad environments, so that might be a skillset you need to train...just saying.

And another note about walking. Initially while everying is wondering what just happened, you will be able to walk on a road at night. A better plan is to walk off road and at night. From my experience where some ninja types had to package up a bunch of us aviators and move us unnoticed, which is the equivalent of police moving civilians I suppose in a scaled world. Those guys moved at night and through really bad stuff. Like I wouldn't go in there on the best of days. I noted that we averaged maybe 6 kilometers a night. Math man says 6km X 6 the multiplier for converting to miles is equal to 3.2 miles!

Say you don't have endless miles of North Carolina briar patches, wait a minute vines and yes, the occasional electric fence, you might move much farther. I'd suggest you do some test runs and see how far you get without falling off a Clift (One of my guys did that one night...yea like whoosh and he was gone, then Ker-plunk!) Another guy Stepped up, then lost his balance. He was doing his hour carrying a heavy pack. He fell backward and was knocked out like a light. Later he exhibited confusion, then vomiting...yup, concussion. 0300 urgent medevac out of the Urarrie forest!

So what am I saying here? Tow things, train and plan. Or plan then try to execute your plan and then in the after-action review, modify the plan. Repeat every time some new factor enters the plan. A new person who is stepping up to help, a new member of the family, a knee surgery, and all manner of things. You want to occasionally validate your plan. And not the whole thing. Don't take off and walk to Mexico. Have a buddy drop you along your route and meet you at another point in a day or two. Have a phone and give him the plan so he can tell us and we can come get you, but do it!

Another factor will come into play after a week or so. Trust will evaporate. The masses walking to the hippie commune in Kentucky who are approaching hillbillyville will find themselves being turned back or shot down. Country people will not openly absorb "Foreigners" forever. We can't help all the grasshoppers who expect us to feed them. When it all breaks down, we need to feed ourselves and make sure the ag machine does not break down or else no one walks out of this bad dream.

I just suggested to you that there is a window of time when you can actually execute a movement to your BO site easily. Thereafter you will be swimming across rivers down stream and just out of sight of that bridge and the murderous people who occupy it. You will be looking at trees for the moss to figure out where north is and hunkering down in briar patches or perhaps an old barn, well if you're smart you will. I don't know when that movement time is, but I'd say after a week or so, and the killing veil has been broken your chances on the road will be greatly diminished. For that reason I built SquareD a survival and evasion truck. I built it to survive gunfire and get through areas I'd rather not be. I learned about all that first hand in Baghdad and Kabul.

I like hide sites with water, cover, shelter, which is well off the beaten trail. I have such a place. One has to exit the paved road and travel on trails which barely support a vehicle just to get to my front gate. I intend to keep it that way with minimal improvement. I'll have some crops, shelter, fuel, electricity, supplies, and necessary life support cached in various locations known only to my circle of friends.

Perhaps over time I will show you how I did and am doing that

Until then, get into your plan, train, get in shape, develop a plan and get serious

To your Prep and ultimate survival.
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