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Author Topic: Message to our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, And Coast Guardsmen  (Read 2698 times)

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our institution is under attack. You are following your calling to defend this nation while being strapped by a politically correct, inept leadership. I am one of you. 25 years as a Regular Army NCO, then Warrant Officer.

I am under no orders from a commanding officer who serves a purpose other than serving our constitution. Therefore I will stand for the truth and righteous, and for my God. I will post information here which is true and informative. Come here and share this all around. Just do that for me, and well, for freedom's sake.

If you can, believe this old W4 that there is goodness in America still, and it is not reflected by your leadership.

I'll share and tell you the truth here.

God Bless and keep all of you!

CW4 Donald Harward
USA, Retired
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