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The basis for Morality
« on: May 15, 2019, 10:18:11 PM »
OK, what is the basis for morality?

That is a very important question in today’s discussion and where we sit as a nation. I say it is God, plain and simple with a period, nothing follows.

Not Common law or King James or King Solomon or the latest Supreme Court position on topics. It is nothing short of God, and God alone.

We all know it is wrong to steal something...Right? Why do we know that? Well, because we were created by God and his goodness is in there somewhere. Talk about common law in any basic law course you may have slept through. I remember my professor saying, "It is the way it has always been." OK, concur, but how did the always get to be always, when did it start, how did it start? Again, the simple answer is it comes from God in some way. You can watch a child take something from another child and scald them for doing it and they somehow know they were not supposed to do it. You can see it in their eyes.
Murder has always been wrong, we have always known it as early as recorded history takes note of it. How is that? It is because of our innate connection to our creator. Star wars calls it the force. The force is the spirit and the ripples flowing outward from the throne of the most high. It is everywhere, always, and never changes. He is the same today as he was yesterday and will be for an infinite number of tomorrows.
So we can correctly say the basis for morality is God and admit that is the stone cold truth.
But what if someone wanted to tamper with that notion? What then?
Maybe I steal something from my neighbor and am caught. The arresting officer comes to arrest me and I resist. I state that in my belief system I am the center of everything and everything revolves around me.  On the day in question when the theft took place, according to my belief system I was simply acting to please myself and I wanted this thing from my neighbor. I have committed no infraction because additionally, I recognize and declare that I am subject to no law of man. So I would ask that without God existing and the morality he causes to be, who is right in this scenario?
In our congress, right now, demoncratic committees are removing God from swearing in. They now ask people to answer truthfully to the best of their ability. Well, OK what if their ability hovers around say 50%. I mean they would have stayed within their boundaries, right? The problem would then be a precise definition of what constitutes truth or lying. It might be a moving scale in tune with the thinking of the day. Today it may be near God's truth, but in a setting when demoncrats are building up a case for President Trump’s impeachment, well, I think we all know that scale would slide to whatever point needed by the liars soiling those high offices.
These subtle changes constitute rust and corrosion on truth, and on the real American spirit. A bit of corrosion on the bottom of your door this spring will turn into a hole after the coming winter, and render your car a rolling junk heap the year thereafter. You have to get after corrosion wherever it starts. Satan is the master of corrosion, and I have to say I am downright impressed at his effectiveness on the weak minds of our lazy, or perhaps distracted people both good and bad.
Morality, our morality is being tampered with. Today it is a bit here and a bit there. But in some future and this author things perhaps a bit sooner than later, will morph into something a bit more sinister. Perhaps in some not too distant future, your thinking may be called into question. I mean who are you to question lawmakers sitting on high. As long as 100,000 of your closest friends don't lock arms with you and say, "Ya know, I agree with this person, and if you want him/her, then come and get him/her." As long as people do not stand together the corrosion will etch ever deeper into the very fabric and bedrock of our culture. They are going after God, and have been doing so for a long time.

Ever heard the saying, “The tail wags the dog?” It is relevant here and points to how uninvolved Americans are in their government and the social and moral change literally sweeping over us. You better wake up…You see a smaller group of voices have claimed the high ground. They have do so because the average American has allowed them to. Hitler who use the youth and poor to support his socialist tyranny were referred in private to as “Useful idiots.” You are not likely a useful idiot if you are reading this, but unfortunately, you have been bested by them. Enough idiots have gotten together driven by short lived passion, but passion nonetheless to take control of you.

So where does that place us? The idiots, the noisy idiots have and are beating us. They are kicking your proverbial arses at every turn. The tail that wags the dog…The tail is what, 5% of the mass of the dog, and is connected to the A__. But in this liberated, American progressive society that tail is doin’ all the steerin’. And you thinkers who may have even noticed what is happening seem content to have that aft section tell you where to go.

Wonder about how many of them are out there? The media (Synonym for “liar”) would have you think they are the other half. OK, fine, but it is not the truth. The truth almost never falls on the side of evil. Truth comes from God and he is pretty right pretty much all of the time. (Can I get ah-men??) No, I think the truth lies somewhere else. So citing the media as a litmus test for what’s ah-happenin’ in our couture, if you look at the number of folks who watch Fox News on a given evening at a particular time, you will see numbers ranging from tem million to twenty million! (10,000,000-20,000,000). If you check the viewership of CNN at the same time you will note one to two hundred thousand viewers. (100,000-200,000)

Notice anything there? Equal? Hardly! Divided down the middle? Not in the least. Nope cut up a pie and take out the piece belonging to CNN and you will be on a weight loss program, like 10 calories! And therein lies both the truth that this left is few in number, and a poignant truth, that you, you silent majority aint doin’ your job.
In conclusion, Morality comes from God, period. He is the one perfect reference and he wrote a book. It should be our Rand McNally for life, and the basis for all our actions and judgements. Weigh the silly left against the truth of God and it is nonexistent, it cannot stand the light of the truth. Remove the smokescreen and you see not an army facing us, but a few spoiled brats who are in need of a spanking, little more. But allow those brats to morph into Corey bookers and you have some godless person telling everyone how “the people of America” feel.
Know the truth? Act on it
See something that isn’t right, sound off and fix it
America is rusted, corroded and is driving around with some rust holes in its fenders. In front of you is a fully prepared way of life called God’s plan. Take the appropriate action, and execute!
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