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This is a follow-up on the Footwear thread and I figured I would mention them as a retailer who stands behind their stuff. Now they don't make combat ready stuff per se but for basic camping stuff, hiking boots, and outdoor equipment they do a good job and more importantly they stand behind it 100% no questions asked.

I told about the hiking boots I have gone through and they have always replaced them no matter what with no question asked. But I have two other stories that I figured give a pretty good insight into the company. A friend of my Dad's had a briefcase that he had been given by his Dad. His Dad had used it for 20 or so years and then the son used it another 20 or so. And finally the handle broke. My parents mentioned they were going to be in Maine and were going to LLBean so my Dad's friend gave him the old briefcase and said see what they say. So Dad took it up there - they took it and said "we don't make this version any more but pick any one you want." Just like that.

Another one was a buddy who had one of their tents. This tent was from when we were in high lets just say a "few" years ago (*ahem*35*ahem*). One of his tent poles broke. He called them and explained what happened. They sent him a label to send them tent back and he got a new one. Then just a few months ago same friend had a pair of 20 year old hunting boots. The sole started to come apart. He was going to buy new ones I said send them back to LL Bean. He called them....same thing. They sent him a new pair.

Now I get that not all their stuff is just what you may want (Lord knows I usually toss their clothes catalogs right in the trash) but for the value of their outside gear I have found them to be great. And no questions asked on replacing it. Plus their service people are really awesome. I can call them if I have a question on something and they flat out know what I am asking and how it works. I'm not getting some idjit kid who has never been outside of a mall. Just my experience. 


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