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Author Topic: 4 March Anti-Trump protests...Heads up!  (Read 281 times)

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4 March Anti-Trump protests...Heads up!
« on: March 03, 2017, 10:03:32 PM »
Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants

by Stewart Rhodes     

We are posting the below security advice now because of the many "March 4 Trump" events across the country tomorrow.  Please pass this on to anyone who will be attending those events.   However, this advice will also prove useful for future events.  Oath Keepers will have members and teams from local chapters at many of these March 4 Trump rallies and marches tomorrow to help keep people safe (our members and chapters have full discretion to help anywhere they can, and also have full discretion to do so covertly, overtly, or in a mix of overt/covert, as we did in Washington DC on January 19-20 for the Inauguration and surrounding events).   Organizers and participants in the March 4 Trump events need to understand that we can't be at all of them, and we can't guarantee their safety even at the ones we will be attending.   Your safety is ultimately up to you, as the below advice makes clear.

American patriots have got to come to terms with the reality that the far left is becoming increasingly unhinged and prone to violent terrorism, and you will need to expect the worst and prepare for it.    And that means you need to be your own "bodyguard" and guardian over your family and friends, as the Founders expected us to be, as members of a true citizens militia.   Do NOT rely on the police to protect you, or anyone else.   They cannot be everywhere, even when they are allowed to do their job to their best ability (which is sadly not always the case, as is explained below).

The following threat assessment and advice was written up by NavyJack and John Karriman.

Most organizations that are involved in protests against the policies of the current administration are non-violent. The organizations that have used violence in recent protests include the following:
Antifa (short for Antifascist Action)
Anarchist Black Cross
Refuse Fascism (closely related to the Revolutionary Communist Party USA)
La Raza and affiliates
BAMN (By Any Means Necessary)
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