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Author Topic: flags on uniforms  (Read 337 times)

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flags on uniforms
« on: May 23, 2017, 11:29:46 PM »
don had commented about this a ways back, and I came across this tonight and thought I would share with you all.


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Re: flags on uniforms
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2017, 06:53:25 AM »
Thanks Nate
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Re: flags on uniforms
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2017, 09:40:29 AM »
Thank you for that Nate

I think I had that wrong

I once thought the Clintons had reversed it for aesthetics, however the field of stars does lead!

Well done!
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Re: flags on uniforms
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2017, 01:39:34 PM »
I asked my wife about this once, because marines don't normally wear flag patches so I didn't know... she responded quite simply, it's the way the flag would flutter as if running into rather than away from.

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