2017 Polaris General

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Well I finally did it. Yesterday I pulled the trigger on a new 2017 Polaris General White Lightning edition. Been looking at the ride command version for a couple months now and when I finally decided to buy they could not get one in and quite possibly wouldn't until beginning of next year as they are getting ready for model year swap over.

Talked to the sales guy and manager and they made me a deal on this one. Took a few days to think about it and decided I didn't need all the bells and whistles of the ride command so I saved a few thousand and got the white lightning.

Power steering is a nice feature for sure. The 100hp 1000cc motor has more power than I would have imagined. Had it up to 65mph yesterday and still has some pedal left. That's enough of that until the break in period is over.

Had an audioformz top put on it at the dealer. Has radio, 4 speakers, Led dome light, 5 forward facing flush mount 10watt leds (these will probably get swapped for 40watters or a light bar), and one rear facing 10w led. There is still room to add more lights, speakers etc. I have a gun scabbard mount, a fold down windshield, a bed extender, and factory RZR led headlights coming for it that should arrive next week sometime.

I will post some pics once the phone charges a bit. Seems to not last these days.



Nice lookin ride!


Ah man, I want one of those so bad. nice ride.


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