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Canned soup on kids school supply list

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Farmer Jon:
Got the new updated school supply list. They added that every child should have 2 cans of soup. We thought maybe the school website was hacked or it was a joke. My wife emaled the school and this was the reply.

Why soup?  GREAT question!!   Recent school safety training incorporates a Run, Fight, Hide protocol for responding to violent intruders in the building.  If a student is unable to run or hide a  recommended method for distracting a violent intruder is throwing something at them... thus the two cans of soup (which will be stored in each students desk).   Please let us know if you have any other questions!

There is nothing funny about a school intruder but Can you imagine someone bursting in a room only to be pummled with 30 cans of soup?  I've never been hit with a can of soup but I've dropped a few on my foot. It hurts bad. I'd say that would be a pretty good deterrent. I would have never thought of that.

Any other parents heard of this?

I also thought some of you without children may find this interesting.

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When I read the title I figured this was part of the you pay for the less fortunate same as why we need to supply a dozen boxes of crayons and a gross of #2 pencils.

But yeah, my oldest told me about the RFH protocol. That's been in place for many years in a lot of schools. Just never heard of having to supply soup.

I'd rather have a few well trained teachers packing myself & a few AR's locked up in the school office with trained admins. Visit rural Texas & you'll find well placed road signs near schools telling you that if you choose to come into our schools we're armed and ready to shoot first & ask questions later. Parts of Texas still give me a warm & fuzzy feeling just thinking of it.

Man, I would have to think about that one....having kids throw soup at an intruder? with possibly an AR or AK ? They must assume that a bad guy isn't bats*** crazy and will respect the youth and not "hurt" them. hmm

The "fight" part means just that. In a school situation they are assuming it's a kid with a gun. If the gunman gets in the room you fight with everything you have. Throw chairs etc to give you the chance to get the gun. Personally, I like it better than cowering in a corner and crying.

Throwing stuff might be ok if you are just trying to buy enough time for the trained staff to be able to take deadly action


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