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Author Topic: Deriliction of Duty!  (Read 180 times)

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Deriliction of Duty!
« on: October 21, 2017, 09:01:31 AM »
All this political correctness and phobias about everything is flat out destroying the killing spirit of our military. There is nothing about accommodating transgenders (Mentally unstable people??) or homosexuals (People which the people in the Army I was a part of for 25 years could not stand, in fact they sickened us!) that has anything to do with rounds on target.

Our enemy who puts up with none of this nonsense is growing stronger. While we cope with peoples emotions, they are getting better at bayonet fighting. THey are dreaming of gutting US Marines while we have to look at a US installation support a gay pride day! What is prideful about the sick act of sodomy between men? Can anybody answer that for me? Is that right in anyone's book?
Well, of course it is not. It is evil, my bible says so, and what God says is always true. Simple enough! But the communists of america (COA) are so powerful and we real Americans are either scared to do anything, too busy, or have just given up and really just want the fight to get started.
But we can't go there. We have to stand our ground, we moral, we patriotic, we God fearing and God loving good people of America. Are the communists not good as well? Easy answer for me, NO, they are not good, worse, they are really bad and they are the enemy of freedom.
With what they have done to our fighting forces is appalling. Women in the Rangers? In Forced Recon? In the Seals? Are you kidding?
We better fix this and damned quick or when the civil war comes and in the midst of that some invader, a real fight will have to be fought or we'll lose it all!

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