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Author Topic: Nuke Bombers on 24 HR notice once again  (Read 329 times)

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Re: Nuke Bombers on 24 HR notice once again
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2017, 10:39:04 PM »
Ok, well, I am no expert on strategic gesturing, but that is what this is saying to me.

We have a growing nuclear threat from Iran and NK, obviously. But things are a tad bit slippery with China and then there is always Russia. Most people haven't noticed that we are forging strategic alliances with India. That is all about curtailing China's aggressive moves with their new blue water navy and building of their first ever foreign based base, in Tanzania.

So if we were hit from anyone with a surprise nuclear attack, limited or otherwise, the host of that offering would get showered with sub based Trident 3's with some big block like performin' MIRVs...Megaton sized stuff...real crowd pleasers.

That is all nicely backed up by the MX system and older minuteman 3's which are still holding some real estate in vertical rocky holes.

B-52's are like doomsday things. Out of the 1950's "ai-Safe" movie times. They pack a huge punch but would take hours to get to position to launch their nuke ippe cruise missiles. I'd say they are more about making a political statement with muscle backing it up. Russia already knows they would just be the little fallout remaining over the motherland when the BUFFs showed up to incinerate anything still not burned to a cinder.

Hard to say really but it adds a third, pretty sturdy leg to the nuclear deterrent.

And BTW, unless you're close by Nukes are survivable. I mean you'd have to have build a shelter to keep the gamma rays from causing unneeded tooth whitening, but with half lives of strontium and cesium being what they are, give it a couple weeks to a month and you should be able to hose off the Duramax and get back to burning rubber.

Goggle Hiroshima and take a look at what it appears like today. You will have to go to dubai to find a more modern, prettier city. Seems the nuke there only helped things. Nukin our cities gets rid of welfare recipients, undocumented criminals who don't speak english. Destroys nearly all mosques. Removes almost all heroin addicts, most all antifa players, most cozy NFL players, Eliminates the need to grow a huge amount of food...no one likes driving there, so no loss in that arena. Government offices and officials will get burned up, no harm there. The banksters, mobsters, polsters and about every other kind of ster gets gone while we get to keep the steers, our tractors and trucks, our friends, our churches, and, really, our way of life, now free of interference by useless people.

So considering all that why is gettin' nuked all that bad?
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