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Author Topic: From a black woman (I like her!)  (Read 161 times)

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From a black woman (I like her!)
« on: September 19, 2018, 09:20:12 AM »
Enough with the Victimhood: Millionaire Athletes

and Their Lost Cause

by Sylvia Thompson


I must admit I have never in my life purchased a ticket to a sports event. I

am not a sports enthusiast. But I am an American black citizen, and I have

had it up to the gills with black people who embrace victimhood. I also

highly resent my being expected to do the same in order to affirm my



Black victims these days, for the most part, are the product of decades of

Black Americans being used primarily by white progressive leftists to

advance an anti-American agenda.


The current brouhaha surrounding the despicable behavior of NFL athletes

toward the National Anthem and the American flag is a prime example of what

the Left has done to my race.


One must assume these players and their guilt-conflicted white coaches and

owners (and victimhood-inflicted black coaches) are being manipulated by the

Left, because no intelligent, thinking people would deliberately cut

themselves off at the knees. Essentially, what these young misguided mostly

black men are doing is ensuring the demise of their lucrative paychecks.

Further, I would wager that if these teams consisted of all white athletes,

none of this idiocy would be allowed. We are witnessing this travesty

because the vast majority of players are black and can whine "oppression" if

appropriate action is taken against them for their unconscionable behavior.


The twisted reasoning that claims these protests are to highlight

"injustice" and "police brutality" is a laughable crock. What they do in

fact is dishonor valued symbols of this nation's heritage and cover over

truth about black crime.


Black males bear the brunt of police encounters because black males commit

disproportionately more crimes. Police encounters with black men are so

often confrontational because so many of these men, especially the young,

don't think "compliance" applies to them. They foolishly assume they are

above the law and disrespect for police officers is an act of honor.


These young blacks, sadly, took much of their direction from racists Obama

and Eric Holder during Obama's destructive, eight-year regime and Holder's

corruption of the Justice Department. These two men, abusing their federal

powers, gave young blacks the impression they need not heed the law, because

laws are somehow unjust when they are applied to black Americans. The NFL

lot, and any other athletes taking a similar stance, are also influenced by

Obama's and Holder's disdain for law and law enforcement.


I am not familiar with one case where a black suspect to a crime was not

proven legally to have caused the behavior against him, particularly in

cases where the police officer involved was exonerated by facts. Michael

Brown of "hands up, don't shoot" infamy is one good example. Blatant lies

were spread to cloud the truth about Brown's case.


Back in the day when I was growing up in the racially segregated South, the

opposite prevailed in many cases. There was much injustice particularly

toward black men, but not today. Today, too many blacks have been fed the

notion that it is now "pay-back" time, and they can flaunt their lawlessness

because some whites flaunted theirs during an earlier time in our nation's



Although Obama and Holder no longer wield power in this country, some of

their minions continue on the pernicious path of "paying back" American

whites for wrongs, real or imagined. But as the saying goes, there is a new

Sheriff in town and he is not guilt-conflicted. He expects fair play under

law and tolerating pay-back is not part of his agenda. Black Americans, when

they break the law, can no longer claim victim status simply because they

are black. Those days are over.


American laws and law enforcement personnel will be respected in America,

again; our traditions and values will not be impugned in America without

consequences, again. Anybody unsettled about this turn of events is welcome

to leave this country. I suggest all the black players try a country in

Africa, and see how successful they will be at making millions playing

games. They will all soon learn what oppression really means.


Some self-directed, independent-thinking blacks (and there are many of us)

have offered that if these millionaire protestors want to tackle some real

problems, they might consider the thousands of black children killed in

abortions annually (by the progressive Left), or perhaps the many, many

young blacks murdered routinely on inner-city streets by other young blacks

(in cities run by progressive, leftist Democrats), or the downright criminal

state of education of black inner-city children, orchestrated by the

progressive leftist National Education Association (NEA). The NEA's aim is

to produce unintelligent pawns to feed the cause of progressivism.


I am annoyed by the expressions of "sincerity" gracing the faces of the NFL

protestors-as if to convey the "hallowedness" of their cause. In actuality,

they provide a picture of grown men allowing themselves to be made fools of

by the progressive Left. I don't doubt, however, that some of these men have

been coerced into compliance with this lost cause, either through threats of

violence or shunning (from coaches and players). Alejandro Villanueva of the

Pittsburgh Steelers and former Army ranger is very likely a victim of such

threats. He was publicly castigated by his leftist coach for his patriotism.

The coach demanded unity behind an ignorant cause.


And finally, this issue has nothing to do with First Amendment rights.

President Trump's speaking out against the clownish behavior of the

athletes, on behalf of the majority of American citizens, does not mean he

can or would stop any of these misguided people from making fools of

themselves. To restrict them, as a government entity, would indeed be a

violation of the First Amendment..... But their employers, if they were to

develop even a modicum of testicular fortitude, could and should fire them

for doing major damage to the bottom line of the business. The rest of us

non-millionaire "Joes" would certainly be pink-slipped by an employer if we

dared to be so clueless about the necessity of profits and so disdainful of

the sensibilities of customers.


I will wait patiently for the true sports enthusiasts to vent their rage by

simply boycotting the games. It will be sweet revenge to witness the slain

goose cease producing its golden eggs.
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Re: From a black woman (I like her!)
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Re: From a black woman (I like her!)
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2018, 07:30:30 AM »
Tru Dat!  :beercheers:
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