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Author Topic: Some thoughts on the subject of a hide sight  (Read 1838 times)

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Some thoughts on the subject of a hide sight
« on: October 06, 2014, 02:55:32 PM »
First off let me say I think if it comes to the point where people need a "hide sight" then no matter of preparation is going to be enough. Society has broken down in many places across the world in modern times, but to what extent would it happen in the USA, no one can really be sure. We have a few small doses in Katrina or other such natural disasters that give us a inkling into how "our" society may handle a situation, but country wide? That will be an entire different ball of twine I feel.

Your #1 preparedness tactic I feel is common sense and clear thinking. The ability to think clearly and adjust to the exacting context of whats happening is paramount in managing yourself and your resources properly. This requires a few assets.

Information: The ability to at least listen to what is happening is vital. You can't count on TV and most radio stations to be useful. A properly programmed scanner with capabilities matching your local area, as well as a ham radio to collect intell would be high on my list of tools used immediately. At least during the onslaught of whatever is going down, this would help make proper decisions. What does this have to do with a hide sight exactly? I feel you would need a fair selections of sights depending on why your considering using one to begin with.

A natural disaster will require different assets than say a pandemic incited loss of freedoms and societies stability. Your equipment and many things may stay the same. Understandably the  time frame, and what to do may require adjustments to the different stages of the breakdown of what we know today as society.

I again am just a farmer, I really don't have a specific plan. I do have what I feel is required as far as equipment and assorted supplies. These also happen to be what we need here for an average winter storm or a week long ordeal with the results of Nebraska always fun spring Tornadoes.

I will happily share my hide sight with you all. It's my home, if I have to leave because it's gotten that bad...... I have no particular sight exactly.... I have put some thought and basic research into a few places I'd likely find useful.  They are as follows.

I needed a place we could get to with the entire family that's close enough to manage for all members of the family walking from wherever their daily routine usually finds them. One can walk a long ways in a few days time, but I would want all assembled and such rather quickly so we live on a farm/acreage that's 2.5 miles walk from everyone's daily routine. This is much closer to "town" than I would prefer to live but I found a secluded place that fit the bill not far from both a rail line and a river bottom (both great avenues of travel) and that's the plan. People from town have often commented they didn't even know our place was here until given directions.

My "it all went to heck hide sight" #1

My wife and I like to travel and explore so one September trip we actually dedicated to finding a place we liked no one else would likely find us. This was our selection criteria.

Remote enough to put 25 miles between us and anyone else.
Within a 4 hour drive from home.
Reachable by a variety of roads both paved and unpaved,as well as old abandoned rail lines, and also modern daily used rail lines.
Underground fresh water supplies
Natural game for food
Livestock also for food
Natural shelter from weather, visual sightings from the air, and thermal devices.
We don't own it, or our names are not connected to it.

What we found is as follows.
45 miles from a lonely paved road
15 miles from a dirt road
4 Windmill pumped well's within 5 miles
Abundant ground water should a closer well be useful, it could be sunk.
4 small lakes and one river within a 5 mile radius.
Plentiful food in the area both animal and fruits
Natural caves and a alternate high ground shelter if flooding was a concern.
We don't own it, in fact not sure anyone does.
It has other selling points for me, but in short it's our place if we need it.

We made a trip back there once every other month for a year, and it's defiantly deserted. We then filled a tote with assorted useful things like ammunition. small provisions of canned goods/dry goods, and some basic medical supplies. On a different trip we hauled in 50 gallons of diesel fuel and assorted other things we thought might be useful. All provisions are buried in place. If we have to bug out (now I sound like a prepper), I don't want to have to load a pickup with crucial life sustaining supplies. If I have time, I'd bring more, but if for some reason I don't, we can get along with whats there now. Nothing we left in our "place" is of enough value to worry about if it turns out we don't need/use it. My family survived the Indians, the grasshoppers, the great depression, world wars and plenty more...they did so because they always kept just such a place in mind, and on occasion it was useful. I know of those places as well....alternates.


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Re: Some thoughts on the subject of a hide sight
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2014, 09:46:39 PM »
Good thoughtful plan

For rural areas, farming communities, and the like, "Bugging in" is what most of us will do. Instead of rioting and tearing the heck out of things, I'd be more likely to walk over to the neighbors place and say, hey here's a bottle of aspirin, you have a few .22 rounds?

Settled rural folks are much more likely to face adversity with a calmer head, whereas crowded city folks are already at wits end and primed for violence. I was just in down Cincinnati feeding homeless folks an hour ago and I saw desperation. Middle aged women were looking for a blanket after the meal. They have nothing, drug usage is everywhere. The only way away from that is simply, to get away. But I fear the worse for them. They have no prep, no idea, and only a meal that they found at the footstep of a church...

It's different for all of us, and tonight was very sobering for this kiddo!
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