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Global Suicide
« on: May 11, 2019, 12:19:33 PM »

Global Suicide

If there was ever a time for a web site like this one it is now. If there was ever a time to prepare for looming disaster, it is now. If there was ever a time to repent and get right on a personal level with God, it is now.

What a freakin' mess, our planet and its people. Speaking of people are they dumber than ever in recorded history? Has all the technological advances had an effect on the people which is inversely proportional? If you don't know what being inversely proportional means, you may be a part of the problem!

People witnessing the spectacular failures of a socialist system are openly embracing it! W H A T??? So your momma tells you that fire will burn you. So you stick your hand in the fire and confirm her statement to be true. You grow up listening to a growing mass of talking heads telling you that the fire is good for you, that what we really need is more fire. So you mindlessly preach about the positive aspects of sticking your hand into the fire and not only encourage others but call those who call you stupid, racists and bigots, and old white privileged ogres who are out of sync with the coming wave of fire.

Well, there is indeed a coming wave of fire and it is going to cleanse this planet, mostly of those ushering forth its acceptance.
In South Africa, the ANC is celebrating a victory as small as it may be, a victory nonetheless. And with a president that feels it is time to seize the land from productive white people and give it back to the masses who sit on their ass_s! It has been happening for some time. Open murder of whites just because they are white.

School shootings everywhere. Islam invading Europe, and raping the peaceful people by the thousands. Hate compounding on hate for everything that is good, as if to be good is actually immoral, or somehow evil. Iran, North Korea, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Gaza strip, Pakistan, The Taliban, California, illegal immigration, gangs, drugs, killing, homelessness, welfare, hatred of police, lawyers using the law to spin the truth into a lie, internet fraud, trade wars, pirates, genocide in Congo, Rwanda, and on and on.

And then this backwards thinking of apology for something we did not do is growing popular in America. Did the ex-vice president apologize for being white? For being privileged? Why yes he did. So his mom and his dad made him white, and he benefited from their success to rise to become a senator and finally the VP of a socialist, Muslim president. And now he is sorry he had privilege and is white. Are you kidding? So that is what it takes for a politically correct human who regrettably was sex identified at birth as a man who probably had some errant thoughts of a woman along the way, making his a sexual predator, or bigoted or something.

Bull shat! Bull Shat on all of that thinking, it’s all crap. But they (the insane and stupid) have the controls. They elect congressmen or women who hate America. They have courts which strike down laws of states from two thousand miles away. Yes, we in Kentucky who elected a right swinging governor, which btw, was our gosh dammed choice, pushed into a law a bill striking down the most heinous abortion procedure. Why? Because we the people of the Kentucky who mostly love and believe in Jesus hate abortion. We want that godless act of murder gone from our state. But what happens? Some court from afar says, no, you hillbillies have no right and I think you should allow and fund the right of a confused woman to mutilate and dismember a living human being if she is having a bad day.

The American government is being purged of God at all levels. It is a struggle to see any good being done. Congress, well specifically, the leftists which have taken control of the Demoncrats (Spelled correctly given all they are doing) have taken God out of their activities. They do not use "I swear to God" out of the swearing in oath. Evil men who sit in stuffed leather chairs peering out at us through evil eyes speak lies through lying mouths and act as though they are the new "Right."

They are not. God is always the one who is right, no one else. Those who align themselves with him are closest to being right. Those who do not are warring for the devil. And as a soldier, I have to give them credit, they are kickin' our arses at every turn.

Why? Really want to know? It is because you are mostly cowards. Paralyzed by the thought someone might think ill of you, or that you may have offended someone. Listen, you have it all wrong. It is a good, a freakin' outstanding thing to offend a devil! And that's what these purveyors of lies are, just the devils little pawns. Make them angry, that is a win for good. Tell them the truth that they are stupid and you are simply not going to listen to their childish rants any more. Tell them they are wrong and that is that. Tell them that only God is truth. Tell them that Islam is evil, and acceptance of it in your community is actually acceptance of slavery, mutilation, abuse, homosexuality, rape, hatred, and even murder. If you had a spine you would because it is the truth. No, don't say it with anger, although hatred of such things generally engenders anger, but no, say it because it is true.

Say that there is no such thing as white privilege in America. An America which affords equal opportunity to everyone and is blind to color. Say that, because that is the truth. Don't apologize for being what you are. Accept it, change what needs to be changed and drive on, clear eyed and focused on the only one who can save any of us or all of us, Jesus.

I'm so sick and friggin tired of all this crap all around us all the time! Current thinking: Let’s control guns by registering those who own them with the hope of one day confiscating them, let’s do that so that criminals will no longer kill us with them. WHAT? See what I mean. The only thing that is going to stop those murderous criminals is a good man/woman with a gun, who possess the courage to use it. Now a lot of you have guns but you have no courage. Maybe that is not your fault, I really don't know, but you are simply sheep. Thank God in heaven for sheep dogs! (You would identify them as soldiers, marines, police, guards, everyday heroes who answer the call).

Seriously you fellow Americans who sit on your fat arses and do nothing, though you may love the Lord and warm a phew on Sunday, you will not count in the day that is coming. You will let another stand for you. We have been doing it for a long time. Who stood for Jesus as that poor man was beaten almost to death? No one, even the apostles denied him. I suppose no man has or ever had that kind of courage, but I just want you to know, while I'm on the subject of Jesus, that he did stand for you, all of you, and for me. I am not the man he was, not one millionth, but I just hope the next time someone says "God-Dammit" that I can remember to say, hey, ya know, that offends me, and I have rights too! I hope i do that, but honestly, I doubt that any of you will. I am no better than anyone here, that's for sure, but looking at all the bull crap that is coming down on our heads, I just have to believe that all of you, but the millions failed to do anything when you were needed.

What is that famous phrase, "All that is needed for evil to succeed, is for good man to do nothing." It’s true. So own it my fellow Americans. When you see two men kissing in TV and everyone looking on them lovingly as two liberated souls. Just remember, you did that. The next time you hear a senator or congressman lie to all of us, yep, it’s on you. You put him there. Watching the game that day or fishing, or whatever you did instead of voting is what allowed that vermin to sit and rule over YOU! If someone keys your car because you have an American flag affixed to it, just pay the fee to repaint it and smile because you failed to kick the snot out of that brat when he/she was your child and you weren't doing your job as a father.

When you see exposed nude bodies on your TV while you sit there with your seven year old grandson/daughter, well, it’s there because you continue to buy the products of the companies who produce that filth. When you have to stand outside, below freezing early in the morning to pray with your children outside school, you are the coward that did not show up at the school board meeting and stand on someone's desk and say, to hell with that! My children will pray in class any time they damn well please!

Cowards, sit back and enjoy the ride. It's going to be interesting. You will sit idly by and allow your freedoms to erode. You will allow presidents to be elected who give $150B to Iranians who are using that money to build a nuclear weapon so they can usher in a holy war against Israel, against Gentiles, and for Satan. Yep, just sit and warm up some more popcorn. Own it and add a couple more pounds around the waistline while you're doing it. I'm sick of you for the most part.

I almost I wish sometimes that I did not serve with honorable men on distant battlefields. That I did not see them sacrifice. I wish those guys hadn't died in my helicopter making me see what real sacrifice is like. I wish that I hadn't seen men with awful wounds, jock back up and ride back out of the gate because other Marines or soldiers were in trouble. I wish sometimes I wasn't surrounded by men of courage who call me out of the doldrums to do something. Heck, I'm gettin' old, younger men ought to be standing in my stay. But most of the young men I see ore just pretty girls, no longer men. Skinny jeans, manicured, pedicured, hair moussed up and just oh so right and witty. Seriously, if there was ever a need for a sex change, I think it is needed by most of the American male (Can I say that...Male??) youth. And heck for that matter, the women these days can for the most part, kick your girly men’s butts all over the highway if they chose to. You people are so freakin' stupid, look at what you put up with.

Women, why do you settle for this? Why don't you knock that non performing male parasite in the head with a frying pan. Do you think real men are going to care? I wouldn't, they need it. Why do you accept this strange behavior? Do you need to be impregnated that badly? Given some of the skinny legged girly men I see walking around, if I were a woman, I think I prefer artificial insemination! Ladies, do you want to have this gay crap rammed down your throats or would you rather it just go back into hiding? Be honest. Why don't you come to church? Why don't you make that woman with a penis you are married to come with you. I mean, in this modern America, women are more that equal you know. When history is rewritten by the freaks of the future, it will talk of the women Marines storming the beaches at Iwo-Jima while their male assistants baked pastries onboard the rainbow colored GNF (Gay Naval Fleet).

That history will talk of how the evil Jews were rumored to have been placed in internment camps in Hawaii during the world war two, but that is only an unproven rumor, as fake as the supposed moon landing that privileged white men lied about in 1969. Yup, you cowards are writing your own history. Please count me out. I think I'll remain a happy old, white, privileged, bigoted, racist, homo and Islam phobic mal-adjusted and PTSD scarred somebody that we'd really be better off without.

Yea, I'm angry...
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