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Author Topic: Job well done. Sarah Huckabee Sanders  (Read 88 times)

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Job well done. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
« on: June 14, 2019, 09:20:46 AM »
Job well done!

Farewell to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you were magnificent as the President’s Spokesperson. On a daily basis you had to enter the den of liars known as the presidential press pool and wrestle those masters of the spin. So many times you simply crushed them, and it was clear to see your weapon of choice, the truth.

The irony of this is so thick and obvious and yet not a word or comment from the lyin’ left. Progressives are all about: pro this or pro that but, more importantly and if they were sincere about it, they promote women’s equality. On that point I have to side with them, women should have an equal opportunity in most areas and should be treated equally. (Note: As a combat veteran I have to side with my experience and say that sending all but the most athletic women into a fight is placing them and the men they fight with at unnecessary risk). And yet we have this Mrs Sanders who just finished a tenure working directly for the sitting American president, and having done a pretty good job as press secretary, however we see no accolades from progressive women on the left!

How’s that? Does being a republican, or being a conservative political activist, or being a conservative working mom, or a God fearing conservative somehow taint the fact that she is a biological female press secretary for the President? I mean, the core, she is still, biologically a woman? Why can’t liberals put those facts together? Oh and while I’m on that, just two sexes, not one hundred and whatever. No furies or emos, or whatever…Sorry, but I strayed and I started laughing (Actually really did!). Can anyone see anything wrong with this failure to make note of a successful woman in high places? Why aren’t the equality loving left not saying things like, “well, even though I disagree with her political orientation, she did a great job”?

The progressives cannot actually see it, they are incapable of stitching those two realities together, being conservative and a successful woman. According to their mental paralysis, a person must actually agree with them (Progressives) to even be considered for any positive comment at all. You don’t subscribe to the lunacy and you do not advance past go. I think that after watching them evolve during the obummer years, come out of the closet, and push this social/equality/climate change/sexual free for all agenda for some years now, that they actually have devolved in terms of cultural development. I think one could make a case for a mass mental illness for this rather large easily led group known as liberals.

 Matthew 7:13–14, Jesus said, "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

Here in Mrs Sarah, we have a woman who is an actual working mom. You know, over there on the home front, she has kids! She has a (likely neglected) husband, and she once had her personal time before taking this impressive job. That, along with other things like sleep had to be set aside for the sake of her employer. Yea, she gave it all up, although I am sure she tried to work it all in some harmony while serving President Trump. Any working mom, or anyone who is married to one, or anyone who knows one will tell you, this balancing of career/family/self does out all that well. And yet Mrs Sanders turned out to be quite a bit bigger than the pants she put on. She, in my view, became a force of nature and she was large and in charge in any venue where she met with the den of liars.

Ever watch her in her daily parley with the snakes in that den of truth spinners? Heck, she was scary. She “Man-handled” them with ease. Have you seen the pretty face ask the coy question of press secretary only to be B-slapped by Mrs Sanders? Mrs Sarah was a master of skinning the fat off the loaded questions and delivering an answer that real Americans wanted to hear. She muscled the message past the lefty camouflage netting and got it to we the people. From a personal standpoint, Mrs Sanders taught me to watch her and ignore the person asking the question much the same as I ignore telemarketers. Man I am going to miss her.

As I looked over the various morning news channels earlier, I could see talking faces say things like, “She won’t be missed,” or “I never liked her.” Mrs Sanders, wear those comments as decorations just like we in the military wear our awards. They show that you participated in a fight and were recognized as a strong adversary. The best reward you can get from your enemy is for him to hate you and if you’re lucky name you. I remember when I found out some Taliban group were calling my group the desert devils. We actually make that our unit name, “The Desert Diablos.”

Remember just a couple short years ago how the lyin-left cried a river on the departure of Obama, and (more so?) the loss of the witch Hillary? (And I have heard from more than one source that she did participate in satanic rituals as a witch…NO JOKE!) If I were them, I’d be soaking out a hand towel too. Their passing into the annals of has-been liar history, was the progressive’s best chance at continuing the party.

But the party came to a crashing halt. And that caused a wave of anger that persists and grows to this day. The focal point of that hatred is, of course, Mr. Trump. And the spokesperson for that man was Mrs Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She was real and met daily with them and grappled. (Until she cancelled all that…loved that one, nice!!!) To the leftists, Mrs Sanders was simply a stage on which they could employ to start the spin. But Mrs Sanders, fresh in from mommy duties bested those snakes at every turn.

Heck if I was a progressive, lefty, liberal, I would have felt good at least to be beaten by the best. No, unisex liars club, you will not sing the accolades of Mrs Sanders will you? Though your message be woman’s equality, for some reason, you seemed to have missed the point that she actually is a WOMAN, A MOM, A WOMAN HOLDING A TOP LEVEL JOB…and on and on. You can’t see any of that because she does not line up behind you like goslings in a line about this time of year crossing a road. Nope a woman with a brain is not allowed in your club, hell, she doesn’t even exist to you, does she?

Great Job Mrs Sanders, and thank you! Myself and millions of real Americans will miss you!
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Re: Job well done. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
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