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real homemade vanilla extract

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here is how you make real homemade vanilla extract.

1 1ltr bottle of high quality vodka 80 proof or more (80 proof works best)
approximately 8 fresh Madagascar vanilla beans

slice the vanilla beans length wise and add them to the vodka.  store bottle in a COOL DARK place.  every week, give the bottle a good shake.  if bottle was stored upright for the first week, store bottle upside down for the second week and continue this rotation.

in 6-8 weeks you will have your own homemade vanilla extract.

now, I know you are saying whats the matter with you nate!?  but lets be very clear here.  when you buy REAL vanilla extract from the store, take a look at the package and you will see that it does indeed have an alcohol content, the generic imitation vanilla extract does not, but then again it also does not taste like vanilla.  also when this vanilla extract recipe is done and ready for use, it will not have the dark brown color as the store bought stuff.  that is because the store bought stuff has food coloring added to it for appearance. 

here is a break down for you all:

2oz of pure vanilla extract = $3.25

1ltr of good vodka = $15
vanilla beans = $1 per bean (this is an average price) = $8
cost of vodka and beans = $23

cost of store bought vanilla extract to equal 1 liter = $55.00 (approximately)


I haven't done this way for vanilla extract, however, I've been know to drop a single bean cut this way to make a flavoured vodka. For what it's worth, one bean is far too much flavour in one litre of vodka if you are after flavour only. May have to add a few more beans and call it vanilla!

I started 3 more bottles last night, w are gifts and 1 is to replace the one i had to give away.

Just a heads up, the cost of true madagascar  vanilla beans has tripled because of the hurricanes that devistated their crops.

I’ve got some sitting that I mixed up earlier this year, just take it and shake it every few weeks. Should be using it for Christmas and thanksgiving tasties soon.

I bought a bunch of vanilla beans a while back, this is the second batch I’ve made. First one was with skye vodka, the blue bottle looked nice for vanilla in the kitchen. Don’t remember what we bought this time.


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