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Author Topic: Is the democratic party evil?  (Read 199 times)

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Is the democratic party evil?
« on: February 14, 2020, 11:02:04 AM »
Is the Democratic Party evil? Well, I think so, and have come to refer to them as “Demon-crats.” Demons, after all are the purveyors of evil, right? Well, likewise, I see so much acceptance and doing of evil by this one chaotic party that I can’t help but draw the logical conclusion. And what about patriotism? I recall one democratic presidential debate where no American Flags were in view. Are you frickin kidding me? I wore that flag on my shoulder during nearly six years of combat duty in places all over this globe. It came to mean something to me. On one bad day in Afghanistan when I was trying to get some poor kid to the hospital in my helicopter, when he died and I looked back, all I remember seeing is his broken body, our medic who “Had that look,” and that bloody American flag. So yea, to some of us, that flag is more than just some half-forgotten thing lost in the supply closet at some public building.
I guess I got off on the patriotic tangent, but it seems to work in concert with this idea of openly serving the devil. I mean so many of the various discontented groups in this country are demoncratic voters, identifying with the party of free. (Not freedom, mind you, but just free). Back on subject for a bit, I remember listening to the demoncratic national convention yet, where they were publishing the party platform. Many of the attendees cat called the word “God” during the reading. There was a large number of people, not just a few idiots, who wanted references of God removed. Now why would you want that, unless of course you were knowingly or unknowingly working for the devil? Am I wrong here?
This prochoice movement has no roots in the Republican Party but is a wholly owned subsidiary of the demoncratic satanic advisory panel. My bible, and likely yours tells me, though shall not murder. So what then is the taking of an innocent unborn life? Murder is defined as: the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Well it is definitely premeditated, and it is done by another human, and it is killing. Conveniently, however you get a pass with the “Unlawful” part. So killing a Fetus is legal. According to legal definitions, a Fetus is not a baby. However if you take a fetus in its seventh month, for example, and remove it from the womb, it can survive the transition and then become a “Newborn.” But if someone uses some instrument and kills the fetus while still inside the body before it is delivered, then that is legally OK. It aint with me! But according to the law, it is. And this demoncratic party is hell bent on preserving that fateful decision called Roe v Wade that has killed tens of millions Americans. Oh, shame, shame on you, you evil doers!
Same sex marriages, LBGT, transvestites and the like all find a welcoming home in the demoncratic party. My bible tells me to love the sinner, but to hate the sin, so I do. Any person of any position will get the same treatment from me, initially. I think this welcoming of the behavior of a low percentage of people across this country by the demoncrats is really about the feminization of males.
If you are about doing crazy and stupid stuff, you certainly don’t want a bunch of strong males around. You could get injured, told to stop, impeded, humiliated, or a host of other things might happen to you. So we have to make men less strong. Well, from what I see, these demoncrats who also identify as progressives and liberals act like a magnet for the sexually confused community. But strong men, not so much. We tend to be more independently minded and self-confident because in part, we know who we are and are comfortable with the fact. Independent thinking which also implies, intelligence is also and likewise not so welcome in the demoncratic party.

I mean how could you sell some of these stupid ideas those morons have to anyone with a brain, and the brawn to do something about it? Tell a God fearing man that a child born a boy should be allowed to have a sex change operation and he’ll dismiss you like yesterday’s cornbread. Allowing a child to make such a transition is not an expression of freedom, it is just plain stupid! But demoncrats are all about sexual freedoms. Manbula or however you spell that evil organization’s name is a group that advocates for the rights of men to have sex with boys. Tell you what, you bring that within earshot of my family and I’ll get you to zero blood pressure faster than you can scream like a schoolgirl.
This is all about weakening males. God built men to be strong. As long as we serve him we are wise, strong, and controlled. We can control the environment because we are strong enough to create the proper conditions. Weakness could only triumph over us if we were somehow neutered. This feminization of males and foolish ideas like masculine toxicity, and women Army Rangers, is all an attempt to confuse the genders, and reduce the strength of males. Some of the guys I go to church with are just so “pretty” I do not say that in a respectful manner. These “guys” are made up like women in some cases, manicured, trimmed perfectly, nice clothes, and, well, you get the picture. And none of them serve on our security team. I run that team, and we sport burly men. You know, the kind that scare the grits out of you when they get in your face.
So I can say that in this isolated case I just cited, (Maybe not so isolated??) the so called men are nowhere to be found when tough things happen. I’d say they have fallen prey to the feminization culture. Now, going back to my principal reference, Army Regulation, AR1, also known as the holy bible, I can see that God did not create men to be women. He made perfect counterparts to men for that! (Wink emoji)…Oh yes he did!
And where do we find this concentration of the effeminate? Look no further than your friendly demoncratic party. Heck they have a front runner, Mayor Pete, openly gay. Who questions that over there on the demon side? I don’t see anyone saying, “Well, Pete, when you are standing toe to toe to President Xi, do you think your being openly gay might put you and this country at a disadvantage?” The answer is that unless you are a fool or partially inebriated, of course the Pete guy will be at a disadvantage. He will be a backroom laughing stock, a walking joke of a falling America, who can’t even pick a normal man to be president. And no, gay is not normal. God didn’t create it, much the opposite, he destroyed it. Read about Sodom and Gomora.
This demoncratic party seems to always be lying! On any given day you can watch the public display of truth twistin.’ I mean what in the heck was that waste of time and money conducted by demoncrats in congress against a legally elected president? Schiff, Pelosi, and so many others from that party of shame and dishonor are blatant liars. We have Pocahontas. “The Burn” who was a loser until he entered politics. We have a US Senator who said that he served in Vietnam as an infantry captain, who actually didn’t. We have congressmen who were accused of sexual impropriety, and that congresswoman from Texas who lives in a 4.3 million dollar mansion. I have learned over time that what they accuse someone of, is in fact, exactly what they are guilty of! What a bunch of frauds.
Look at any municipality anywhere in this country that is run by demoncrats and you’ll find a haven for debauchery and a miscarriage of law and order with no respect for authority. It’s like opposite day in Chicago. Where the murder rate has been out of control forever, and their answer is to disarm citizens. What about Baltimore, where a demoncratic mayor allowed rioters to burn some blocks to appease the rioters and restricted the police from doing their job. Once beautiful San Francisco is now the home of homelessness and human fecal matter where one can enjoy the aroma at your favorite coffee boutique! What a joke. And the idiot that got the place there is now the governor, and another notable resident is the speaker of the house of our congress!!!!
Focusing outward, we see the democratically run state of California…Nuff said there, what a mess. And now Virginia. The tail that wags the dog syndrome has come home to roost. The demoncratic assembly, senate, governor, and state attorney are outlawing tens of thousands of legally purchased and owned firearms. And they think that is going to make the state safer? It’s going to create civil disobedience at the very least, and spark a civil war at worst. Idiots…frickin idiots! Demoncrats can’t run cities, states, their party, or the nation!
Correct me if I’m wrong, or please, please wake me up if I’m in the middle of a nightmare, but are any of those places being managed correctly? Or has some weak kneed management just allowed the kids to go crazy? All those places need is a strong leader who is morally grounded and friends with the God who created him, and the flies would have no place to live. But demoncrats actually point to these nasty places as sanctuaries and bastions of freedom, free of oppression. The truth is, of course the exact opposite. Yes they are sanctuaries from laws created to keep our society safe, and they are sanctuaries from common sense where if you wanna be a snowflake, well, have at it!
And demoncrats seem proud to say that the stupid residents will pay for it. Which brings up a question, Why haven’t you the residents, burned down city hall? Oh, never mind, I forgot the feminization of males comments.
Free syringes, and public tax dollar supported clinics to shoot up your ILLEGAL crap? That’s an answer? I tell you what would work better, shut down those places and divert the money toward housing people who are on the mend or build homes for wounded veterans. Allow the drugs and dirty syringes to do their thing, and after the disease runs its course, the problem solves itself. Sounds tough, mean, uncaring, doesn’t it? Well, you are free to have any opinion you care to have, but in a world of choices, some need to be made. For my part I’d chose to help those who want to help themselves. If people want to destroy their lives and die as a result, well that is a choice they are free to make.
Demoncrats want open borders. Well, the truth is they do not want open borders. If so they would open their homes to the tide of refugees flowing into our country. But instead, they build walls and live in gated communities. I think we are all smart enough to realize what the demoncrats want are more votes. I mean one of the presidential candidates wants to lower the voting age to sixteen, and exactly how dump is that? See “Brain-Dead” in the dictionary and you’ll find 16 year olds listed right there alongside any parents who think children are informed enough to make any decision of consequence.
Trump is right in building this wall. What I think he should do in addition to all that he is currently doing, is to use the illegal immigrants to actually do the work. Allow the communist news network to report every night about some helpless Muslim, err, I mean, Mexican family carrying bags of quickcrete over and helping set poles. It would certainly send a message. Who knows, if someone came over, then worked hard at building that wall, then maybe they could demonstrate just how much they wanted to become a US citizen. Anyone think the demoncrats would ever go for something like that? Or are they more likely to use your social security money to house and feed them and stack them up like chord wood?
I do not trust the demoncrats to run anything. I do not trust them to set any policy or precedence. I do not trust them to honor my God or my country. I do not trust them to follow our laws, as I can clearly see that they did not in congress. I do not believe that at the moment, they even know who they are. They are like leaves blown by the wind, to use the biblical reference to souls who do not know Jesus! I do not trust them to protect life. I do not trust them to protect us from our enemies or even have the ability to recognize an enemy. I just saw them pining and all heartbroken when Trump killed the Iranian general. I think blowing up the man was frickin great. Blow the S.O B. and all his buddies to kingdom come, make it a weekly thing, the US version of the ancient Roman coliseum. It would save some warrior the effort should they be sent over to clean up that mess. I see demoncrats reluctant to honor law enforcement officers and decorated veterans. I see them build huge bureaucracies that can’t move under their own weight. They don’t know if they are communist, socialist, gay, black, middle of the road, or powder burned. They look like a bunch of disorganized sixth graders who are about as well informed.

Satan works in these ways. Create a story line close to the truth, but not quite. Chip away at God’s work and his masterful design. Lure the people away with lies and deceit to eventually create a world where good is under attack and very few know what in hell is going on. The devil is a worthy opponent, I’ll give him credit, but he is also beaten. I can beat him, so can you! I’m doing it right now, because some of you out there in social media land are listening for the truth. You know you are a tiny boat bobbin’ in a sea of evil. But you also know there is but one winner in all this, and it isn’t the demoncrats, demons, anything evil or demonic or of Satan. So rest assured in the covenant God has given us. For the rest of you, for your own sake and that of your nation and countrymen, WAKE UP!
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Re: Is the democratic party evil?
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2020, 10:30:57 AM »
^^^ That was yesterday

This was published today by WMD:

Shocking but true: The Democratic Party has turned against the 10 Commandments
David Kupelian reveals ominous truth about America’s big battles just ahead

Dear friend of WND,

As we confront the many life-and-death political and cultural battles increasingly wracking America – including a presidential election just around the corner, featuring hands-down the most spectacularly deranged and demented candidates in our history – it might help to pause for a moment and remember that, at core, what we’re really in the grip of is a spiritual war. Stay with me here.
America's traditional Judeo-Christian culture – the one I grew up loving – is rooted in the Ten Commandments. However, what we cryptically call "the left," which has almost entirely swallowed up the Democratic Party, is rooted in VIOLATING the Ten Commandments. Not accidently or ignorantly. Purposely. The left's CORE OPERATING PRINCIPLES are the negation and intentional violation of the Ten Commandments.
If that sounds over the top, just consider this:
The Sixth Commandment says "Thou shalt not kill" (or "Thou shalt not commit murder"). Setting aside the 100-200 million people slaughtered or starved during the 20th century as a direct result of the far left's insane totalitarian-utopian system, just look at today's America: More than 3,000 innocent babies slain in their mothers' wombs every single day, the same number of people as died in the 9-11 terror attacks. And during the last year, Democrats – including ALL of their major presidential candidates – have been singing the praises of abortion right up to the very moment of birth. That' not only insane; it's evil.
The Seventh Commandment says "Thou shalt not commit adultery." Were this one commandment observed, the ever-metastasizing and totally insane "sexual revolution" of the 1960s, brought to us entirely by the left, would disappear – and along with it the Pandora's Box of tragedies and disasters it continues to unleash: A million abortions per year; astronomical levels of out-of-wedlock births and a corresponding epidemic of family breakdown, divorce and fatherlessness; a staggering 110 million Americans with sexually transmitted diseases; and today's ever-more-bizarre LGBT movement, including the mass-hysteria phenomenon of lost souls believing they are the opposite sex, as well as the nonstop indoctrination, confusion and corruption of America's children from toddlerhood through college. All from the willful violation of one commandment.
What about "Thou shalt not steal," the Eighth Commandment? What is socialism and "wealth redistribution" but power-mad leftwing demagogues' obsession with stealing from one group and giving a portion of the spoils to others in return for their loyalty and their vote, while amassing an ungodly amount of wealth and power for themselves? The left cannot live without stealing; it's what it does.
The left and its political fortress, the Democratic Party, never ceases to violate the Ninth Commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Indeed, the left's No. 1 battlefield tactic for occupying new ground is its nonstop defaming, demonizing, suing and lying about conservatives, Christians and others who oppose its blindly destructive advances. Expose Planned Parenthood's evil practices of aborting babies while maximizing profitability from resale of their body parts and YOU get prosecuted, not Planned Parenthood. Decline to actively participate in a homosexual marriage, and you get bombarded with death threats, prosecuted, fined, "re-educated" and maybe jailed. Recently, the left's vilification of America and its citizens has gone off the charts: ALL white people are now racists – especially old, white men; America is a predatory, fascist nation rooted in slavery and genocide; police are racists and maybe Nazis; the president locks up little kids in cages and forces women and children to drink from toilets. All outrageous and INTENTIONAL lies – “bearing false witness” against their neighbors.
What about the Tenth Commandment, "Thou shalt not covet"? Winston Churchill described socialism as "the gospel of envy," a concise phrase that encapsulates two profound truths: One, socialism is a religion to its adherents, and two, it appeals to and celebrates one of the darkest parts of human nature – envy.
That last point about the left appealing to the darkest side of human nature explains something most longtime WND readers readily recognize: The left, which righteously poses as protectors of women, blacks, gays, transgenders, students, immigrants, the poor and other societal "victims" (while demonizing the rest of us as selfish, racist, anti-science, anti-woman, anti-immigrant and homophobic) is actually the primary CAUSE of most of the misery, suffering and injustice it claims to oppose.
I could go on, but I know you get the idea. Violating the Ten Commandments is the core operating system of the left.
So, what is the solution to all this? How can the left's attempted revolutionary takeover of America be stopped?
There's only one thing that can neutralize lies – and that's TRUTH!
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