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Inner Voices
« on: November 05, 2014, 09:19:58 PM »
There's a country song by Chris Young, titled "Voices" that speaks of dwelling on and heading the words spoken to us by our parents and grand parents throughout our, and their lives.  Often, we don't remember them until they're gone, or a life event reminds us of the hidden truths of their advice and sage axioms.

The Holy Spirit is also an inner voice that inhabits our minds from the moment of our salvation, until we're called into the presence of The Lord.  At times, it roars and rings in our ears like a trumpet and is hard to ignore or miss, at other times, it comes as a whisper as soft as smoke passing your ear.

It's that sudden urge to call someone we haven't spoken to for way too long.  A sudden impulse to extend a hello, good morning or simply smile at a stranger.  Perform a random act of anonymous kindness, or recognize someone publicly for things often overlooked.  We are moved to take a leap of faith, share with a stranger what we may "feel" they need, be it material or words- that unexplainable urge to act.

Far too often, we hear instead, the words of impatience, anger and selfishness......Satan speaks to us as well.  I know I've been tempted in word, thought and flesh daily my entire conscious life!  We need to hear and acknowledge that voice and answer it with an emphatic NO.

"Lord, open my ears that I may hear, embolden my spirit that I may act, strengthen my mind that I may know, and soften my heart so that I may feel and share your love!" -Amen

May we all act upon our Godly inner voices as we build this community, here online and where we live!  Do something you might have thought about or feel moved to right after you read this- God Bless you and those around you!  :)
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