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Author Topic: Sureillance Quad heli Setup  (Read 778 times)

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Sureillance Quad heli Setup
« on: November 11, 2014, 01:07:06 PM »
OK, so this keeps coming up and I see links with with crazy prices for something that is not.

Also, stay AWAY from goggles, it screws up your head when you fly, looking at a small monitor is so much better.

So from a major company you can get this RTF (ready to fly) and just add the monitor of your choice. Not cheap, but not several K either.

The 350 quad from Horizon goes for $900 street price. Plus you can get spare parts at almost any Hobby Shop or online from US companies.


You get a Quad heli with Transmitter that has 3 axis gyro stabilization with GPS return, 5.8ghz real time video camera on a 2 axis gimbal. 

They also sell this without a camera or transmitter if want to upgrade or have GoPro type camera already.

There is also a optional fitted case and you can upgrade the transmitter for more range and more abilities with the camera in flight.

For a monitor, about the best I have found is from Hobbyking. It is a 7 inch with 5.8ghz reception and touch screen. $140


So for around $1100 you can have a "basic" system. Throw in another few hundred and you get more range and the ability to aim the camera in flight.
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