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I hope you are paying attention!
« on: January 30, 2015, 01:27:18 PM »
Dear Stansberry Digest Reader,

 As Porter puts it, the state of the global economy has him "worried to the point of buying physical gold and ammunition."

 "We are in the early stages of the complete collapse of global capitalism," he said last week.

 His solution? Be wary of the market, and start holding your wealth in cash and gold…

In fact, Porter went on to say: "The only time in history stocks have been more expensive in the U.S. relative to the size of our economy is the year 2000 bubble. I can promise you, at some point here very shortly stocks are going to fall by 50% or more. But what's worse – this time all of the buying is debt financed, so the ramifications of a stock market crash today are a lot more serious."

 Bottom line: The market is highly overvalued, and 2015 could be a very dangerous year if you don't own gold…

Porter went on to say that "If you don’t have at least 10% of your net worth in physical gold – don't invest."

Don's commentary:
Porter Stansbury is a contrarian investor who successfully predicted almost every major economic collapse. His method is simple, he uses logic and runs every scenario to it's conclusion.

There is really no way a global collapse is not going to happen. We are in the early stages. First was the setup which was runaway spending followed by quantitive easing, accompanied by big bank controlling what the money does, but all those games have run their course. We are simply out of time.

Did you ever notice that in the times the stock market tanked, so did Gold?? Now how is that possible? When securities and stocks go south people flock to precious metals, so they should have skyrocketed, but they did not. That means someone controlled the price of the gold. THey do that by flooding the market in times of need which suddenly stifles the increasing value of the metal and points us back to fiat money games.

But money supplies are quickly drying up. Look at Russia. They are using their central banks money to inject directly into their failing economy. That economy is down 42%-49% depending on which index you prefer. That begs the question. Well, how much woule the economy really have fallen if the bank had not injected money? (in the form of loans)

Exactly...The Russian economy might have been the very first to totally collapse, but they still have some money in the central bank. So far they have used from a third to as much as half.

Germany is on the blink, now, so is Denmark, both going negative for the first time ever, and Switzerland is in free float mode with the franc now not bolstering the Euro, but warring against it. Swiss people will survive, but few others will.

Here in the US how much does the central bank actually have??? Well the Germans recently demanded 400 tons of their gold, held here in the US to be returned. We delivered 7 tons!!!!! Yea, what happened to the rest??? I think you better look eastward to the Chinamen and ask that question. They have been buying and importing 140 tons of gold a month. Where did all that come from? What's still in the ground at Ft. Knox??Anything at all??

The whole fragile mess is waiting for someone to say "Bo!" then it will be a rapid cascade to a point where your money will be worth maybe 30 cents on the dollar, but more likely 10 cents. And inflation will kill the value of that.
If your checking account of $5,000 suffers the deflation, it will fall to a real value of about $500. Meanwhile the cost of that gallon of gas, (while it is still available) will climb 5 times to around $10 a gallon. With bread @ $10 a loaf, Milk $20 a jug and an apple around $5 you won't last long.

But if you have gold and silver, then that will rise by a similar margin. $1000 worth of gold will be worth $5000 nearly overnight, same-same with the silvery stuff.

So in summary, as a commander once told me, "Take the appropriate action, Execute!"

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