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A four letter word
« on: February 16, 2015, 11:12:29 PM »
A four letter word

After hearing the amazing sermon I just need to share it

7 Tests:

1. Test of obedience  Can you do what God commands you to do? Have you been?

2. Test of sacrifice: When God calls you to go somewhere, to do something or change something, do you just say "OK, I'm in, Let's do it." Or do you do what most of us do and say, "No I can't move, all my friends are here." or "I can't quit my job, I'm making too much money and I have worked for all this, I deserve it." What excuses did you have when your God was asking you to do something? Or did you give up and give in to discover the wonders he had in store for you?

3. Test of commitment: Paul was committed to Jesus to go all the way to death in the name of his savoir. How committed are we these days? Or do we operate more out of a sliding scale "Comfort zone?"

4. Test of Courage: How was it for the smallish shepherd boy, David as he approached the monster Goliath? When Goliath started to shout threats of cutting off David's head, did the future king of Israel shrink back from the situation or did he double his pace and speak under his breath, "You want some of this?? It's on and you're going down!"

5. Test of Finances: Can/are you tithing and or giving? It's hard to do, well, it's hard to start doing because it is definitely outside of a lot of folks comfort zone. But it is likely the biggest test of faith you will ever face. You see if this bible is true, if God and Jesus is real, then isn't all of it? Is some of it applicable and some of it not perhaps? Which part? You see money is not about money. Money is about trust and faith and belief. If you believe in God then shouldn't you believe in his word? If you trust him then wouldn't you believe what he says and do what he asks you to do? He says to trust him on the giving of money. He will provide and he will give back more than you give. Do you believe in all that? It requires a leap of faith on your part to find out.

6. Test of Love: Do you love people? When your wife is being a little mean to you or perhaps not treating you fairly, can you find it in you to still love her through that? How about a boss who is clearly unfair to you or playing favorite with someone else...Can you love him like Jesus asked us to love thy neighbor as you love yourself?

7. Test of Success: What is success to you? I believe success can be defined as having completed your assignment from God.
Are you so successful that perhaps you believe it came from your efforts alone? You did it? You know, all good things come from God. Let me ask you, was your success really something that you did alone?

Faith that is not tested can not be trusted

What a test does

A test does three things for sure

1. A test reveals knowledge, it tests whether or not you learned anything

2. A test reinforces conviction

3. A test renews one's focus

To pass a test one needs to:

1. Know the word, know the information

2. Know your limits

3. Keep your vision, stay focused

Principles of a test:

1. While testing the teacher is silent

2. The test can be passed

3. The test can be failed  In the Christian context, God is always pruning the vine, so a test that you do not pass you will get to retake!

If God is testing us in something, then is it not logical to assume that he must have also taught us something.
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