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Author Topic: Late night truck induced rant (LNTIR)  (Read 366 times)

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Late night truck induced rant (LNTIR)
« on: May 09, 2015, 05:09:42 AM »
So the mini max tuner has been on the truck since I'd bought it almost three years ago and due to me always being gone and basically pure laziness when it comes to the computer stuff i have not downloaded any up dates or played much with the tuner. Now fast forward to this week, i return back from another few months gone to find a garage filled to the brim with parts for the truck and the bikes so I'm super excited. I start with the bikes because i need the truck for now but i figure hey why not go ahead and install this Hypertech in line speedo cal because with these bigger tires every time i drive  to work (25 miles) I'm slowly throwing off my odometer. Well i take apart the dash after updating the little box (which on a separate note i have a Mac and the software doesn't work so i had to beg and borrow a buddies laptop) install everything all pretty like and put the truck back together. This thing works good and I'm real happy but today i decided to update my mini maxx and sure enough, install the download and it ask me "Do you want to adjust for tire size?"… My lack of research cost me $200 and too much of my valuable time.

On a side note does anyone need a speedo cal for a '07-12' chevy truck?

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